April 9, 2013

  • Nespresso Atelier Class

    As Presenting Partner and Official Coffee of SAVOUR 2013Nespresso is delighted to showcase their dedication to quality and commitment towards providing gastronomic experiences with their Atelier and Mixologist classes at the gourmet food festival.

    I was invited to a preview of their sell-out Nespresso Atelier class, to learn the subtleties, nuances and origins of coffee, and how to make the perfect espresso every time! 

    As a coffee noob who can’t tell the difference between Starbucks and a good barista’s cuppa, I could not wait to get educated :)

    Held in the airy APS Lifestyle Gallery where beautiful high-tech kitchens were all for our using, we were first treated to a delicious array of canapés.

    I’m wearing //Chiara Geometric Tank Blouse// from www.lexilyla.com

    Chef Antonio Facchinetti from Prego, Fairmont Hotel prepared the Italian bites for us.

    The student’s “desk”.

    A small and intimate class.

    Presenting the Nespresso Master & expert, aka our professor of the day!

    We have 10,000 taste buds; different parts of the tongue detect sweet, salty, acidic and bitter tastes. So to appreciate the flavour of coffee, make sure to splash it around your tongue to fully taste all the profiles of the roast and it ‘s aromatic complexity.

    Nespresso has 16 “Grand Cru” (French for “great growth”, a term originally used for wine classification) capsules, with limited editions released from time to time. They are classified into three categories ranging in intensity.

    • Floral – fruity and citrus fruit notes
    • Balanced – slightly roasted notes with hints of honey or cereals
    • Intense – strong, spicy, woody or intensely roasted notes

    Out of the three grand crus we tasted shown above, I liked intensity 4 Dulsao do Brazil  and intensity 10 Indriya from India most. Guess I’m very extreme ;)  Indriya is one of their best-selling btw.

    We start by making espressos.

    Winner of the Red Dot Design award, the popular Nespresso Pixie coffee machine is gorgeously designed and eco-friendly. It is made of 98% recycled coffee capsules and auto powers off when inactive.

    My family recently just bought one for our kitchen, so this class is going to come in very useful!

    The tasting ritual for an espresso is a full sensory experience.

    LOOK. Delight your coffee with your eyes. Observe the smooth and rich brown caramel colored froth called the crema. Crema is the signature of a perfect espresso! It should have thick and very fine bubbles and remain stable. When you add sugar, the sugar should stay on top of the crema for a few seconds. It should stick to your spoon and not drip. That’s how you tell if you got a well-brewed shot. 

    SMELL. Take a whiff of the different aromas.

    DRINK. Quickly and splash it around your tongue to take in the complexities and finesse of the coffee, the taste should linger.

    On a caffeine high!
    Thinking of all the things I’m going to do since I won’t be getting any sleep tonight…

    The last recipe we learnt to make was my favorite of the night – Cappuccino a la Rose 

    Prepare some white chocolate.

    Add your shot of espresso

    Then finally, add some milk from the Nespresso milk frother and pour in some rose syrup.

    It is absolutely divine!!! :)

    We ended off with a shot of heavenly tiramisu made by chef Antonio using, what else – Nespresso coffee. 

    Thank you Nespresso and Savour for a superb Ultimate Coffee Moment.
    We are all certified coffee snobs now ;)

    If you want to attend a Nespresso Atelier or Mixologist class as well, make your way down to SAVOUR 2013!

    SAVOUR is unique annual gourmet festival in Singapore showcasing only the very best food & drinks. Singaporeans who love to makan, you really must not miss this.


    ** GIVEAWAY **

    I have 2 pairs of Savour Premier Passes worth $65 for you!

    To win your pair of tickets, simply answer the following question:

    “How many Grand Cru capsules does Nespresso have?”

    Email your answer to clapbangkiss@gmail.com with subject “Nespresso Savour 2013″ by midnight tonight (9 April).

    I will randomly select the two winners from the correct entries.

    Good luck! 

    ♥ Dawn

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  • Amitabha, hi Dawn, the cupcakes and coffees look very good. They certainly have best flavors. I need $50 to advertise my buddhist website http://NamoAmitabha.ws Will you make offering for me Dawn? When you do, please click on the Paypal button on the homepage of my website http://TuVaHanh.com I appreciate your offering making Dawn, sincerely, budddhist Quang Hue.

  • <3 lovely as always love

  • That’s an insane amount of cremea.

  • Oh man, I’m THIRSTY !!!
    Is that beer….

  • “Thank you for all the love shown towards Dashiel… But I’m seriously considering not posting any more of his photos because of the nasty comments on him.”
    Not true. XX will not pass up earning money from ads for posting her baby’s photos. Say something truthful will ya ?

    “thousands forming the majority who want to see his pictures and say he brightens their day. Still gonna continue posting his pictures. :)
    I commented that she will not refrain from posting his photos to generate income and here is a confirmation from herself just 2 days later! Of course she’s not going to spell it to you that generating income from ads is her main motive for posting her baby’s photos. Lol! Who thought of her as intelligent? Intelligent my ass.

  • You’re such a cutie. :)

    Since I am not from Singapore, it makes no sense, to enter the giveaway, right?
    Anyways, I liked this Pic of you: http://x6a.xanga.com/e11e240ac3337284917775/w227369187.jpg


  • Aiyoh, look at the Cappucino….. my mouth is drooling.

    You write very well as usual. Love reading your blog!

  • looks so tempting

  • @bb lover - 
    Nothing wrong with using her baby to make money. A lot of celebrities do it. Only difference is, they get approached by advertisers and sponsors, not the other way round, and even then, they don’t go about boasting that “oh look so many advertisers approached me!”, flaunting big figures, something that only XX is capable of doing….

    But what I’m more concerned about is …… why would she call her son “Dash” ?
    When I first heard that “Dash” is going to be his name, my default reaction was “OMG, isn’t that a dog’s name?”

    Do check out the following Dog websites if you don’t believe me -


    I knew from the beginning that Dash is a dog’s name because I worked in a Vet Clinic and have seen dogs by the name of “Dash” coming in, but never any humans.

    Parents-to-be should consider carefully before they give their child any name as the name is going to stick with him and identify him for life.

    Woof !

  • Xiaxue compares herself to celebrities. Where is the similarity? Plastic surgery, tv show that was taken off the air?

  • @Dash Woof ! - 

    “Parents-to-be should consider carefully before they give their child any name as the name is going to stick with him and identify him for life.”

    Dash is a perfect name for the Son of a Bitch (female dog).

    It’s not a mistake at all. When she keeps identifying herself as a Bitch (female dog), unconsciously she has ended up giving her son a dog’s name. It’s called Karma.

    I grew up with a name I hated and had to change it with a deed poll. My sister still calls me by the old name out of habit and I simply HATE it! I wish she would just shut up!

    I feel sorry for Dash, I understand how he’s going to feel when people mock his name even if he’s a good kid like I was…

  • The negativity here is directed at XX and not her baby. Whether it will stay that way I don’t know.

    Her baby takes after her in looks, he has her pre-surgery nose.

  • Oh, Dash is a dog’s name? She didn’t google that (ignorance due to laziness) when she taught of a name for her son or she didn’t mind being her son being associated with a dog.

  • Did XX fight with Kay Kay? XX mentions the other girls as her friends nowadays but I don’t see Kay Kay’s name on her blog anymore. Maybe XX wants to substitute Dawn with KK but I doubt Dawn will want that. Lol!

  • Still the most gorgeous blogger Dawn! :)
    I follow you religiously and it’s cool I learnt about coffee this time!

  • Turkish coffee is the best…

    always a pleasure to read DY’s blog and comments while sipping a cuppa :)

  • Walau, y xiaxue life become so messed, cyberthief, police, Dash dog…

    Good luck 2 u, aunty! Sit down n write more lines to yr Secret god…

  • I cannot comprehend the stupidity of the people bashing Xiaxue and her baby up here.
    Isn’t it a pleasant change if you keep complaining she’s superficial??

    Look, I know you guys are DY supporters.
    You don’t like XX, fine.

    And if looks are your judgement to how good a person someone is, I guess you’d all be dead.

  • @Haters begone - 

    OK Xiaxue.

    Btw, whose IP address did you steal this time?

  • @Haters begone - 
    What is XX complaining about? I thought she’s grooming her doggie son to follow her footsteps. Didn’t she say in her blog that when she cyberbullies someone ” Seriously, it makes you a stronger person, so I’m helping them, really.”

    1) She proudly admits that she’s a cyberbully.
    2) Since she’s grooming her doggie son to follow her footsteps, insulting him and bullying him should make him a stronger person, so we’re only helping both of them, really.
    3) It’s all part of the grooming process. Ask her to get used to it. Always good to start from young.
    4) After all, thanks to her, Dawn and her mother are now “stronger” people due to her years of cyberbullying Dawn.
    5) She did the same thing when she posted pictures of her haters’ innocent wives and children. If her motive was not to insult them or shame them, then what was her motive?
    6) Since she proudly admits that she’s a cyberbully, how about we too anyhow post pictures of her family to say that their mother, wife, daughter is a cyberbully ?
    7) LOL..

  • Her son really has her pre-surgery nose. That is not a BUtton nose but a BUlbous nose like XX’s. Her baby’s nostrils are too big, his nose is too wide and flat to be called a button nose. This is an observation of his nose but if you want to make this to be a judgement of the type of person he will be, then okay.

  • The doggie boy’s mother always calls dawnyang Plasticzilla or PZ…
    Show respect if you want respect, Bitch! (female dog).

    You the worst influential cunt I have ever met and I cannot phathom which organization in their right mind would give you “most inlfuential” blogger award. Can you show us proof? How many people voted for you? What is your winning margin? You love to wave your expired, crumbled, yellowish mensa test paper of 15 years ago. How about waving something more recent and impressive like some Nuffnang blog award voting results?

  • @Angel - 
    XX agrees! She associates her son’s face with a puppy on Twitter! Feel free to dish out doggy jokes.

  • Leave XX’s baby alone!

    Nobody has to stoop to her low level just because she enjoys insulting people. Only a fearful, insecure person will often behave the way she does. But I don’t think she’s such a bad person overall. I don’t think Wendy Cheng the wife, mother, daughter or brother is as bad as Xiaxue the blogger. Give her time to grow up and mature. Some women mature later than others.

    Many people behave differently in the workplace than at home or outside. Many sales people cheat, lie, exaggerate and act fake to get their job done. Same with Xiaxue. Same with Nuffnang.

    Every individual deserves a 2nd chance, even a 3rd, 4th or 5th chance to change and improve. Even wicked ones like Xiaxue. No I do not condone her behavior on many levels. Yes I’m all for exposing her for what she really is. But we do not have to drag her innocent baby or family into her mess, unless of course there is strong evidence of their involvement too.

    I don’t think Xiaxue has ever insulted Dawn’s family members at any time, so it’s not fair that Xiaxue’s family has to be subjected to this. All babies are cute. Whether button nose or bulbous nose, for heaven’s sake, they will grow out of it in a couple of years. I mean, who has ever seen a baby with sharp nose? Thank God that He creates babies with flat noses, otherwise it will poke the mother when coming out!

    Let her enjoy her baby and motherhood. Let her groom and use her baby to do whatever she wants. Let her be obsessed with her baby. Let her give her baby dog name or donkey name. If she still wants to be a wicked bitch, let her be too! It will only reflect badly on herself and her family. But if they are fine with it, then who are we to complain?

    OK OK, go ahead and complain and rant… I’m just saying!

  • @DawnYang Fan -  Gimme a break, Moron..  (Sounds disgusting, doesn’t it?)

    Bear in mind that XX calls herself “Most Influential” blogger.  Ever heard of the saying “with more power comes more responsibilities” ??

    She has clearly offended a LOT of people… with no apologies whatsoever. Calling people moron, imbecile, idiot, etc…  Loosely calling anyone whore, slut or skank simply because they are not in good terms with her or become a threat to her due to their increased popularity. 

    Clearly ABUSING her influential position.  Not taking responsibility, offering no apologies…  but only ABUSING her popularity and influential position over and over again!!!

    If insulting her back doesn’t work as she grew more and more thick-skinned and immuned, then the next best thing to do is attack her family.  What can she do?  Unless her motherfucker, Doris Yip Shit Ying begs for some lawyer sponsorship, XX will never sue.  She and her mother are stingy, greedy and desperate for sponsorships.   She’s only good at writing pathetic haters blog posts as it’s free..  YAWN!

    Don’t blame her though.  CHEO MING SHEN and Nuffnang are the sole masterminds behind her arrogant high-handed behaviours, secretly encouraging her and deceitfully bestowing her with lame awards to lure more advertisers and sponsors.   CHEO MING SHEN is no better himself.  He’s a loser and foul-mouth bastard himself, and wants to be a young PAP leader.  MY ASS!!!



  • @DawnYang Fan - 
    Why do you call yourself, “DawnYang Fan” when clearly what you’re doing here is to stick up for XX? Is it to get people to agree with you if you are a fan of Dawn?

    “If she still wants to be a wicked bitch, let her be too! It will only reflect badly on herself and her family. But if they are fine with it, then who are we to complain? “
    Firstly, whether the family is fine with her being a wicked bitch, an outside commentator cannot really tell. Her family had not made any apologetic comments publicly on her behaviour nor have they stood up for her malicious comments. Yes, it seems as though her family is okay with her as a bitchiness because the benefits (sponsorships like the things in her flat/ money) she gets benefit them as well. Even if her family is fine with her bitchy persona, non-family like me do not need to feel okay about her bitchy persona. If you see someone getting beaten up on the streets, you don’t open your mouth because the victim is not related to you ? Gimme a break indeed.

    ” I don’t think Wendy Cheng the wife, mother, daughter or brother (you mean sister) is as bad as Xiaxue the blogger.”
    That’s your opinion as a commentator but as a commentator myself, I can comment on her blogger-self or her as a bitch/mother/wife. You stick up for XX. Someone else can criticise her too.

    “I mean, who has ever seen a baby with sharp nose? Thank God that He creates babies with flat noses, otherwise it will poke the mother when coming out!”
    The above is so stupid to even mention. If the child you are carrying is a boy, his genital is not going to poke you during birth. Likewise, if the baby has a more refined nose (“sharper” nose), it will not poke/hurt the mother at labour.

    As for her baby, the comments are not really directly at him. XX says he cannot read. She knows they are meant for her.

    “Yes I’m all for exposing her for what she really is.”
    Then do it.

  • http://xiaxue.blogspot.nl/2008/04/apple-users-hate-me.html
    “I know you all love Kaykay and think that she is gorgeous, but I believe one more time I see a “KAYKAY IS SO BEAUTIFUL!” or “Gimme KK’s number please!” comment I’m going to implode into little bits of fluff.

    I’m deleting all such comments because it is stupid to keep repeating stuff that has been said a million times, unless… it is praise for me. Which I enjoy reading over a cup of tea.”

    No wonder XX made such a big fuss about Dawn’s hottest blogger title.

  • ..pity this person NIRA, filled with such rage over a mere human being, gets affected by someone who he or she doesn’t know personally. with power comes more responsibilities? responsibilities to whom? to you nira? everyone will face their maker one day including you. so i suggest you take a chill pill and mind your own business.

    @NIRA - 

  • @notadawnnorxxfan - 
    Shut the hell Up, you imbecile moron… U are blocked !

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