April 28, 2011

  • Beauty Fixes

    Today, I’ll be sharing about my favorite “hair-raising” treatments that have been helping me look and feel my best :)

    I am sponsored by these services, but let me just say I would not keep going to them if they haven’t been anything short of fantastic.

    1. Fluttery Peepers with NovaLash at Lolita

    Despite yearning for longer, fuller lashes naturally, I’ve never dared put on lash extensions because of all the horror stories I’ve heard about having none of your own left after.

    When I was invited by Lolita to try NovaLash, I felt a glimmer of hope, being told that it was a fully-regulated, professional system from the US that many celebs are purported to use.


    I carefully read through all the promotional material and did thorough research before I decided, YES! I will get Novalash-ed!

    Unlike a lot of the other fly-by-night lash extension services out there that do harmful (and fake-looking) cluster lashes with questionable glue, the award-winning NovaLash eyelash extensions are meticulously applied lash-by-lash and bonded with approved medical-grade adhesives.

    Every professional NovaLash artist has to undergo the company’s course training in New York and pass an exam before they are approved to use the NovaLash system.

    As far as I know, the only two certified lash technicians you can find in Singapore are at Lolita.

    BEFORE: My natural lashes

    Lashes are carefully glued on one by one.

    Almost done… from rod-straight to curled up

    AFTER: longer, fuller, prettier lashes that look so natural :)

    Lolita also specializes in mineral makeup and custom-blend mineral foundations.

    They analyzed my skin tone; then like a magician making a wonder broth, a scientist in his secret lab, a chef whipping up a tasty new concoction in the kitchen, co-owner Jo measured and mixed a special formula suited to my skin type and according to what additional properties I desired (luminance, oil control etc.)

    A delightful variety of colors in their range of mineral makeup.

    Mineral makeup is pure, healthier, lasts longer and eyeshadow pigments are stronger. 


    Me with my new set of NovaLash lashes + Lolita mineral foundation + mineral blush.
    Eyes are a lil red just after the extensions.

    I’m very impressed that the foundation barely oxidizes and looks barely there.

    With the  super nice Lolita owners and NovaLash artists Jo & Diedre.

    An update after 3 weeks:
    I must give you the downsides to the extensions as well so that you can make an informed decision.

    - You must be careful not to let lashes come into contact with glycol or oil, because it will loosen the bonds and decrease the life of the extensions.
    This is a challenge because a lot of make up and makeup removers are thus “harmful”. I find it harder, and am even a little fearful applying/removing eye makeup now.

    - I found the lashes a bit difficult to clean

    - Lashes have a tendency to tangle and go in different directions, regular combing with a small wand Lolita provides is a must.

    The advantages certainly, are that they’re natural looking. You don’t have to worry about half your stuck-on falsies strip coming off your eyelid anymore. And it’s awesome to wake up looking pretty all the time!

    Weighing the positives and negatives, I’ll most likely continue with NovaLash. What about you? :)

    Good news: special promotion now!
    First trial @ S$89 nett


    Address : 6 Raffles Boulevard, #B1-12 Marina Square
    Email : Scoops.by.lolita@gmail.com
    Facebook : Scoops.by.lolita@gmail.com

    Contact : (65)6338-9981 or sms (65)9683-7339


    2. Crowning Glory at Essensuals Bugis 

    My usual go-to, the funky and fun Bryan, examines my tresses.

    My hair color has faded and I decided I want to go darker!

    Been coming here for quite a while now. I trust the ever attentive Bryan, even when he makes me look like an alien ;)

    Service at their salon never fails to please the customer – when I was running late for an appointment they got double hair-drying power to work on me! ♥

    Loved the new hair shade. Thanks Bryan and team!


    Essensuals Bugis

    241a Victoria Street, Bugis Village (above Burger King)

    WD: 11am-9pm
    WE: 10am-8pm


    3. Now we go from growing hair to removing hair at Pink Parlour

    Banish unwanted dark stubble from shaving and unsightly underarm hair, FOREVER

    IPL hair removal leaves you smooth, sexy and hairless in about 6 sessions. One of the best decisions of my life.

    First, a cool gel is applied.

    Despite how it looks – No I didn’t catch fire.

    The laser is applied in short bursts. I won’t kid you, the first time – it hurts. It feels like a sharp, burning jolt to the skin.

    But with each passing session I got used to it. Always helps to focus on remembering that the end results are well worth the temporary discomfort.

    With Wendy, owner of Pink Parlour.
    Bubbly, friendly and a serious perfectionist at her craft, that’s why I keep going back.

    I’m already on my 4th session of IPL, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
    After each session the hair falls out over the next few days. You’re hairless for a while, then hair grows again. BUT, the hair keeps growing finer and lesser.

    Can’t wait till I’m completely hair-free!

    S$388 (before GST) for 6 sessions offer
    For a limited time only, until 31 May 2011.

    I always look forward to doing my nails, IPL treatment and waxing at the fabulous Pink Parlour. It’s simply great that I can go to a one-stop place for all my pampering needs.

    A fun relaxation spot, with fluffy pink decor, awesome people and dvds playing on big screens to help keep you entertained.

    Pink Parlour

    Orchard Central
    6100 8266
    Marina Square

    6100 5489
    Far East Plaza

    6100 9297

    6100 8266
    Tampines 1

    (coming soon)

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