April 17, 2013

  • Win 72 Hours in Monaco with Johnnie Walker

    I got a slice of the high life last week thanks to Johnnie Walker :) )) 

    First, a plush limousine service from Uber picked me up from my place and dropped me at Seletar Airport.

    Where were we flying to? Nowhere particularly…. just an aerial tour all around Singapore, in a private helicopter!

    We thought we’d look oh-so-glamorous. Then we had to put on these bright orange safety vests.

    The compact helicopter looks very cool. The thrill was bubbling up inside, it was my first time about to step into one.

    Aye aye captain, let’s get this helicopter outta here.

    Fantasising I own one of these, to fly away wherever whenever. Pilot – me of course. How wicked would that be?

    Woohoooo!!!!! ;)

    Strapped in and ready to go up, up and away.


    A little random, but I love the feeling of the helicopter hovering and moving around just slightly above the ground! It feels like you’re in Star Wars or something :)

    We spent around 45 mins in the skies, seeing breathtaking views of all the different precincts of Singapore – from Yishun to Bishan, to the reservoir areas and even dangerously trailing the bordering air space of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The colourful HDB blocks looked like an endless, neatly arranged sea of toy buildings, it was really quite a marvellous sight.

    Throughout the trip, we enjoyed a running commentary from our pilot through the head phones we had on. We were shown tiny islands, places to do water sports, and fishing zones in JB that he pointed out as unsafe because they were right next to shipyards.

    Yikes. I love seafood.

    From the air, we were taken to the sea for the next VIP experience.

    Ship’s ahoy! The Johnnie Walker crew on board our private yacht.

    Enjoying a glass of Johnnie Walker whiskey while taking in the sunset.

    Gotta instagram this….
    Rozz and friends lounging on the boat’s hammock before dinner is served 

    Nothing like good company, good laughs, and the ocean breeze.

    Being out at sea is always one of my favourite things to do :)

    Now it’s YOUR turn.
    What I experienced that day was just a small taste of what YOU could have.


    Ever dreamed of watching the Grand Prix from on-board a private yacht on the French Riviera?

    Flying in a helicopter, superstar style?

    Meeting and partying with international celebrities and VIPs?

    In one of the most incredible contests ever, Johnnie Walker is offering FOUR fans the trip of a

    ***WIN The ultimate luxury F1 race weekend in Monaco worth $80,000 per person!!!***

    The winners will be jetting off to the glamorous state located at the heart of Mediterranean Europe, for
     the most prestigious street race on the Formula One calendar. Flying in style to the French city of Nice, a helicopter will be waiting on standby for private transfers to dazzling Monaco.

    Once in Monaco, the luxury lifestyle will continue, with the winners enjoying accommodation at a top 5-star hotel for three nights, with access to VIP parties throughout their stay. On race day, they’ll enjoy the afternoon on a private yacht with an unbeatable trackside view of all the thrilling action.

    As well as living like a race driver, the prize also includes the priceless opportunity to meet the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team in person and get up close and personal with the iconic Monaco circuit in a guided tour of the racetrack and Formula One pit.

    Isn’t this so crazy it sounds almost too good to be true? Well it isn’t.

    HOW TO ENTER: From now till end April, every purchase of Johnnie Walker Black Label or Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve will include a unique Gold Pass code. (Bottles can be purchased nationwide at all leading clubs, pubs, bars, hotels and supermarkets.)

    Enter your Gold Pass codes at www.facebook.com/JohnnieWalkerSingapore to earn points.

    Participants can also boost their points total by inviting friends to the app or sharing videos. The more points garnered, the higher the chance of being selected from a Grand Draw.

    The “72 Hours in Monaco” contest ends on 30th April and the winners will be announced in early May. Trip of a lifetime happens on 24th – 26th May.

    So for the rest of this month…

    If you’re going to party at the club, buy some Johnnie Walker.

    If you’re thirsty and need a drink, buy some Johnnie Walker.

    If you’re stocking up your bar at home, buy some Johnnie Walker.

    Step inside the circuit, and the VIP life.
    I’m envious of the winners already! 

    ♥ Dawn


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