July 19, 2013

  • Guest Appearance on “Football Overload

    Astro SuperSport Malaysia’s TV show “Football Overload” invited us Passion for Fashion folks as guests on their show the day after the event

    So founder/organizer Josiah, fellow designer Huijean and I were in the studio kicking it with the four entertaining hosts Michelle, Adam, Roshan and Reem on the right :)

    The ticking time-bomb (ball) that is called DEAD BALL! 

    We had a super fun time playing lots of hilarious games. I won the one where we had to guess which direction various penalty kicks were going to go hehe *fist pump*

    Wow I somehow made it through the episode. Even though I know nuts about football, except that Beckham can bend it, Messi is the new hand of God, and Ronaldo is very good-looking. ;)

    Football Overload is on Thursdays 9:00pm – Astro SuperSport (Ch 811) & SuperSport HD (Ch 831)

    ♥ Dawn

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