February 25, 2013

  • Morning Show on RED RM Malaysia

    Sometime not too long ago, did you turn on your car radio while driving to work and happened hear me joking around with 2 funny men? If so, a big pat on your back for tuning in to the awesome RED FM!

    I had a riot of a time with comedian Papi Zak and the long-standing king of Malaysian airwaves.. Lil' Kev! They are absolutely hilarious!.... but such huge sweethearts as well :) Big thanks to them for having me on the show and ♥ to Malaysian listeners!


    Getting psyched in my KL hotel room before heading off to the station


    Papi Zak acting cute, Jeremy being a quack, Lil' Kev... umm, honestly no idea what he's doing....

    Before I knew how to spell his name, I thought he was called "Puppy Zak". Ha ha.

    What a bright way to start the day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with them.

    Radio is so much fun and interactive, it made me wistfully wish I could turn back time and accept the previous 987fm dj job offer years back ^.^ 

    Singaporeans, you can tune in to RED at 92.8FM.
    Malaysian peeps... oh c'mon you should know by now yes? 

    ♥ Dawn

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  • "... it made me wistfully wish I could turn back time and accept the previous 987fm dj job offer years back ^.^ "

    This statement is worth repeating till it makes the pink midget's blood boil. Coz her defamatory blog post that you lied about this statement is what got her slapped with your lawsuit against her years ago that forced her to delete her blog post and turned her into a pathetic sore loser and cyber-thief who stole her neighbor's IP address and wifi to create fake hate sites of you in order to take revenge..

  • I heard your gotcha call with the Hitz.fm crew!

  • I tried to tune to 92.8FM in Singapore but couldn't get the reception :(

  • hey hey... wat's goin on with u n zak .... *wink*

  • 987FM station must have been desperate to offer you the DJ job that time. You can't even hold a proper interview or conversation in any of the videos I've watched of you but they think you can entertain a crowd of radio listeners.. LOLOL! I don't think such a job offer is going to come by for you ever again...

    But I have to be fair and add that your diction and pronunciation is at least better than the midget's who is still making amateur videos after 10 years sounding like a retard with speech defects.. It's no wonder she's still struggling to reach the popularity status of Michelle Phan whose ass she loves kissing.

    Both of you should learn from Michelle Phan. She's not just a pretty face with great makeup skills but that woman knows how to grab attention by the mere way she talks and that's why her videos are worth watching and skyrocketing in the million marks!

  • @Fair Opinions? - 
    To be fair, Michelle Phan is american so she has the advantage of natural ang moh accent. Dawn and XX can't help it they are born in singapore right? But at least Dawn speaks proper English, was educated at Raffles Junior College and NYU, sounds more international than the XX who I gotta admit is damn cheena ah lian.

    To be fair too, I don't think 987 will just anyhow let anyone be a DJ. How can they be desperate when they are one of the top station? Even their dj competition has high standards. Dawn must have passed some of their test I believe. Did you see some of her latest videos? she's not that bad, why you say until so jialat that she can't hold a conversation?

    She's cute here!

  • Aiyohooo.... 4 hour job + good pay. Got CPF? Why you never accept the offer?

  • I heard you that day on RED. What a sweet and soothing voice u got =)

  • ~
    At least Dawn Yang & Michelle Phan did not turn ass-kissers or cock-suckers or turn their mothers into sponsorship-beggars to achieve what they are today.

  • Good for you Dawn! I love ur class and wow u go on missions trips! Great to see ur star still continue to shine, supporting you all the way :)

  • @reader - 

    Yup Xiaxue is a big ass kisser of Michelle Phan!!

    XX attacked Dawn for 1) plastic surgery and not admitting 2) copying Arissa (this one I don't see how it is true except they look alike in some photos)

    Everyone knows Michelle Phan 1) got plastic surgery on her chin, jaw maybe nose, and keeps LYING about it. 2) copied Arissa look for look, almost exactly, so many times!

    BUT, XX does not call Michelle Phan out on all this! She even defends her publicly!! Because she uses Michelle to get more views and followers!!

    How disgustingly hypocritical is that??? -.-

    U can read about about that and more other crappy things XX really is at http://www.gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=473&sid=de717ea6844519ec9759192e0b49f4bb&start=75 Start from around page 4, people dig up more n more stuff about her, some fans even change their minds and start disliking her.

    The forum also has a thread showing how Michelle Phan copied Arissa.

  • No one has the right to judge Dawn even if you are a close friend. Maybe she has the vocals and personality good enough to be a DJ. Besides, DJ Dawn sounds so perfect!

    In the UK, some radio DJs sound really old but are highly adored and I simply love listening to them. There's a thing called X-factor and sometimes it has nothing to do with nationality, age or accent.

  • @reader - 
    It's not surprising that oftentimes it's the very same person who points fingers and accuses others that turns out to be the bigger hypocrite.

    For years, she took great pleasure in falsely accusing and insulting Dawn over and over again as a plagiarizer, compulsive liar, whore, slut, having fake boobs and even for being single!

    Whatever lame excuses she could find, she exploited it to the max and trolled and taunted Dawn in twitter, videos, blog, facebook etc ...

    Look what has happened to her now. She has been exposed herself! It's called KARMA and it seems to be coming at her in full force now.

    Her son of a bitch, Dashiel Moron Sayre must be her jinx and curse. Ever since he was conceived, his motherfucker got exposed as a cyber-thief and grand motherfucker exposed as a grand sponsorship beggar. She never wanted a baby with a dick anyway. She enjoys having dick in her mouth not in her womb!

    Loserish Asshole family !!







  • @- Sponsorzilla - - @reader - 

    Strangely she proudly admits in her blog that she is a cyberbully and she's only helping to make her victims become stronger ... while she herself turned so weak and bitter after the lawsuit.

    When her blog was hacked into years ago, she turned into a rage, kicking up a big fuss, throwing childish tantrums etc.... and then she herself assumed the malicious cheek to steal another's IP address and Wifi.

    Just some examples to prove the HYPOCRISY level of XX that extends beyond just physical looks - the two different ways she treats DY and Michelle Phan for having plastic surgeries.

    She keeps defending that when she bleaches her hair pink or yellow, she is just trying to look beautiful like any other women, not American or White. Really? In an island where she is the only one having pink/yellow bleached hair on oriental face, intelligent folks should be able to tell if she trying to look beautiful or trying to look fake. She thinks that she is always right and everybody else is wrong. There's a fine line between trying to look fake and beautiful and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell who's who.....

    Instead of being sorely bitter, fake and hypocritical about everything, it would be better if XX just comes out and admits that she's trying to be FAKE because her pitch black hair, oriental face and dwarf height is not going to get her any fame.


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