February 16, 2013

  • Grace & Nigel’s Wedding

    Since that loving feeling is kind of still in the air after Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share with you one of the most beautiful weddings that I’ve attended :)

    The bride is one of my closest friends and the groom I’ve also known for more than a decade; together we have all shared some crazy fun times whilst in the cusp of our youth. I was there when they first met, at Zouk, the perennial home ground of that era… I was there as they went through the whole roller coaster of game playing and emotions many of us experience in the initial stages – “Does he like me, does she not? *Wails* “ 

    Like most sweet love stories though, theirs has a happy ending. After 10 years of steady dating, they finally tied the knot in a joyous and gorgeous ceremony at Capella Hotel in Sentosa last year. I was honored and elated to be a bridesmaid… for the first time.

    p.s moral of the story – I do not recommend it, but yes, it is possible to find your husband in a club!

    Jacob, the cutest little page boy!


    Fussing over the queen and her absolutely stunning Vera Wang mermaid gown.

    Our bridesmaids dresses were the creation of maid-of-honor Emily, who I dub the “Martha Stewart” of our group ;)

    The story goes: After countless visits to bridal shops and pouring over online stores, we found nothing suitable. The wedding date was drawing near! Emily scoured the small gown boutiques Far East Plaza and in her amazing foresight, found this designer piece. But wait, trust me, it looked nothing like what you see in the pictures here before the transformation. Some felt it made them look shorter and fatter, many had doubts about whether it was the best choice. Nonetheless, we trusted Em and had our sizes air flown in. Subsequently, we were ordered to send the dress to the tailors to remove the gaudy crystal beading adornments plus do some nip and tucks, particularly around the bust area where the ruffles and pleats were overwhelming and made us look poofy. Add to that a round of steaming to get the pleats to fall nicely, it was a huge difference after. The finishing touch? A sheer cream organza ribbon was used to tie around the waist as a sash. Genius!

    The bride was definitely happy we all ended up matching her beautifully and she had pretty photos to take home :)

    My hair was styled by Wayne from Essensuals Bugis  Tel: +65 6333 0039 

    Guess which one’s me!

    Adorable photography by Bespoke Brides.


    I cried tears of joy seeing my good friend tie the knot to the love of her life. I am so happy for them, I wish them every blessing… and a baby I can play with soon! ;P

    I wonder which one of us will be next… since we all scrambled NOT to catch the bouquet of flowers from her. Lol.

    True love is worth waiting for. x

     ♥ Dawn

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  • Very well written…. Your friends n you are heck of Singaporean beauties :)

  • What a charming wedding ~~~ simple yet elegant !
    Can’t wait to see which lucky chap to going to win the heart of Singapore’s Hottest blogger.

  • Where got simple? Aiyo, Capella Sentosa super atas leh.. If I get married in a 3 or 4 moon hotel, I happy already!

    dawnyang so pretty hor.. high class ah beng can consider or not?

  • I wanna see your wedding soon!!!! :D

  • Take your time to find your true love, Dawn. Just make sure you don’t end up with a man like Mike Sayre who’s giving his wife constant nightmares and obsessive paranoia that he’s going to leave her.

    Such a marriage based on weak and shaky foundation has potential to break down. It’s very stressful for the wife when she’s doing most of the work to keep the marriage going by even having to pay to fly his mother down from the US.

    Never mind that he didn’t pay a single cent for his wedding and none from his family were present. Never mind also that his wife and mother-in-law helped with most of the house renovations. But at least he should be able to part with a bit of his own money to fly down his mother instead of waiting 6 years for his wife to do it for him.

    I trust that Dawn Yang will have wisdom not to put herself in that kind of awkward situation in a shallow marriage and pretend that everything is ok. Sometimes it’s better to stay single than end up separated and depressed, or being married to a man who doesn’t make you feel secure.

  • @Commenter - 
    That’s the problem with marrying a foreigner. There’s always a homesick temptation for him to go back to his country as Singapore is too small and crowded. Unless you are willing to relocate with him, never marry a foreigner. But I don’t believe Dawn is going to lose her popularity even if she moves – for she does not stoop to bleaching hair or spewing vulgarities just for superficial attention.

  • @Commenter - 

    Dawn is not desperate and will not marry a PERVERT that will exploit her weaknesses and put her at his mercy by enjoying watching her choke her throat with his filthy dick..

  • Hi Dawn, may I know where your friend bought/rented her Vera Wang gown from? It’s really gorgeous! Thanks!

  • what wedding dress is that?

  • Who’s the other hottie in the 7th picture ? :) ;)

  • Enjoy your singlehood and freedom while you still can…. Don’t be affected by some losers who think that their “awesome” married lives are better. Many who foolishly brag about and flaunt their relationships are the very same people who unexpectedly suffer break-ups and heartaches in the end !







  • The shot that you mentioned the hair stylist, who is that lady who’s next to you?
    She is absolute stunning!!!!!

  • I finally understand why so many people dislike DY. She’s even more superficial and is a hypocrite because she is two-faced, likes to steal the show, and act like a helpless, wide-eyed girl. Many of the derogatory remarks she makes about other people actually applies to herself too, but what I find saddest is that her fans egg her on and praise her. Heck, their comments are even more openly insulting than hers.

    I’m not saying that she is not pretty. She is. But how did she achieve it?
    And many of the facades she puts up… she only admits to them when the evidence is brought up by readers (or not even then), and I think she should stop hiding behind her ‘innocent’ mask and show her true self.

    Her writing style is annoyingly girlish and tedious to read after some time, with not a trace of humour.
    I’d suggest she pick up some writing skills and a larger vocabulary.
    At least Xiaxue is crudely funny and way more witty, and surprises you with philosophy and big words occasionally.

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