March 21, 2013

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    Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”

    2009. My luggage did not arrive when I did. In addition to the stress of worrying if my bags were lost and would even come at all, I had to spend the night without my toiletries nor a change of clothes. The airline of course did not bother to compensate. Well thank God for strong mints.

    2012. An overnight flight delay meant hours of waiting in the airport in the middle of the night, transferring to a hotel cold and hungry, wasting one entire day of time and energy. When I should have been back home attending to important things.


    2013. Did you see this movie about how a family’s happy beach holiday in Phuket turned into a painful tsunami nightmare? True story. At the end, their insurer sent a rep down to whisk them away on their own private jet with medical facilities. Now THAT’S no better time to have VIP treatment!



    Who doesn’t love travel? Every travel experience is a heightening of senses. We broaden our horizons, enrich our minds, satisfy our need for adventure, excitement and discovery.

    But in every trip you make, there is also so much that could go wrong.  You never think it will happen to you, but truth is, you never know.

    I’ve had my own (dreadful) taste of it, hence now I prefer to make sure I’m protected if anything happens again. While out there immersing myself in culture and soaking in a new atmosphere, it is a tremendous relief to know I can enjoy my travel smoothly, worry-free from unexpected situations.  It certainly helps you feel better when you are compensated for your grievances!


    If you are wondering where to get good travel insurance from, perhaps you can try DBS Travellershield by DBS

    Good news is….


    All you have to do is play DBS Solve The Suitcase, crack a 6 digit code and stand a chance to win a pair of tickets in the weekly lucky draw.

    Like the classic game “Mastermind” that I loved playing when I was young….


    … they will give you clues by telling you if your digit is correct, or correct but in the wrong position.

    It’s fun! Especially for people like me who like number games!

    You have 10 tries per day. Once you crack the code you get a qualifying chance for the weekly lucky draw. A new code resets at 12am, so you can play everyday for more chances to win!



    Winner is announced via  and on the game site every Tuesday.

    For this first week, they are giving away tickets to BANGKOK!




    Don’t worry, even if your guesswork is *ahem* pretty lousy and you don’t crack the 6 digit code, you still get a little consolation prize – an addition premium discount for TravellerShield Single Trip Plan :)

    Need more info on TravellerShield coverage options?


    After all, travel should be all fun and games right? x


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  • So did you get back your luggage in 2009 ?

    I recently lost my luggage on my way back from Paris, which was sent to my home address in UK only 2 days later! I had fully expected to lose some of my expensive stuff in there but to my pleasant surprise, nothing was stolen everything was intact, although they had broke into my luggage to check for suspicious items, leaving a nice note inside that said “don’t worry, we broke opened your luggage just to check for suspicious/perishable goods.”… Lol!!

    Oh well, but my luggage was damaged…. Uuurrghhh!!

    Am definitely going to check out the DBS Travellshield… Thanks Sweetie! ; )

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