March 6, 2013

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  • I find you cute especially when you keep posting dessert pics on your instagram. :)

  • Watch this video of Xiaxuey kissing the Ass of Michelle Phan… It’s hilarious !!!

  • Hi Dawn,

    Was the Herve Leger dress custom made for you?
    cOuldnt find it on its website though

    It look fantastic on you, hope to see you in it again ‘


  • Who is Arissa ?

  • Women who think that marriage is everything there is to life are still living in the primitive world or third world country.  With good education and career these days that make modern women independent and stable, marriage is no longer a key priority  in many cultures.  

    I do find it odd and suspicious that Nuffnang would accord “Most Influential” blog award to Xiaxue based on some limited polls which they have never made transparent, deliberately ignoring her notorious habits of promoting wrong and biased ideas such as ”you’re a sad old slut if you don’t get married” or ”so what if I stole my neighbor’s IP address, I’m still a ‘genius’ for exposing Plasticzilla” or  “I curse and cyberbully people coz they started it, but even if they did not start it, I have the right to do it as it makes them stronger”  or “give up smoking or die of cancer” or “revenge is the best medicine for insults and innocent family members deserve it too”.

    Promoting hatred and overboard revenge and corrupting minds with such distorted, narrow-minded personal opinions that can lead young minds astray is hardly what should be expected from a “Most Influential” blogger.  Many of her followers are now being influenced to use foul language, put down unmarried women and keep insulting enemies with no room for forgiveness at all.  It seems that forgiveness does not exist in her dictionary except towards her own family.

    I am sure some of you reading this are probably thinking this must be coming from another spinster trying to speak up for other spinsters.  I am a Singaporean woman getting married to a caucasian who had no need to get my man to propose to me by nagging him or seducing him with blow jobs.  And I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for this desperate ”Most Influential” blogger Xiaxue as well as Nuffnang!

  • Her Boss Ming (Cheo Ming Shen) is also single at 30 … sad old lothario who can’t find a decent slut who wants to marry him….

    Btw, I stole my neighbour’s IP and wifi to write this comment, don’t blame me, blame your favorite most influential blogger… she influenced me.

  • Cheo Ming Shen is no better than xiaxue – he’s a PAP fanatic and uses vulgarities himself.

    His tweets in Jan 2011 :-

    bossming: playing with anonymous freaks is quite invigorating. i really understand now why xiaxue enjoys doing it so much.

    bossming: @xiaxue eh teach me how to play with anonymous freaks leh. your zhao pai. now i know how you feel. it feels good

    Source :

    As a PAP supporter myself, I found him offensive, disgusting and an embarrassment to PAP for one who aspires to be a future government leader. He acted more like an anti-PAP, crude and rowdy Opposition party supporter! But eventually he came to his senses and apologized. Fake not ?

    He apologizes for using vulgarities as a political leader, and then hypocritically approves and even promotes a bitch who constantly uses vulgarities… Wow!

    PAP and Ms. Josephine Teo, are you reading this ??

    Source :

    Apparently he admitted in the tweets that “it feels good” following the fanatical footsteps of XX and taking revenge by using vulgarities. Now we know why he crowns XX with trashy Nuffnang awards she doesn’t deserve. Birds of the same rabid feathers flock together at Nuffnang. Both are hypocrites one way or another…

  • @Nuffnang My Foot! - 
    It’s unreliable hypocrites like him that force voters to look to the opposition.

  • Do young PAP leaders have too much free time and nothing better to do?  Instead of wasting his time fighting with cyberbullies (who btw reminds me of Xiaxue) , I wonder whether YPAP Leader CHEO MING SHEN has put in any effort as the boss of Nuffnang to mediate for, counsel and reconcile Dawn Yang and Xiaxue who still remain as enemies after so many years over trivial matters.   Or is he contented just the way things are as long as they bring in money for his company ?  

    If he’s appears so incompetent in controlling and managing his own staff at micro level, many times allowing their online spates to spiral out of control with Xiaxue frequently lashing out vulgarities at Dawn and other netizens at the slightest provocation, consequently imposing negative influence on her followers,  what makes he think he can effectively control and manage a constituency or ministry on a national level ? 

    Is he sincere about serving the nation and improving the lives of Singaporeans, or is he actually eyeing that $16K / month MP salary pretty much like he’s only concerned about making big money at Nuffnang at the expense of promoting loose morals and compromising whatever integrity he may have by blatantly encouraging a lawless blogger Xiaxue to carry on with her verbose cyber attacks laden with expletives ?

    He may take pride in this company Nuffnang, but to many netizens, it looks like a chaotic, corrupted company with no transparency or ethics and no proper law and order put in place.  Does the standard “Code of Conducts” that every other company in Singapore puts in place as required by law under MOM even exist in Nuffnang ?

    Remember Amy Cheong? – the NTUC deputy director who was instantly sacked after she posted some racist remarks ?   

    If CHEO MING SHEN becomes an MP or minister and was faced with a subordinate like Amy Cheong, will he take the same action, or will he close one eye and let her enjoy the unabashed online freedom like he’s giving Xiaxue for the sake of making money ?   Does he think that a cyberbully and cyberthief like Xiaxue is less criminal than a racist like Amy Cheong ?

    I certainly do not wish to see Singapore turn out chaotic like Nuffnang if the wrong people are voted into parliament.  


  • XX on twitter:
    “How can u say you will stand by someone “no matter what”?! So if he is child rapist you also support, just coz he is your pastor??”
    -I was going to stop commenting on XX seeing how others are coming on too strong against her but when I saw the twitter message, something clicked. The above twitter message is calculated. It is meant to negate her past remark,”rapist son versus slut daughter”. Since it has been commented that she is contradicting, she chooses to continue to be so. With the excuse, she can swing back and forth between making offensive remarks and holding a moral viewpoint.

    I don’t agree with those calling XX a criminal repeatedly, where is that coming from ? Using somebody’s IP address ? How would you know unless you can see the ip address ?

  • @Eli - 
    Perhaps you missed Dawn’s blog post in Aug 2012 ->

    where XX’s own friend betrayed her and exposed XX as a cyber thief.

    “Wendy gleeful admittance of her being the one to set up the website “dawnyang exposed” … using the I.P. address of a neighbour, when she, WITHOUT PERMISSION, used the unlocked wifi of the said neighbour, thus ensuring, in her words, nothing to link her with the website, and its defamatory contents.”

  • @exposer - 
    I cannot verify who the person is who “exposed” XX to have used her neighbour’s wifi. No names were mentioned. Since this friend who became a foe to XX was willing to “pledge a sum of money, to fund any cost that the lawsuit may incur”, her name ought to be revealed. Such information cannot be kept in the dark if you want to use it.

  • @Singaporean - 
    Excellent comment! One of the best so far! Interesting to read Dawn’s blog.

  • I believe the MOM Employment Law of Singapore stipulates “mutual respect” and “professionalism” codes of conduct in the workplace which Nuffnang don’t seem to promote much, except their own code of conduct that “I will say whatever I want just don’t take me too seriously even though I am the awesome most influential blogger” kind of attitude….

    I believe that Spore Government is also sternly against favoritism and CRONYISM.

  • Nuffnang should sponsor their bloggers for some courses like Problem Solving or Anger Management. Attack the problem, not the person. Every forum I know reminds their participants of this principle. So Dawn’s fan exposed XX as a hypocrite who kisses Michelle’s ass. By attacking Dawn instead of the problem, she sounds guilty.

    I recall a tweet by XX where gleefully said that she wants to pull out Dawn’s teeth on by one after watching the movie “Breaking Dawn”. When a reply came in saying that XX should pull out her own pink hair, XX promptly BLOCKED her after insulting her.

    This is only one example where XX needlessly drags Dawn’s name in the mud without Dawn doing anything to her. And when someone wants to defend Dawn, she will immediately block them out of her way so that she can continue to insult Dawn anytime she feels like it.

    Despicable. Nuffnang sucks!

  • Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter, Lee Wei Ling is a sad old slut who can’t find a decent man who wants to marry her.

    I’m sure some people at Nuffnang are beginning to panic now……..

    Let Cheo Ming Shen take responsibility for this defamatory comment about MM Lee’s daughter influenced by his favourite most influential blogger. If XiaXue offers no apologies, no explanation, and no defence for the insulting messages she’s so fond of spouting, messages like “you’re a sad old slut if you don’t get married” , then it’s only right that Nuffnang be held responsible since they are the one proudly introducing her, promoting her and encouraging her in what she does.

    I have taken a screeshot of this comment in case it’s deleted so that I can post it elsewhere where it won’t be deleted. Such drastic measures must be taken since there’s no end to XiaXue’s high-handed verbal abuses if this the only way she and Nuffnang can understand the painful consequence of their arrogance.  Don’t take me too seriously though, I’m just a nobody.

  • When is Nuffnang’s most influential blogger award coming ? I thought it’s a January event.

  • @Nobody - 
    Indeed many companies take responsibility for the unprofessional/unethical conduct of their staff and would even compensate. Singapore is already steadily losing PAP votes, now if singles are oppressed and demeaned in society, it’s gonna affect PAP even more in upcoming elections. As a YPAP leader, Cheo should have known better than to allow xiaxue to get away with what she’s doing for years. Blocking whoever refuses to agree with her, picking on netizens like a cyberbully, spreading lies and gossip, blatant and persistent use of vulgarities, imposing negative influence…. these are reasons good enough to warrant disciplinary actions against her long ago. Instead Cheo chooses to crown her “best blogger” and “most influential” blog awards! Cheo himself had been badly influenced by xiaxue and he knows it. He lost his cool and spewed vulgarities at the netizen stooping to the low level of xiaxue. He himself is a bachelor, maybe what it’ll take for him understand the impact of this is if he too gets insulted for being single! If he’s unable to relate to and respect people of all walks of life in society including singles, then he’s simply not fit to be a PAP leader. In fact he should to be disciplined by PAP himself.

    This is a classic case of a public figure clearly abusing her influential position for revenge with full support from her agency.

    XX never minced words publicly calling Dawn (and other women) “whore” and “slut” many times. That’s no subtle inferences that can be called into question but rather open, direct and deliberate attack on Dawn’s character and reputation that was witnessed by at least 140,000 in twitter.  Dawn has good grounds to not only sue XX for libel and defamation, but also Nuffnang for abetment unless they can prove that they had no knowledge of XX’s online harassment for years, which will be a daunting challenge for them who have worked closely with XX, lavished her with awards and paid her wages for 6 years.

  • @Soul - 
    “….awards and paid her wages for 6 years”
    Wages or salary ? Lol

  • Just send a complain to Worker’s Party Chairman Sylvia Lim…. let them know what kind of hypocritical YPAP leaders like Cheo Ming Shen that PAP is hiring….. give them more reason to slam PAP and swing voters….. she’s a trained lawyer, former law lecturer, highly respected, admired and confident lady….. but to some narrow-minded people from Nuffnang, she’s probably just a sad old unmarried slut !

  • May I draw readers’ attention to this site —>>

    Look at the contradictory, hypocritical things XX said :

    “She added: “What kind of men would say this kind of thing? Singaporean men are such bullies. They think I’m a nobody, just a random girl they can bully.”

    “She said: “No, I would never ever talk about somebody like that unless they personally attacked me. How can I sink to their level, to call them a sex worker in such a derogatory manner?”

    What a super LIAR!

    She has been attacking Dawn Yang calling her derogatory names for no reasons for years even though she did nothing except sued her for her own stupidity.

    She doesn’t want people to think of her as a nobody but someone important and influential, yet when she randomly picks someone like Dawn or others to bully, people shouldn’t take her too seriously.. Lol!

    She called Peggy Heng a “slut” and incited her followers to retweet, Nicole Seah “attention seeking whore” and Tin Pei Ling “airhead”, just to name a few of her arrogant attacks. But they probably didn’t even read XX’s “Everyone’s reading it” blog to care two hoots!

    Dawn Yang should fight back with another lawsuit because this is not a one-time isolated attack against her neither is it going to be the last time. XX will never change and she herself said it more than once. XX simply loves seeking attention by stooping to the same level as the cyberbullies that insulted her. She’s no better than them. Without her filthy foul mouth and her corrupted bossming and Nuffnang, the talentless midget will indeed be a nobody living as a pathetic sad old slut probably married to an Ah Beng like Steven Lim or some other unfunny joker!

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