August 1, 2013

  • FTV Beach Festival

    The weekend that will be.

    Sand between your toes.
    Bubbles of bubbly bursting on your tongue.
    6 luxury fashion shows
    Music and dancing from sunset to moonlight.
    It’s the FTV Beach Festival at the Tanjong Beach Club!
    Held for the first time ever in Singapore, this is one spectacular event that will be broadcast to 350million FTV viewers worldwide. Come be part of the fun action!
    How do I know its going to be that good? Well it’s being hosted by little old me and I know just how much planning, effort and attention to detail has gone into this  - its going to be an amazing time and I’d love to see you there :)

    As a fashion label owner myself,  I’m so excited about the FTV beach festival  - local and international  and a party that’s definitely going to get a little wild.  Who else is up for a midnight swim?  


    Tickets at

    Looking forward to the weekend!

    ♥ Dawn

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