March 31, 2013

  • Happy Easter & Resurrection Sunday

    I am full of joy today! What a great long weekend it’s been with a good cause for celebration :)

    Contrary to what you may have thought, Easter is NOT about Jesus dying and turning into a giant bunny who gives chocolate eggs to little children.

    Jesus, what big ears you have!


    This special day however, is about Jesus dying on “Good Friday” as the perfect holy sacrifice for all our sins, and rising again three days later. So that now all of us may be children of God, enjoying real freedom, joy, peace, blessings, THE LIFE! Death and sin is conquered, we will one day be with Him for eternity.

    For those who are thinking the resurrection is all a made-up fairy tale, do read on for historical evidences that point to it being real.


    Is the resurrection of Jesus Christ an historical event that really happened, or is it only a myth, as many atheists claim? While no one witnessed the actual resurrection, many people swore they saw the risen Christ after his death, and their lives were never the same.

    Archaeological discoveries continue to support the Bible’s historical accuracy. We tend to forget that the Gospels and book of Acts are eyewitness accounts of the life and death of Jesus. Further nonbiblical evidence for Jesus’ existence comes from the writings of Flavius JosephusCornelius Tacitus,Lucian of Samosata, and the Jewish Sanhedrin. The following seven proofs of the resurrection show that Christ did, indeed, rise from the dead.

    The Resurrection Proof #1: The Empty Tomb of Jesus

    The empty tomb may be the strongest proof Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Two major theories have been advanced by unbelievers: someone stole Jesus’ body or the women and disciples went to the wrong tomb. The Jews and Romans had no motive to steal the body. Christ’sapostles were too cowardly and would have had to overcome the Roman guards. The women who found the tomb empty had earlier watched Jesus being laid away; they knew where the correct tomb was. Even if they had gone to the wrong tomb, the Sanhedrin could have produced the body from the right tomb to stop the resurrection stories. Jesus’ burial clothswere left neatly folded inside, hardly the act of hurrying grave robbers. Angels said Jesus had risen from the dead.

    The Resurrection Proof #2: The Holy Women Eyewitnesses

    The holy women eyewitnesses are further proof that the Gospels are accurate historical records. If the accounts had been made up, no ancient author would have used women for witnesses to Christ’s resurrection. Women were second class citizens in Bible times; their testimony was not even allowed in court. Yet the Bible says the risen Christ first appeared to Mary Magdalene and other holy women. Even the apostles did not believe Mary when she told them the tomb was empty. Jesus, who always had special respect for these women, honored them as the first eyewitnesses to his resurrection. The male Gospel writers had no choice but to report this embarrassing act of God’s favor, because that was how it happened.

    The Resurrection Proof #3: Jesus’ Apostles’ New-Found Courage

    After the crucifixion, Jesus’ apostles hid behind locked doors, terrified they would be executed next. But something changed them from cowards to bold preachers. Anyone who understands human character knows people do not change that much without some major influence. That influence was seeing their Master, bodily risen from the dead. Christ appeared to them in the locked roomon the shore of the Sea of Galilee, and on the Mount of Olives. After seeing Jesus alive, Peter and the others left the locked room and preached the risen Christ, unafraid of what would happen to them. They quit hiding because they knew the truth. They finally understood that Jesus is God incarnate, who saves people from sin.

    The Resurrection Proof #4: Changed Lives of James and Others

    Changed lives are yet another proof of the resurrection. James, the brother of Jesus, was openly skeptical that Jesus was the Messiah. Later James became a courageous leader of the Jerusalem church, even being stoned to death for his faith. Why? The Bible says the risen Christ appeared to him. What a shock to see your own brother, alive again, after you knew he was dead. James and the apostles were effective missionaries because people could tell these men had touched and seen the risen Christ. With such zealous eyewitnesses, the early church exploded in growth, spreading west from Jerusalem to Rome and beyond. For 2,000 years, encounters with the resurrected Jesus have changed lives.

    The Resurrection Proof #5: Large Crowd of Eyewitnesses

    A large crowd of more than 500 eyewitnesses saw the risen Jesus Christ at the same time. The Apostle Paul records this event in 1 Corinthians 15:6. He states that most of these men and women were still alive when he wrote this letter, about 55 A.D. Undoubtedly they told others about this miracle. Today, psychologists say it would be impossible for a large crowd of people to have had the same hallucination at once. Smaller groups also saw the risen Christ, such as the apostles, andCleopas and his companion. They all saw the same thing, and in the case of the apostles, they touched Jesus and watched him eat food. The hallucination theory is further debunked because after the ascension of Jesus into heaven, sightings of him stopped.

    The Resurrection Proof #6: Conversion of Paul

    The conversion of Paul records the most drastically changed life in the Bible. As Saul of Tarsus, he was an aggressive persecutor of the early church. When the risen Christ appeared to Paul on the Damascus Road, Paul became Christianity’s most determined missionary. He endured five floggings, three beatings, three shipwrecks, a stoning, poverty, and years of ridicule. Finally the Roman emperor Nero had Paul beheaded because the apostle refused to deny his faith in Jesus. What could make a person willingly accept—even welcome—such hardships? Christians believe the conversion of Paul came about because he encountered Jesus Christ who had risen from the dead.

    The Resurrection Proof #7: They Died for Jesus

    Countless people have died for Jesus, absolutely certain that the resurrection of Christ is an historical fact. Tradition says ten of the original apostles died as martyrs for Christ, as did the Apostle Paul. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of early Christians died in the Roman arena and in prisons for their faith. Down through the centuries, thousands more have died for Jesus because they believed the resurrection is true. Even today, people suffer persecution because they have faith that Christ rose from the dead. An isolated group may give up their lives for a cult leader, but Christian martyrs have died in many lands, for nearly 2,000 years, believing Jesus conquered death to give them eternal life.

    (This article is written by Jack Zavada from


    Hear it from scientists themselves on The History Channel’s investigative documentary. The 3D imagery formed on the Shroud of Turin (Jesus’s burial cloth) could only be formed by advanced technology of light rays across his face when, as they theorize, Jesus was resurrected. He is the Light of the world after all!

    In the end, the biggest proof one could ever have, is the realness of a changed life, the experiences and relationship with our Father in heaven. I am so thankful. God bless, happy Easter :) x

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  • LOL, not sure if it was meant to be intentional or not, but you put 2 ugly bull dog faces at the top and ended the post with your face. :)

    Funny and cute!

  • Actually there’s a funny story that Jesus chose to appear only to women when he resurrected because women have big mouth… news will spread very fast, Haha!

    Is it true ??

  • Hi Dawn, sorry to sidetrack you and your readers from this special Easter post, but I read in the New Paper today something about you in the article about Xiaxue — “Xiaxue also has a heated rivalry with blogger Dawn Yang, who has threatened to sue her for an allegedly defamatory post in June 2008.”

    - what “heated rivalry” ?

    I thought it was solely a one-way attack against you by Xiaxue even until today. For almost every interview given by Xiaxue, she never fails to mention you, but in interviews that you give, I don’t see you mentioning Xiaxue at all.

    The fact that you are often mentioned in Xiaxue’s interviews in negative light gives readers like me the bad impression that you’re a major troublemaker in Xiaxue’s life, instead of she admitting and taking any responsibility for attempting to defame you out of jealousy and revenge ever since you won the “hottest blog” competition. Please do correct me if I’m wrong. Did I get the facts right or did New Paper deliberately left out the information and twisted their story ?


    The shroud is not even acknowledged as a true relic associated with Jesus Christ by the Vatican. It has been dated to around 13th-14th century using carbon dating.

    The guy on the History Channel video clip you posted is not a scientist, he’s a digital artist.

  • @Christine - 

    The site that you posted says that :
    “The last time was in 2010 when more than 2 million people lined up to pray before it and then-Pope Benedict XVI visited.”

    Strange that 2 million Catholics would line up and pray before a relic which they can’t even acknowledge as true.

  • XX’s baby has her bulbous nose! She must photoshop it.

  • @TS - 

    I don’t think it’s entirely a bad idea that Dawn is always mentioned in XX’s interviews as this will make curious readers go to Dawn’s site. That was how I discovered Silver Ang before. I had no idea who was Silver Ang until she was mentioned in XX’s interview in Lifestyle magazine. Came to know later that she is quite a famous actress who even acts in Indian Vasantham channel. Perhaps XX loves talking about her enemies because she is nothing without them and she thinks it’s ‘cool’ to have many enemies. In fact I also discovered Dawn Yang because I used to be a big fan of XX who was always speaking ill of Dawn and I was curious enough to check out Dawn’s blog and discovered that Dawn is not such a bad person that XX makes her out to be. To cut a long story short, I am now a fan of Dawn and no longer a fan of XX until and unless XX begins to show some humility. I don’t expect her to be perfect, people do make mistakes, but at least be humble enough to admit your mistakes and repent just as she expects that from her haters.

    I was very surprised and amused by XX’s appearance on the front page of the New Paper yesterday as I really thought she looked like a Hindu Goddess with her usual heavy eye makeup. Many Hindu Goddesses also have their tongues sticking out long and pink like her…… haha! Lol.

    Seriously Dawn, I think you should consider having a separate forum section at the side of your new blog for other comments about XX and perhaps also a FAQ section to clear up misunderstandings about your past lawsuit that often makes you look like you victimized XX for nothing.

  • If you believe that zombies- even a Jewish zombie named Jesus- is real then you should probably stick with modeling and leave science to those with half am education and more.

  • @Captric - 

    If you believe that Jesus is just a fake Jewish zombie, then you should probably stick with military and leave christianity to those with half your wisdom and more…

    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” – Proverbs 1:7; 9:10; Psallm 111:10

    Dawn is not a bimbo but a beauty with brains… She’s a mensa holder and a scholar from NYU.

  • The bull bitch above has a striking resemblance to someone …… Bull Bitch

    while the male bull looks like ….. Son of a Bitch

  • @TROLOLOL - 

    XX is recovering in hospital after just giving birth and you’re insulting her & her husband.

  • ‘Poor’ WC (Wendy Cheng). Having a C-section was her choice (she willingly had it instead of going natural) and recovering from it is something the body does in order for the body to live. Was WC considerate towards, for example unwilling rape victims when she insulted them?

  • @Shu - 
    but I love insulting her. :( it’s like putting salt on a slug, easy, but strangely addictive.

    Source of bad influence promoted by Cheo Ming Shen :- Xiaxue’s tweet of Dawn

    I don’t believe XX ever bothered taking into account whatever place or situation that Dawn was in when she had field days insulting her thinking that she can get away with it… should I heck care now that she’s in hospital ??

    She should be thankful if I don’t even insult her child……. yet!
    On the other hand, maybe I should start insulting her child too, so she will know what Dawn’s mother went through.

  • “but I love insulting her. :( it’s like putting salt on a slug, easy, but strangely addictive.” by XX on twitter.
    Whoa! XX can say something that contradicts the above to make herself look less bitchy.

  • Anyone can be more or less bitchy than XX and get away with it. It doesn’t really matter if you’re an ordinary netizen.

    But XX the “most influential blogger” should not think that she can get away with what she’s doing as she’s doing it with full consciousness and awareness that she’s abusing her influential position by corrupting, brainwashing and leading astray young minds by spreading lies, gossip and hypocrisy, promoting hate and insults, teaching vulgarities and extreme revenge, and promoting greed and desperation.

    She admitted herself in a past interview in the newspapers that parents and teachers will not allow their kids to read her blog. How about her? Will she allow her own kid to read her own blog laden with hate posts ? I seriously don’t think so. Even if she lets her kid read her blog, she will probably tell her kid not to follow mommy’s footsteps! Because she knows herself that she’s a terrible influence whose own kid should not follow her sense of direction.

    I was a former teacher and if I were still a teacher, I’d not allow my pupils to read her blog for obvious reasons and also for her overtly fake looks which will invite too many questions and unhealthy imaginations from curious kids who will not be able to relate her looks with her “100% chinese” heritage that she claims she’s proud of…

  • @Non-Catholic - 

    Why’s that strange? Because in your opinion, “2 million Catholics” can’t possibly be wrong? By the way, just to give you some numbers, there are roughly 2 billion Christians and 1.5 billion Muslims on this planet. If Christianity is true, Islam is certainly false (their doctrines are mutually exclusive), and vice versa, correct? So we can bet that at least a group consisting of either 2 billion or 1.5 billion people is most certainly wrong about their beliefs. That both groups combined, a staggering 3.5 billion are wrong, is of course just as plausible. So tell me again why 2 million Catholics showing up “proves” anything.

    Here’s the official Vatican position on the shroud: You’ll see that as recently as a few years ago, Pope Benedict XVI refers to it as an “icon” and not a “relic.” There’s a huge difference from both a semantic and an archeological stand point between the two terms.

  • @diva - 
    Ya – I seriously doubt that – but even so – being a mensa scholar does not mean you have a science education or have practiced scientific based discovery. It is pretty clear that you can IMAGINE anything but if cannot prove it – then that is all it is – imagination.

  • I’m a model, a Christian too. Very proud of you for sharing about God.

  • I’m a model, a Christian too. Very proud of you for sharing about God.

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