April 3, 2012

  • Advertorial Feature

    As girls, we have to take care of ourselves and pay more attention to hygiene. Call it gender bias, but no one really bats an eyelid at a man with unshaven underarms , whereas a hairy lady who smells funky would elicit many a disgusted frown.

    I love the glowing feeling of being clean and fresh. Besides meticulous scrubs, cleansing and moisturizing of my face and body, there is one important area that I realized many women, including myself, have neglected:



    This is the most feminine part of our bodies, it’s necessary to keep it healthy and clean!

    And let’s be honest – THINGS HAPPEN DOWN THERE.

    (Sorry guys, you can stop reading here and scroll down to my next blog post if you want now!)


    -       peeing

    -       menstruation

    -       discharges

    -       bacteria


    All this can lead to:

    -       itching

    -       fishy odours

    -       yeast infections

    -       alteration of pH levels

    Extra care should be taken to not only keep your V-zone clean, but to maintain its natural pH levels for a healthy balance of vaginal flora.

    What you need is a dedicated feminine cleanser:

    Lactacyd ® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash.


    Maintaining the vagina’s natural acidity inhibits external bacterial growth and prevents infections. Regular body wash isn’t good enough. In fact, liquid body washes, which are alkaline in nature, strip away the natural acidic protective layer of the V-zone. Sometimes, they even remove the natural oils from the sensitive external vaginal area, causing dryness and irritation.


    That is why I’ve been using Lactacyd when I shower to wash my intimate areas.


    • Formulated with lactic acid, it maintains the delicate pH balance of your V-zone. Lactic acid and lactoserum also promotes the growth of good bacteria, lactobacillus acidophilus, to protect the vagina against infections.
    • Natural milk extracts or lactoserum derived from cow’s milk moisturizes your V-zone’s delicate skin
    • Hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for all skin types.

    ***This quality product is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis – the largest pharmaceutical company in Europe, and the fourth largest worldwide.


    Lactacyd® Daily Feminine Wipes come in handy when you are on the go.

    One pack easily fits into my bag when I’m out. After using the washroom I use a sheet to wipe and refresh myself. These are especially great during your period when things get, um… messy!

    Seriously, think about it, just plain toilet paper isn’t enough when it comes to effectively removing dirt and bacteria.

    After using Lactacyd’s products for my intimate areas, the feeling is lovely and I also don’t get irritations anymore. I’ve realized the importance of having a special, suitable product for cleansing the V-zone, the extra steps taken are worth it in maintaining a refreshing good feeling.


    Don’t you want to feel totally confident down there too? :)

    Feel Free, Fresh and Feminine 

    Redeem your FREE Lactacyd Sample Kit today at http://on.fb.me/ykcsAZ

    or visit the Lactacyd Facebook Page and play the Color Code app to win exciting prizes from Sloggi, Hada Labo, ChocoMarvel and more!

    *The free sample kit will be mailed directly to your mailbox within 2 weeks!


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  • nice advert….makes me want to go out and buy it, but I’m a guy. ha!

  • This is the grosses post I have ever read. You must be real hard up for money. wow.

  • @melani -  You must be very smelly down there. Yea and sex education/breast cancer education should be stopped too huh

  • Thanks for sharing this with us Dawn! I never really thought about hygiene for that area.. but I’m a convert now too!

    Stay gorgeous!

  • They must’ve paid you a lot to do this ad, huh? Btw, yes soaps are alkaline in nature but nobody sticks soap up their vag. Our bodies regulate itself constantly, so no. You don’t actually need to stick things up there, just daily washing is good enough. In fact, if you use these idiotic fancy vagina soaps too much, it’ll actually inhibit regular productions of acidity, pH, etc. Don’t mess with shit like this, and Dawn, get a real job.

  • @Apalled -  Firstly, spell check! Secondly, people have the freedom of choice how they wish to take care of themselves, whether they want to buy a $100 product or $10 product or any product at all. Thirdly, you sound like someone who holds a boring office job, envious of another person making good money in otherwise legitimate ways. Suck it up, b***H and stop hating

  • @Doubly Appalled - 

    LOL you’re actually Dawn posing as someone else to defend yourself right? Cuz nobody in their right mind would consider getting plastic surgery and posing for photos a “legitimate” job. No, hon. I don’t have a “boring” office job, otherwise known as a real legitimate job capable of earning 6-figure sums. I’m in grad school, something you probably attempted but failed.

  • @Amused - So you’re accusing someone for being Dawn Yang if you’re running out of things to defend yourself? Right, I am Dawn Yang too because I’m defending her. First of all if you don’t like to use those fancy stuff in your vagina then don’t use it. No one’s telling you to use it anyway, and no one’s forcing you to buy it. It’s just an ad, for god’s sake, if you don’t like it, then don’t use and move on. And so what if Dawn doesn’t have a regular office job just like yours? Everyone can make money however they like, besides, it is not illegal and many people make so much money online these days. And who the hell are you to even point out her plastic surgeries as her “legitimate job”? It is none of your fucking business if she got surgeries! If you don’t like her don’t read her blog anymore goddamnit. BTW, kudos to your grad studies. I know you make more money than Dawn.

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