January 16, 2013

  • Retail Therapy

    This Chinese Lunar New Year, turn on the vintage oriental charm. 

    Dress yourself in sultry shades of red, soft lace, mandarin details and pretty floral embroidery.

    The new collection at www.lexilyla.com

    Hehee, this one reminds us of those old ads on vintage Chinese tin boxes!

     Photography by Adam Stamenkovic www.bespokebrides.com


    If you prefer a more modern approach to the festivities, you can simply incorporate dashing red, pink, coral and gold colors, floral motifs and a sprinkling of pearls to suit the Chinese New Year mood :)







    ♥ Dawn

Comments (3)

  • Love it! You look so beautiful!!! :D

  • It must be hard on you that being a celebrity gets you constant harsh criticisms and unfair and false accusations. I can only assume that they usually come from the same people who are determined to support your close competitor at the expense of bringing you down. However I must add with regret that your blog is sometimes boring – though not any more boring than Xiaxue’s. The thing that is special and unique about you though, is that, you have your own style. You do not try to imitate another personality. There’s always something creative and different about your photos. Plastic surgeries, photoshop, with or without make-up, you are YOU, simply and uniquely Dawn Yang. Maintain this uniqueness about you and you will do just fine. As a reader, it gets pretty annoying when one visits a blog only to discover the blogger suddenly resembling another blogger or personality in make-up, style and photoshop. Not too impressive I must say!

  • The thing about being a copycat is that if word gets out that a blogger is one, he or she will have to prove originality again and again. More so if a blogger has risen to so called fame. Originality is hard to come by, it’s not easily sustainable. Of course if a blogger who earns a living with his/her blog thinks that imitating others do not harm to oneself, he/she need not take into account that advertisers will find other sources to promote their products in order to stand out.

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