August 16, 2013

  • SAVOUR 2013

    Food, is one the my favourite pleasures to enjoy in life.

    Call it gluttony, or part of my national heritage (Happy belated birthday Singapore!!!), but I’m always hunting for the best and most delicious dishes to whet my appetite. There’s no point wasting calorie intake on lousy food don’t you agree? :)

    I was eagerly anticipating this year’s Savour 2013, having missed last year’s. Savour 2013 is a huge gastronomical event that lets food enthusiasts experience a unique gourmet festival with the world’s top restaurants, Michelin-starred dishes, expert master classes, live demonstrations, fun workshops and culinary shopping.

    That fateful Saturday evening that I went, it started pouring. Or more like, STORMING. What a downer for an outdoor festival. Thank goodness for the fabulous Nespresso folks especially Dixie, who provided a giant umbrella and warm shelter and a pippin’ hot cuppa coffee in the Nespresso stop :) Even then, the umbrella kept threatening to fly away with the relentless winds!


    Fashion style of the night – raincoats.

    ….. and the wet weather finally came to an end! Everyone was free to come out to play eat once more.
    One cool thing about Savour, is that you get to meet & greet the top chefs in a relaxed and close setting. 

    Chef Gunther of French restaurant Gunther’s in Singapore

    Some of the dishes I tried:
    Quinoa Risotto, Wild Mushrooms and Jerusalem Artichoke Textures
    Gunther’s famed Cold Angel Hair Pasta & Caviar
    Sakura Pork Belly slow cooked for 1 hour in Salt
    Truffle Kampachi, Yellowtail with Black Truffle Soya
    55′ Smoked Organic Egg, Smoked Ratte Puree, Chorizo Iberico, Buckwheat, Cep oil

    White Chocolate and Coconut Panna Cotta, with Lime Compressed Pineapple, Pistachios & Alfonso Mango Puree

    And more that I was so busy wolfing down I forgot to note the names ^.^

    With Chef Jason Atherton of Pollen Street Social.

    My favorite dish of the night came from him!

    Presenting the absolutely amazing….

    Slow Cooked Angus Ox Cheek braised in Burgundy, Horseradish & Potato Puree, Roasted Carrots & Bone Marrow Crumb

    Apparently, I was not the only fan.


    I bet Tricia will be back next year, and definitely so will I.

    See you at Savour 2014 for the very best in food and drinks! :)

    ♥ Dawn

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  • Looks so good! Was the truffle dish packed in a tin can??

  • Looks so yummy!!! We have something similar here called DineLA (well, I think it’s similar). You should come by to check it out sometime!

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