January 4, 2013



    1. Check your passport’s validity and apply for visas if necessary.

    2. Cheapest day to fly is usually Tuesday/Wednesday. Fridays & Sundays are most expensive.
    3. Buy yearly travel insurance if you fly frequently. When your flight is delayed for 6 hours or more you’ll be glad you have it. My yearly plan also covers cancellations, medical emergencies etc. and it is not expensive. Better safe than sorry!
    4. Invest in easy-to-pull 4-wheel luggages, they are a God-send.  Get one that’s distinct  – leave the conveyer belt quickly and avoid mix-ups. Also remember to add a luggage tag with your contact details.
    5. Put valuable items into your carry-on bag if possible. Bags do get lost, and you never know when things will get stolen from your check-in luggage, especially in developing or third world countries.
    6. Bring a lightweight, foldable duffle bag. It’ll come in very handy when you do a bit too much shopping!
    7. Going someplace dressy? Place sports jackets, pressed shirts, and dresses in a garment bag. Use wrapping tissue paper to avoid wrinkling.
    8. Double check you have your cameras, SD cards, phone, chargers and other electronic devices. It’ll be a costly nightmare if you realize you didn’t bring them. I’ve learnt from my unfortunate experience of having to buy a camera and laptop charger when overseas. A complete waste of money!
    9. Avoid shocking phone bills. Purchase a local sim card with internet access. Especially if you plan to stay connected and upload all your holiday photos to make your friends envious ;)
    10. Do research on your destination. Plan. Even if you’re not the type to plan your trip down to the last detail, it’s good to at least have a list of some things you want to do or places to visit so your vacation time isn’t wasted. Unless you’re planning to laze in your hotel the whole time! I personally like the Luxe City Guides.
    11. Locals are your best friends. They have insider knowledge on the best places to go and can give you a slice of authentic life in the city you’re visiting. Should you be… socially disadvantaged, haha… ask around to see if your friends can hook you up with people they know living there. 
    12. For accommodation bookings, download the Hotels.com app.


    I find it’s the best by far – very easy to use with great features. The intuitive interface is designed specially for phones/iPads, which makes the process a breeze.


    Having dinner with friends and suddenly, all of you unanimously decide to go on a beach getaway together this weekend? Don’t wait to go home, just whip out your phone and start making your travel plans pronto.

    Let’s imagine you are traveling through Europe, and you need to secure last minute accommodation for the next city. Oh no!

    Don’t fret, no need to hunt for a computer. No need to pay exorbitant front desk rates. Take out your nifty phone or iPad, and easily search 140,000 hotels around the world. Choose from 20,000 last-minute deals at your location, browse more than 2.5 million user reviews.


    Flick through hotels, photos and reviews with one swipe, and make use of powerful sort and filter tools to manage your selections.
    Enjoy huge savings and special deal rates.

    Photos, information, and guest reviews at your fingertips


    Like it? Click on the ♥ to add to your shortlist

    Easily view your shortlisted hotels for easier decision making.


    Both the phone and iPad apps use GPS to show you the hotels around your location! 


    Possibly the best thing about using Hotels.com, is their Welcome Rewards program. For every 10 nights accumulated through their service, they will give you 1 night FREE! (the average price of the 10 nights

    I like this perk a lot because it definitely gives you the most bang for your buck. Your booking comes with a price match guarantee so you can rest assured you will get the best rate.


    Check your Rewards credits on the Hotel.com app.
    Redeem a free night anywhere in the world :)


    Still not convinced how great and easy this app is?

    Check this out: If you’re skydiving towards your holiday destination and realize that you’ve forgotten to make a hotel reservation, fear not – Hotels.com app will help you out. Extreme sportsman JT Holmes shows off the speed and ease of the app as he free falls towards his holiday destination at Lake Tahoe!



    Even without an internet connection, all past and future bookings can still be accessed through the app. Download the Hotels.com app via the following link:


    Available in more than 30 languages. 

    Bon voyage! x


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  • I just read somewhere that stupid comment that LAtinos all have dark skin. How stupid

    These are Latinos: http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/4477_1172926043050_7466156_n.jpg They are whiter than you will EVER be, because they really are descent from Europeans. Honestly, people on Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Uruguay….would have even lighter skin than you.

    I loled. Ignorance is bliss I guess right? :)

  • Good tips! They’re quite common sense but yet I never thought of some of them before! :D

  • A great website with interesting and unique material what else would you need.

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  • The Welcome Rewards is a good idea. I made all my recent bookings with Hotels.com for 12 nights already, so one night free. Thanks to you :)

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