July 3, 2013

  • Lexi Lyla x Passion for Fashion 2013

    Just a while back, my sister and I were in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for one of the city’s most anticipated party nights of the year – PASSION FOR FASHION. 

    This glitzy annual event is organized by my friend Josiah Mizukami, and we were especially excited to work in conjunction with Belvedere Vodka to present a fashion show segment by our online boutique Lexi Lyla

    Some shots from the runway.

    A big thank you to Josiah and Belvedere Vodka for making the show and whole party a roaring success :)

    This special collection is now launched on the website.

    … plus some of our new bags. If you’re crazy about studs, you’ll love these like I do!





    Here’s more of what happened at Passion for Fashion.

    Rehearsing with the models in the afternoon, together with other designer of the night Huijean of Luve Luxe.

    Yup, the organizers just had to have the token hunky male model ^.^

    Like the naughty black sheep of the class, there were some trouble ones who simply weren’t paying attention. Then were also a few who had “diva moments” wanting to change their outfits… unless it’s indecent or doesn’t fit, aren’t good models supposed to just wear what they’re asked to? 

    I was slightly anxiety-ridden doing the fittings and rehearsal mere hours before the party, not to mention the big rush of changing hair and makeup for the girls after their first show. But thank God everything went along quite smoothly without a hitch in the end.

    Backstage with the girls.

    It was a sauna in the changing room, but the models held up well!

    After everything, I could finally let my hair down and party with friends.

    Glad to see Charles & Fay again! 

    With Josiah Mizukami and Leng Yein

    I feel bad for photographers sometimes, they have to carry such huge heavy bags of equipment around!

    What’s more gratifying than ending the night with a supper feast at Wong Ah Wah in Jalan Alor? :)

    My favourite dishes at the old school zhi char place: salted egg yolk squid and grilled chicken wings. Mmmm.

    Till next year’s Passion for Fashion. And remember to check out Lexi Lyla’s latest arrivals!

    ♥ Dawn 

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