July 8, 2013

  • Everyday Photo Diary

    Hello, happy Saturday afternoon

    Let’s do the loco Lomo

    Hello sweet little thing!

    Trigger happy hoarding. Who else doesn’t like deleting photos?

    Can you see our halos..? ;) We are your friendly angel ushers in church 


    Sis and I both in Lexi Lyla



    Mirror mirror on the wall…


    Love the high ceilings, art deco interiors and abundance of sunlight at Clifford :)

    Chocoholics unite!


    Stack ‘em up! Yum

    Getting prepped for a studio shoot

    Fun table topics for guests to chat over their meal at Ben’s in KL

    My kinda dessert

    Leather panel blazer look #1

    Leather panel blazer look #2!

    Just one of the things I train in…. bull’s eye every time.

    Chilling at home on the weekend

    Happy with my giant candy floss at Sesame Street! :)

    Accosted by Beetle Juice

    One year older :: Thousand layer cake


    Carrying my vintage leather briefcase bag that I got from a NYC flea market

    Look ma, I gotch whiskers! ;)

    Looking out my bedroom window, the morning sky took my breath away.

    Red & Gold. I should head to the casino.


    This is why I’m fat… Me & my cupcake supper!


    ♥, Dawn

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