April 2, 2013

  • Room Makeover Project x Qeeple pt.5

    I know everyone has been eagerly anticipating the final result of my bedroom makeover, you’ve probably been wondering why after so many months… did the ceiling crash in or something? Was it so hideous that I was hoping people would forget about it and I’d never have to reveal its monstrosity?

    The truth is, I absolutely love my new room and I’ve been itching to share it with everyone. This exciting project was in conjunction with home interiors portal www.qeeple.com and a dream team of sponsors. Actually, everything was completed in October last year, but we decided to keep it under wraps until HOME + LIVING magazine ran it’s feature. So now that their March issue has just concluded, it’s finally time to unwrap this present our heavenly Father has blessed me with!


    To remind you of the big 360° change, take a look at my old room that I had since I was 16.


    As a frequent traveller, I wished to recreate the look and feel of the hotel rooms I enjoy, to suit my lifestyle and improve the quality of rest in my 175 sqft bedroom. Dim lighting and a lack of storage were other issues to resolve during the redesign.

    ….. and NOW :)

    Looks very similar to the earlier photorealistic 3D rendering made by Designclique!

    The neutral color scheme suits my personality and allows me to come home to a calming oasis.

    A semi-enclosed tufted bedhead made of duchess satin, superb craftsmanship courtesy of Window Image, gives me a cozy feeling of warmth and safety.

    The play of textures in soft furnishings such as the fur rug and fur throw from Lifestorey was a personal must… and incredibly nice to the touch! 

    The finest cotton sheets and pillows from Friven & Co. to lay down in.

    The mattress by Isaiah from OM is lavender scented, super plush and made of organic materials, for a blissful night’s sleep.

    If you ask, “why so glamorous?”, well I only have this one chance to indulge in a princess’s room. When I get married and move out, I highly doubt the room I share with my husband will be in this style. I imagine it’d be more minimal, darker, with a tinge of hip rock&roll. Haha I’m very understanding, I’d spare him the pain!

    Full panels of mirrors brighten and enlarge the room visually, not to mention adding a sleek edge. In case you’re wondering, yes when I look up, I can see myself in bed. Took a bit of getting used to at first, though in the end I found that one really hardly peers upwards anyway :)

    My wardrobe now has two full glass sliding doors, and an automatic light sensor!
    Plus, a lot more organization and shelving for my mountains of clothes.

    You can see that my amazing contractor Magnificent 7 also utilized the high ceilings in my room, by building my wardrobe up all the way to the top of the ceiling for two extra levels of space. Together with the interiors firm Designed Design Associates, they came up with a special design for the highest section- it’s a wood laminate panel that blends seamlessly with the overall wardrobe, opened by lifting and sliding it upwards and in. It’s simply wonderful. I keep my luggages and thick winter jackets up there, they’re just a few ladder steps away!

    Bright, energy-saving LED lights from Bonjour Odyssey bathe the room in a splendid glow. I don’t feel like I’m going blind anymore. A concealed long strip of LEDs  trail the bay window enclave, lighting it up as a stand-out feature wall.

    I love art deco style interiors, and always desired a lamp in that theme with a rectangular shape. Boy was I glad to find this modern, transparent take on the art deco lamp from Kartell by sponsor Lifestorey. The marble side table I sourced by myself… on sale at half price too ;) FYI, it’s so heavy it’s impossible for one person to lift.


    *Don’t mind my giganormous-looking feet, it’s due to the wide angle camera!!!

    I can lounge around here and stare out into blue skies. Mirrored drawers below the bay window provide much-needed storage. Beautiful laminates in “Driftwood” from Evershine Corporation is used throughout the room. No more faded roman blinds, I have the luxurious, flowing window drapes I always dreamt of, from Window Image. I can switch between day and night curtains to suit my vampire moods. 

    Another example of smart design: A small storage area to conceal a powerpoint for my hair curler and a dressing table light.

    A custom made jewelry drawer wrapped in black velvet was built by Magnificent 7. I could never find my accessories, now it’s a breeze. Love it!

    Adore my *authentic* Eames chair from XTRA. I’m officially a proud owner of an iconic piece of designer furniture ;)

    Evidently, the jewelry drawer is not enough for me. Behind the dresser mirror is a concealed cabinet for my necklaces and sun glasses. This was an idea I’d wanted to implement since, forever! Using a magnetic closure placed at the bottom right corner of the accessories cabinet, all I have to do is lightly push and the panel door opens. No unsightly handles or knobs required.

    Catellani & Smith | Sweet Table Lamp from XTRA

    Just gently touch or wave your hand over this charming little art piece and like sweet magic, it will dim or light up, to produce gorgeous shadow effects!

    Say hello to my little babies tucked into one of the storage drawers :)

    Beautiful cushion covers hand-picked by Designed Design Associates and made by Window Image.

    A book display and deep shelving unit was created to conceal an obstructive pillar beside the corner of my room.

    Decor Walther | Chest  from Interior Affairs


    I admit, I am a:

    This is probably the coolest, most ingenious part of the room makeover. 

    Using a small doorway area leading to the outdoor, the dream team created a mini walk-in closet for my bag collection.

    A brilliant idea by Joann from Designed Design Associates, considering this area was previously nothing - just an opening to the balcony outside! Storing my handbags properly had been a long-time headache for me before, I am absolutely thrilled with this space! 

    Doorway to Narnia. I was very tempted to convert the outdoor balcony area (around 90 sq ft) into a room extension and build a spectacular walk-in wardrobe. But, I’m happy enough as it is. Who knows, maybe in a few years when I have more bags and clothes….. ;)

    Again, everything is perfectly concealed behind glass door panels.

    My honey color-ed parquet flooring was stained to a dark, almost-black brown. Pale silver wallpaper with a subtle sheen completes the “hotel” feel, courtesy of Le Surmount, part of the Lee Group. The stool I’m sitting on? It doubles up as a laundry basket, just lift the white leather cushion lid. Cool! From Interior Affairs


    - BATHROOM -

    A custom made mirror with black lacquered paneling adds a sophisticated touch to the bathroom. It matches the existing black marble top and marble tile trimmings I already had.  An enlarging Cosmetic Mirror by Decor Walther from Interior Affairs is attached on the right, you know, to make peering at whiteheads and little boogies easier.

    Storage space for toiletries is revealed behind!

    I love my gorgeous set of purple bathroom accessories and candle holders - Kristall by Decor Walther, also from Interior AffairsUnlike cheap plasticky ones commonly found, these are made of quality materials and have a heavy weight to them.

    Modern new fittings – tap mixer, shower, towel rod etc. by high-end Italian designer brand Cristina, available from Sansei.

    The shower head from Cristina is sleek and flat, with a metallic concealed cord and water-saving features.

    For a personal touch, we hung a picture in a thick black wooden frame, from Lifestorey.

    I picked the photo and printed it out in black&white. Yes, I’m a die hard romantic.

    I hope you enjoyed the tour of my new bedroom! 

    All my love and thanks to Ashley and Norman from www.qeeple.com for being so awesome, fun and patient during this collaborative project! Qeeple is the premier interiors & home furnishing site in Singapore, my Qeeple page is www.qeeple.com/dawnyang , do check it out.

    With Qeeple, I browsed thousands of inspiring photos, organized my favorites, and found the best people in the business to give my bedroom a new lease of life. You should start your own account too! 

    Here is the list of my incredible sponsors. They are all extremely reputable and at the top of their game. In all seriousness, I would rather pay for a well-made bedroom rather than have lousy sub-par sponsors, because then I’d have to live with a horrible room falling apart for the next ten years. All these firms passed my selection criteria and came highly recommended by Qeeple. 

    With their workmanship, professionalism, quality and premium range of products, you really cannot go wrong with these companies. Well, the final result of my bedroom makeover speaks for itself :)


    Address: 22 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573969

    Phone:+65 6338 8368


    Address: 462 Tagore Industrial Ave, Singapore 787831

     Phone:+65 6454 2388

    LED lighting

    Address: 135 Joo Seng Rd, Singapore 368363

     Phone:+65 6487 4568




    Address: 19 Gul Way, Singapore 629195
    Phone: +65 6897 8888




     Address: 177 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179030
    Phone: +65 6837 0060


    Curtains, Upholstery

     Address: 5 Kaki Bukit Road 1, Singapore 415936

     Phone:+65 6788 0306



    Address: Park Mall, Singapore 238459

     Phone:+65 6336 0688





    Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994

     Phone:+65 6732 7362



    Address: 30 Jalan Kilang Barat, Singapore 159363

    Phone:+65 6862 2622





    Address: 462 Tagore Industrial Ave, Singapore 787831 

    Phone: +65 6292 8321



    Bathroom Accessories 

    Address: 29 Tai Seng Avenue, #01-02, #02-01, Singapore 534119
    Phone:+65 6632 7471



    3D Rendering & Design Visualization  

    Phone:+65 90666321


    All the best in your own home makeover and more importantly, have fun doing it!
    ♥ Dawn

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  • Very nice. Looks like a royal palace room. I remember Joanne your ID from DDA was featured in a CNA TV programme on interior designs.

  • I think your bedroom looks nice without the mirrors on the back, but i do understand that it gives the illusion of a bigger room. alittle over the top for my personal preferences but as long as you’re happy. i liked your old bedroom, it looked very endearing.

  • I was looking at your room with a critical eye, trying to find something to criticise about but it’s hard to come up with minus points. Some points you overlooked: real roses are better photographed than fake roses (in the bathroom) and some indirect lighting in the bookshelf itself. Other than that, the people did justice to your room: the colour coordination, the layout (the tricky space that is now occupied by the bookshelf is common thing by interior designers but what is great about this is that the volume of the space was optimised), the full usage of space in the built-in-cabinets, the mirrors, the luxurious feeling but not definitely over the top. The interior is rightfully featured in a professional magazine.

    Now for some details. I love the marble table and the art deco lamp. The lamp caught my immediate attention. The bedhead, pillows and the rug add to the soft sentiments. The chandelier looks like how a chandelier ought to look and not plasticky. Well executed! You know what’s pretty!

  • Your room is beautifully done up, you have exquisite taste. All sponsored, I’m jealous!

    I see you read Lee Kuan Yew’s memoirs, Sophie’s World for philosophy and Joseph Prince.. smart girl

  • So who’s going to be the lucky man sharing bed with Singapore’s hottest blogger?
    I understand that women always have not enough space to store your smorgasbord of things but that little space outside your balcony is good enough to be converted to a living space for your man to keep his stuff…. Haha! Just kidding! Anyway this cottage is probably going to be yours some day even after you’re married.

    Anyway Congrats to DDA for a job well done!

  • MY DREAM ROOM!!!!!! LOVEEEE IT!!!!!!!! XD

  • Not sure if I’m being sensitive or offensive here, but though I know that Asians like to take off shoes at home, could you not have at least wore a nice pair to complete your glam hottest blogger look?

    Is there so much superstitions involved in wearing shoes at home in Singapore? I thought you’re a Christian. But I must admit with a sigh of relief that at least you did not look anything like Xiaxue at home looking like an ageing Ah Lian pregnant aunty with black hair roots and greyish hair.

    It does make a whole lot of difference how your physical appearance bodes with your ambience. She needn’t have to look like a hawker centre aunty just because she’s pregnant. She did the same disgusting mistake in some of her other advertorials like 7-Eleven and some skincare products.

    Where are your shoes? Are they downstairs at the main entrance?

  • @Reyes - 
    “She needn’t have to look like a hawker centre aunty just because she’s pregnant. She did the same disgusting mistake in some of her other advertorials like 7-Eleven and some skincare products.”
    What same disgusting mistake did XX make in some of her other advertorials?

    “Is there so much superstitions involved in wearing shoes at home in Singapore? I thought you’re a Christian.”
    No wearing shoes at home in Singapore due to superstition? The latter link with Christianity was made by you: being Christian = no superstition of wearing shoes at home. You’ve got to come up with something smarter than this Reyes or you end up looking like you tried to hard.

  • “Where are your shoes? Are they downstairs at the main entrance?”
    What you are insinuating here is the makeover was just in a single room instead of a whole unit like WC’s. Rub it in but fact remains hat WC has trashy trailer park taste, it is visible on so many levels.

  • Isn’t it striking that when people such as Reyes comment passive-aggressively but never reply with the same pseudonym when others get into the ring? If they can rebutt point for point, then why hesitate replying under the same pseudonym? Methinks Dottie and Reyes are the same people. WC’s use of fuck-pejorative is so typical, she is indeed the most influential blogger. Now, the question to Dottie: what makes you think DY comments on her own posts, which pseudonym is DY herself?

    I remember that WC (Wendy Cheng) exposed the IP addresses of those who criticised her for attacking Dawn, she tolerates no criticism. IS that an act of defiance ? Nope it isn’t because there was no cause for attacking someone who did nothing to you. I call it bullying unsuspecting people like “pouring salt onto snails because it is easy”. Instead of targeting her attack at the people who called DY, “Hottest blogger” because she didn’t like it, she went after Dawn. Where Dawn went wrong in that saga was to force WC for taking down that defamatory post, she should have let it stay online so everyone can see WC’s black heart. Having plastic surgery and being ashamed about it is a human mistake but deliberately embarrassing and defaming DY years on end where many can see is far worse, it shows just the type of person you are.

  • @Dash- - 

    “What same disgusting mistake did XX make in some of her other advertorials?”

    - Spotting oily black hair roots and aunty clothes. She thinks a pair of solid black fake eyelashes will sufficiently compensate for her lack of everything else.

    “No wearing shoes at home in Singapore due to superstition? The latter link with Christianity was made by you: being Christian = no superstition of wearing shoes at home. You’ve got to come up with something smarter than this Reyes or you end up looking like you tried to hard.”

    - Is that why in Singapore chinese people do home spring cleaning only once a year? Ok, so you want to keep your house clean, fine. No shoes at home. My mistake. I thought some of your homes that look like chinese or hindu temples were chinese or hindu temples or mosques where strictly no shoes allowed.

    @catch - 

    “What you are insinuating here is the makeover was just in a single room instead of a whole unit like WC’s. Rub it in but fact remains hat WC has trashy trailer park taste, it is visible on so many levels.”

    - I have seen rooms with walk-in shoe cabinets. I thought Dawn forgot to show that or something. As a tenant renting a room in Singapore, I am allowed to keep my deck of shoes in my own room and am even allowed to walk around the house in shoes.

    - As for XX, it’s a shame that she would proudly show her HDB flat trying too hard to impress by quoting exorbitant prices but looking like a hawker centre aunty who had to abruptly wake up and had splashed a bit too much white powder foundation and lipstick on her puffy face but forgot to change her attire.

    Well, I guess to her, it doesn’t really matter as she’s not Singapore’s hottest blogger and will never be. Every now and then, all she had to do to look good is plug a giant pink ribbon on top of her head and, tadah… all’s good and well for her!

  • huhuhu well this was published at a convenient time!

  • To Dash you say, “I thought some of your homes that look like chinese or hindu temples were chinese or hindu temples or mosques where strictly no shoes allowed.”
    To me you say, “As a tenant renting a room in Singapore, I am allowed to keep my deck of shoes in my own room and am even allowed to walk around the house in shoes.”
    -So you live in Singapore but you are not aware of the customs of some Chinese/Indians/Malays?

  • Way nicer than Xiaxue’s. Yours is showroom worthy, hers borders on ugly IMO.

  • @Reyes - 
    Why did you bring up Christianity right after saying you think there is superstition involved in wearing shoes at home? To appear surprised that Christians like DY is superstitious, hence she is barefoot at home? (a link made by you) Your consecutive surprise look in this shoe subject is masked in a question: because Singaporean Chinese do spring cleaning once a year. I think you know what spring cleaning means: a once a year thorough house-cleaning. Your lack of logic is telling: you are passive aggressive, the shoes thingy is the only interior related subject you can pick at.

  • It’s not fair to compare HDB with landed house. HDB has some renovations restrictions.

    Don’t understand why people always compare the hottest blogger with the hated blogger…

  • XX’s house is nice actually….. as nice and ordinary as any other HDB 3, 4, 5 room or executive flat.

    S$180,000 renovation expenses? My family lives in a Jumbo HDB flat in Woodlands – 4 bedrooms, 3 toilets, separate dining area, 1 balcony etc.. – I don’t think they spent even half of $180,000 in renovations, but it looks just as nice as XX’s flat.

    Looking at her proven track record of posting defamatory blog posts, for which she has been sued once before, creating hate sites for herself and others, and her other proven track records of boasting, lying, exaggerating, spreading gossip and ass-kissing … one shouldn’t be surprised if she exaggerated her house figures.

    Even if that is the teal figure provided by Icon Interior, it is still obviously a blown up figure worth comparing with other interior design firms. Just do a random google search and you will know how much renovation packages cost for HDB houses.

    Dawn Yang has decided to play safe by not quoting any sponsorship figures and actually it’s not necessary.

  • @gb - 
    “It’s not fair to compare HDB with landed house. HDB has some renovations restrictions.”
    When you are given a blank canvas, creativity can transform a boring blank canvas to something magnificent even with “renovation restrictions”. For example, there is a tricky wall between the current bedhead and the bookshelf at DY’s room. They solved space restriction with the usual bookshelf solution but the ingenuity lies in how it was done artistically. WC (Wendy Cheng/XX) also had restrictions at where her living room crosses over to the balcony area. Her team used the bookshelf trick too but it was just that. No creativity in making it look good.

  • @dottie - 

    Hi xiaxue, whose IP address did u steal this time?

  • @Ex-Fan of XX - 

    oh so flattered that you think im xiaxue. My idol!!!

  • @dottie - 
    You seem to be spending too much time in Dawn’s site for someone who claims to be XX’s fan. Looks like your retarded comments have been deleted by Dawn. Keep embarrassing yourself like your idol the cyber-thief cock-sucker… Dawn is Singapore’s Hottest blogger and she doesn’t care if XX has a million times more followers than her as her success has absolutely NOTHING to do with XX.

  • Your room is so freaking cool !!!

    You know, the best part I like is, call me weird, but it’s your window view.. You don’t have to look out of your window and see a HDB flat blocking your view, or MRT track or bus stop or overheard bridge or traffic junction, or sports complex or schools… You don’t have to hear noisy Malay weddings, Chinese funerals, wayangs or getai, or Pasar Malams…

    Looks like a tranquil exotic resort….. so blessed you!

  • Dear Xiaxue/Wendy Cheng Yan Yan,
    Allrighty then, Reyes is not Dottie.
    “This I swear upon the lives of my unborn children.” You swore in 2008 that you were not the creator of Dawn’s hate site but Will you swear you are not Dottie on the grave of Dashiel Marquet Sayre ? If you lie, may bad things befall your child?

  • You really should be a lawyer WC, since you proclaimed you are more astute than most lawyers in one of your blog entries (I recall it was about a Philippine rape case). Real lawyers can learn a thing from you, like starting each sentence with “I think” and state that it is their personal opinion and the statements they made were not based on facts in hindsight. If they ever get barred from practising law, they can resort to flashing their opponent’s personal photos in intimate positions and suggest that their opponents are sluts even though the lawsuit was about defamation. As lawyers, they “strengthen” their case by doing exactly what they were sued about. If that is not enough, they can also bring in a new topic, ie. plagiarism. All this because their clients’ reputation and indirectly their potential income may be lost due to third parties naming their rival, “Hosttest Blogger”. Yes, there is rivalry. How far will you go WC?

    Come clean. It will make matters worse if you don’t.

  • @Mitch - 
    Whoa! You must be a lawyer yourself ! I love your comment !!!

    You know, I was thinking the exact same thing. Wendy often boasts that she is good is exposing people’s secrets and but guess what? She isn’t very good at keeping secrets herself. Lately there are lots of hypocrisies about her that are being exposed and she’s finding it increasing difficult to fight back except with irrelevant childish name-calling.

    Plagiarism is a mistake that Dawn committed years ago. Wendy is equally if not more guilty of many mistakes herself. When exposed, she tends to go back to her blog posts and change her contents. Previously she bragged that her mother got her many of her house sponsorships but some of the uneducated contractors who have never heard of Xiaxue refused to render sponsorships. Now she has changed her story and claims that sponsors “approached” her. Nice move. I regret not taking a screenshot of her past blog post. Seriously, I won’t be surprised if her Boss Ming is the one that asked her to edit her blog posts. But that’s OK, maybe Dawn does it too. It’s a matter of whether or not you get caught for what you wrote before. Wendy gets extensive newspaper publicity so that Nuffnang can clinche more advertisers, sponsorships and revenue for themselves. It’s all business. Nothing wrong really. Wendy is actually a timid mouse that likes acting like a roaring lion. She’s a terrific keyboard warrior behind her computer but come face to face, she’s a total nervous wreck. She will run at the very sight and sound of Dawn Yang and other enemies. She only loves online battles but never in person. She uses a lot of vulgarities online but never in person. She’s a role model of a super coward. Would Nuffnang consider giving her “Most Cowardly blogger” award ? She stole her neighbour’s IP address to create a hate site for Dawn but when exposed she turned cold feet. There was no affirmative “yes” or “no” response from her, just irrelevant blabbering hoping that no one will notice her weakness and embarrassment.

    Don’t be too bothered by the drama queen though. She’s now a proud mother and wants to move on to a new chapter in her sordid life. She’s already depressed that it’s boy and not a girl. Let’s just leave her alone and see how long her baby can help her maintain whatever little sanity she has before she becomes demon-possessed and she shoots off her filthy mouth again .

  • “Plagiarism is a mistake that Dawn committed years ago.”
    Plagiarism ? I think not.
    1. WC posted photos of DY as child in comparison to Arissa. For what purpose? To suggest plagiarism IF that Dawn’s childhood photo was photoshoped? The only similarity is their hand on the faces. Yeah, Dawn could forsee as a child that posing that way will someday make her popular because it’s Arissa’s signature pose. Did Arissa slap WC on the wrist for publishing that comparison ? It’s still there.
    2. Going to the same school in L.A. is copying somebody else? Don’t schools in Singapore give out folders recommending further tertiary education at certain schools abroad? Damn it if you happen to choose the same school someone else did.
    3. Wearing different coloured contacts than Arissa is imitating her ? Oh my ! WC wears coloured contacts too, doesn’t she ? A copycat of Arissa? Or maybe Dawn ? (but I’ve got to give it to WC mentioning “head titled down” and “pursed lips”)
    4. If Dawn owns a purple Balenciaga bag, does that translate to copying somebody else’s style? Dawn is copying others too since she has multiple bags? (she’s got a bag closet full of bags)
    5. The artifacts of A and DY posted on WC’s blog. Are they even the same?
    6. The car. Is that a popular brand that people want ?
    7. Pictures of clubbing. How common is this?

    What could be plagiarism/copying:
    1. The “love” bracelet or whatever that is.
    2. Murakami and dark fairytales.

    You think WC is original in what she writes in her blog? When you see her interviews, her prose is very different from the written form in her blog, especially when she answers spontanoes questions. Granted, oral and written language are two different things but I am not talking about that. Her fluency is bad in interviews/videos. So I wonder if she scours for catchy phrases on the internet to post in her blog, is that a form of plagiarism? She sounds nothing like how she writes.

  • Isn’t it easy to swear on the lives of your unborn children when you were not guilty of what you were accused of. How dare people accused you back then. Now that you’ve got a child, will you swear upon the life of your newborn for something you are accused of? If you do not believe in retribution befalling your loved ones, then go ahead and swear on the life of your newborn. The best tactic is to pretend you never read this. You’ve been nasty WC.

  • Oh, Dottie. My question to you was not whether Dawn comments on her own posts. My question was which one of the pseudonyms here are Dawn’s. If you pinpoint the name, do back it up like WC/XX on how the “opinion” is derived.

  • Why is it that in almost every post, the comments somehow go back to Xiaxue and things that are completely unrelated to the post? Give it a rest people. I’m surprised Dawn allows comments like that on her blog :/

  • The flat costs about S$520K and XX needs another 180K (worth of sponsored stuff + own money) to complete it. If S$100K is needed for just the semi-sponsored renovation and furnishings and another similar figure is needed to top it up, then you are not doing a good job. The cheap looking stuff are overpriced. The total sum of XX’s love nest + furnishings is S$700K. Astronomical figure! The sponsored stuff is simply too expensive for XX’s readers. The sponsors targeted the wrong crowd. Or whoever blew up the figure made a wrong move. XX allowed such figures to be posted on her blog which indirectly hurts the sponsors. Hmm… are they not aware of what they are doing?

  • @Manon - 
    Dottie added fuel to the fire. WC, the “most influential blogger” taught the rest to bring up irrelevant posts like plagiarism and personal photos of DY.

  • @Manon - 
    Why are you surprised? Xiaxue not only allowed hundreds of nasty comments about Dawn in her sites, but even initiated them and instigated them herself. Not a single derogatory comment about Dawn would she delete, but when I posted one comment trying to speak up for Dawn, I ended up being insulted by her rabid fans instead. So shocked and disgusted was I that I even had to make a police report about Xiaxue. Oh Yes, I made a POLICE REPORT about Xiaxue – for cyberbullying Dawn and online harassment…. Surprised ?? Go ahead and check with them if you don’t believe me!

  • It was at Clementi Police Station. Should I show a scanned copy of the Police Report? Shall I send it to the newspapers instead? What do you think, Mr. Cheo Ming Shen ?

  • Sigh, is this blog about Dawn or Xiaxue?

  • @Sparky - 
    I was thinking the same thing when I visited Xiaxue’s blog…

  • As for the advert that Dawn took after WC passed off, WC simply had to publish it because of “loss of potential income”. Even if DY omitted it, WC had to announce it because of her philosophy, “If I don’t do it, nobody can have it”. Same philosophy as, “If I can’t be the hottest blogger, nobody deserves that tittle”. WC is as egocentric as they say.

  • Yeah, DY omitted mentioning it was an advert. Wanna sue her for that?


  • On contrary to WC’s claim of DY causing WC’s INDIRECT loss of potential income, WC posted not-so-charming photos (plastic surgery defaults) of DY for all to see causing DY’s DIRECT “loss of potential income”. DY is a model, the photos that were deliberately put up by WC has a direct impact on DY’s modelling career. You becareful there WC !

  • @Mitch - 

    “Same philosophy as, “If I can’t be the hottest blogger, nobody deserves that tittle”. WC is as egocentric as they say.”

    Aiyoh, how can XX even think of becoming Singapore’s hottest blogger? With her cross eyes, bow legs, stumpy wrinkled neck, flat chest, dwarf height….. She cannot even show one photo of her without photoshopping it and she cannot even show her face without excessive make-up! Look at how she shows her new house looking like a frumpy Ah So….

    She should just be grateful and contended with being “most influential” blogger, a tittle that nobody knows how she got. No poll results to prove her win. At least Dawn is able to show concrete results of her overwhelming win of “hottest blog” which was a nationwide contest. But so far, there is nothing to show how XX won the “most influential” title. Even if she just won by a tiny margin by facebook voters, it is only right that Nuffnang shows the overall results and make it transparent and make themselve look credible. What exactly are they hiding? Even in politics, national election results are always made transparent, but Nuffnang seems to think they are superior and owe no one any explanations.

    Sooner or later, both XX and Nuffnang will be exposed for any corrupt practices. It’s better that they save themselves the trouble before they get exposed…..

  • you need to watch a video on youtube called “my wedding speech” it has about 9 million views.. its a famous guy in england, and would really appeal to the romantic in you.
    Your bedroom is stunning, and i am so jealous.
    You are perfection in human form :)

  • I too don’t quite like the mirror in Dawn’s room. I would prefer just one long mirror or 2 adjacent mirrors. We ladies always need our mirrors, but to have such a big mirror may be a bit too spooky at night… Other than that, Dawn’s bedroom is gorgeous.

    XX’s flat is an awfully familiar HDB flat. The ceiling is exactly the same I have in my house, the beach wallpaper is the same as my aunt’s flat in Ang Mo Kio. Nothing much creative and original though she tried her best to enhance the unveiling of her flat by showing details like the kitchen drawers. I too find the $180k renovation amount too high and suspicious and don’t think will recommend Icon Interior to anyone.

  • The mirrors are there to make the room look more spacious. It’s a clever interior trick because of the playful layout.

  • Copying what you see to use it on your blog, well that’s a big no-no. That goes for both Dawn (calling her room makeover the Princess room or reproducing a blog post without mentioning the source) and Wendy (using Google’s image for the background of the living room and taking credit for things she did not come up with like her song on her videos even if she admits it. Her “confession” does not count because she keeps doing this).

    I have more to say about Wendy Cheng but whether I give it a rest depends on her actions, like if someone like Dottie who I think is Wendy herself supplies me with more ugly links.

  • If I were Dawn, I would also have totally ignored XX’s ridiculously childish and retarded blog posts. XX is lazy and jobless and has nothing else to do except blogging so has all the time to write alot of gibberish blog posts if she isn’t sucking cocks. Remember how she desperately and aggressively attempted to provoke the attention of ADELE, an international Grammy award winning singer, but failed? Till this day, Adele has probably no idea who XX is. Dawn and Adele both have more important things to do in their successful lives that doesn’t just involve the internet and have no interest nor the time to attend to talentless attention seeking whores like XX.

  • Dear brainwashed fans of XiaXue, listen up!

    Most of the comments here are written in respectful way.  Unlike XX’s fans, Dawn Yang’s fans don’t say things like “SHUT THE HELL UP MORON”!   (Block letters some more!)

    That’s how much XX has brainwashed her fans.  Most influential blogger my ass!

    XX has showed no respect for Dawn in her 10 years of blogging so why should we show any respect for XX?  Even with no respect for XX, people here still mostly comment about XX in a fair and respectful manner with points that actually make sense. 

    I know that XX reads these comments and I know that even if she receives 1000 comments in her own blog,  she takes seriously what’s written in Dawn Yang’s blog more than what’s written in her own blog as Dawn’s fans are older, matured, educated and not unreasonable.

    I hope her son Dashiel will turn her into a better person and human being.  It’s going to hard on him growing up as Xiaxue’s son, an abominable name that irritates a lot of people.

    Next blog post please ……   :) ;)

  • “Thank you for all the love shown towards Dashiel… But I’m seriously considering not posting any more of his photos because of the nasty comments on him.”
    Not true. XX will not pass up earning money from ads for posting her baby’s photos. Say something truthful will ya ?

  • @AM. I’m surprised because Dawn’s blog seems to be more focused on Xiaxue than on herself. And yes I would LOVE to see the police report, do send it to me.

  • @bb lover - 
    Didn’t she also dragged in innocent family members when she exposed her haters? For what? – to shame them of course! Now she finally understands the pain of a mother when her child is needlessly insulted. How many times did she called Dawn a “slut” or “whore”? Dawn’s mother also has eyes to see… What did Dashiel do to deserve this? Simple – he is cursed with having Xiaxue as his mother. She should have thought about such repercussions when she decided to become a full-time Bitch – “Bitching now comes in bite sized pieces” – that’s her proud twitter line. She’s only pretending to be surprised but she knew all along that this was coming. Just another attention-seeking plan using her baby this time! If you don’t believe me, wait and see if she will not come up with another haters blog post. She will secretly use her son for whatever ways she possibly can to get attention and more blog hits. She will write another lame blog post listing down all the excuses why she’s allowed to insult other innocent family members but nobody is allowed to insult hers. Her son is innocent but other people’s kids are not! Why she can proudly call herself a Bitch but her son is not allowed to be called Son of a Bitch…

  • I have not seen XX call Dawn a slut or whore. Did she say that on her blog and did she really insult Dawn’s family? I just know her “Plastizilla” name-calling.

  • @Manon - 
    What’s your home address? I can come and give it to your personally. We can have a face to face chat on this XX subject.

  • @nobody - 
    And you are BLOCKED…..

  • “ebrows/chink, making snide remarks about how he looks like me pre surgery, how I’m IGNORANT coz I don’t know all babies have blue eyes (really, white people??”


    “Initially we thought Dashiel’s eyes were BLACK but after seeing them in brighter light we realised they were a gorgeous stormy blue-grey with loads of flakes and patterns in the iris!!”

    Yes XX is ignorant. Black eyes?? It’s called dark brown. Duhhhhhhhh!

  • @XIAXUE - 
    Blocking me hurts like hell. I’m so afraid of your Queen Blogger power.

  • @Manon - 
    I am the one who filed a police report against Xiaxue at Clementi Police Station. If I had wanted to randomly publish it online, I would have done so by now. Fact is, it will ruin the blogging career and reputation of Xiaxue, and I am not an evil, vengeful bitch like her. Whether or not I do publish it online depends very much on to what extend Xiaxue carries on with her arrogant tirades against Dawn Yang or others, or to what extend she instigates her fans to post nasty comments. That I’ve already announced it here goes to show that the time could be near but I do wish with all my heart that Xiaxue will not drive me to that point, and that this information will only stay within Dawn Yang’s blog. But if the time does come where I’d be forced to publish the police report online, I’d also be sure to send a copy to the Prime Minister’s office to hold Young PAP leader Cheo Ming Shen accountable.

    Don’t try me…… I mean it!

  • @AM/PM.
    Given I live in England, I don’t think its possible for you to deliver it to me personally.
    I’m not asking you to publish it online, I’m asking you to prove you actually filed a report.
    As they say in the North, all mouth and no trousers.

  • D’oh. I copy/pasted the wrong name… >.<

  • @Manon - 
    As they say in Singapore, you’re an empty barrel that makes a lot of noise. Making a lot of demands but I don’t see you providing any address. But guess what? I’m also from England, but even if you’re my next door neighbour, I will not show you the report.

    I am one who takes drastic actions only as a last resort, but when I do, I will go all the way to the top. I will not cave in to the demands of some random netizen. Go ahead and call me a liar if you’re no different from xiaxue.

  • @notafraid - 
    You should publish the police report. Xiaxue’s been getting away with things for far too long. She needs to be taken down a peg or two. She’s a nasty person and will only get more obnoxious.

  • @Manon - 

    Why aren’t you adding your site anymore?

  • @Manon - 
    “And yes I would LOVE to see the police report, do send it to me.”
    What’s your home address?

  • @notafraid – thats a nice saying, but I’m not the one making grand claims here. Do you honestly think I would give out my address to a stranger on the internet? Theres such a thing as e-mail, use it.

    @moron – it’s annoying to type out, but since you ask I added my site this time.
    So have you also filed a report against Xiaxue and you need my address? Didn’t think so.

    Its unfair to Dawn to keep spamming her blog with something so petty, so the next time you say something, be “notafraid” to back it up.

  • @Manon - 
    Since you asked for a report to be sent to you, I’m asking you for your home address. Fair and square.

    Why did you spam Dawn’s blog with your site in the first place?

  • @mamoron - 
    You can piggyback on this Xiaxue-Dawn saga to get more blog traffic by spamming this blog with your site. I have a better idea. Try doing it at Xiaxue’s site when she allows comments without moderation, maybe you’ll get more hits.

  • @Manon - 
    I am “notafraid” of being called a liar or coward, so please, be my guest and keep spamming Dawn’s blog with your childish tantrums and accusations.

    I’d rather be called a liar or coward, than a wrecker of one’s career or marriage if that is what my “petty” police report is going to achieve if it gets circulated on the internet.

    Whether she wants to risk having someone like me wreck her career or marriage depends on her own online behaviour..

  • Walau…  don’t show police report lah…. Wait she commit suicide then how? 

    Her hantu will follow u like Pinktianak…  with F-word some more!

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