August 30, 2012

  • Error in Lifestyle Magazine

    Dear Germaine Lim,

    I would like to point out some errors regarding part of your article on Xiaxue where I was mentioned, in Lifestyle Magazine.


    1. She was not in the “Hottest Blogger” poll. I was. To recap, topping it marked the start of my blogging career and readership began to grow very rapidly.

    2. She was however, so upset about these postcards published by The Straits Times that she purposely threw them away.



    Talk about ego trippin >.<  Btw in case you’re wondering, I had no involvement whatsoever in the design and tagline of the postcards, except only giving them my quote about learning Mandarin.

    I ignored this and did not make any mention of her or the incident.


    3. Certain media coverage, my growing sponsorships, public opinions made her not too happy apparently…


    By her own admission on her blog, she said she was pissed off by netizen comments such as:

    Oh Xiaxue! Dawn is class belle leh. You ugly prefect!


    Look at Dawn! People got given an LG phone/whatever product leh! You leh?

    Okay those are really silly statements and it’s really silly to take them to heart.


    4.  “I’m sick of people comparing me to Dawn Yang.” She blew up with a defamatory blog post. 

    5.  In the article it’s stated in 2006 “The two post nasty remarks about each other.”  CORRECTION – At the time all the way from 2006 till the lawsuit, in 2008, I did not write anything negative on her, I kept quiet throughtout. It was one-sided. Any nasty comments only came from her. Even after the lawsuit I tried to remain as civil as possible and refrained from talking about her.

    I did not even mention this then:

    The point of this is I am tired of people always portraying the situation as one where both parties had their claws out for a virtual catfight – for the record I DID NOT SEEK A FIGHT. I was DRAGGED into it unwillingly, and unfortunately by circumstances. I hated being involved in something so ridiculous.


    Great article, but please get your facts right Miss Lim. Thank you!


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  • Look at her sour face. Hasn’t changed one bit…..

  • I think she was emotionally scarred and her self esteem plummeted. No wonder she photoshops herself to look eerily like a scary manga version of you sometimes.

  • Dear Tommy Wee & Co. ,
    You photoshopped xiaxue’s ducky bow legs but forgot about her cross eyes. Also her open mouth looks like it’s craving for a cock. Doesn’t look very attractive, leh!

  • You quite poor thing. Never do anything then kena war with her because she angry.

  • Honestly, I don’t get why Xiaxue made this whole bitchfest with you turn into a large catfight. For one thing she was just insecure that she was compared to you all the time, having people tell her you look prettier and such, and that’s one of the many reasons she lashed out on a blog post. Because of one law suit from you to me she played the victim and gained a large support from everyone that’s why everyone sided with her. Add to the fact that you can’t openly talk about your surgeries, you used to fake your heritage, and most of all, that alleged blog post where it exposes your fake usernames bashing other celebrities (I’m sure everyone knows what that blog is). These and more reasons were why most people said Xiaxue is way better and that you’re a fake, lying conniving bitch who faked everything – from personality to looks. And that’s why most people hated you. But let’s look at these facts: 1. Xiaxue lashed out because she was being compared to Dawn all the time, leading her to post that blog post Dawn wanted to put down – this only showed how insecure she is for being compared to – does she think that other celebrities way MORE FAMOUS than her like hollywood actors – had it any better? Honestly, does she even have to get mad for being compared to all the time when there are many other famous people who get worse criticisms and comparisons? 2. She used to joke about rape and made insensitive comments about other people from other races and religions – this just shows how irresponsible she is as a blogger who unfortunately has a high readership 3. She made fun of Dawn by calling her plasticzilla for faking her heritage and for her fake usernames online – I’m sorry, even she is FAKE TOO because she puts on a lot of make up on her already surgically enhanced face and she copies the writing style and photoshoots of other bloggers (wow, don’t call on others for plagiarism when you’re doing something like that yourself!) 4. She is one huge CYBERBULLY herself because she made fun of Dawn many, many times (like calling her her idol and posting her pre-surgery photos) and calling her names on her blog and Twitter accounts even when Dawn is not doing to provoke her anymore. But, when someone bullies this bitch online, she bitches back on her blog and plays like a victim of bullying, when she doesn’t know she’s been doing the same thing to somebody else for years *coughs*. Now, isn’t that ironic that the cyberbully cries when she’s being cyberbullied?

    What I don’t get is, why do people always side with this bitch when she’s cyberbullied when no one even dares to remind her that she’s also been doing the same thing to Dawn all this time and that it’s karma that’s playing here? It irks me when she’s like the hero or the feminist icon with her cuss words when all she does is show the true reflection of who she really is – a big fake, a hypocrite, and a fucking – yes, brainless BULLY.

    I don’t mean to defend Dawn at all levels, because I know that she may have done some mean shit in the past and she many not be talking about her surgeries all the time, she may be fake looks-wise, but what irks me is how people tag her as fake for the controversies in the past and having a blind eye to Xiaxue, when in fact, she has a lot of faults, too, if they think about it. It’s sickening to read a lot of trolls on Youtube videos about her and calls her fake, fake, fake (One example was when I was defending Dawn on her Razor TV interview and this user named ‘UnknownSoul’ was all up trolling Dawn by saying she’s ugly and hailing Xiaxue for being honest – BITCH!) when there are so many good things about her that are uncredited for. I think it’s now time to stop dragging Dawn to her past and calling her fake. If she has fake looks it’s her choice, but personality-wise she isn’t any more fake than that bitch.

    Sorry for a long post, I just wanna get it off of my chest.

  • @Sonia - 
    Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Alot of rumors and gossip were spread by Xiaxue herself and orchestrated to make Dawn look bad. She can deny it’s her all she want but I know because I have friends who used to be close to her.

    No respect for this woman at all.

  • This certainly clears the air. But I do hope Dawn will not hesitate suing her again if she crosses the line over and over again. Don’t let her keep picking on you and bullying you.

  • @gangnam style - It’s not that I believe those rumors. I just hate how people are so easy to pick on Dawn because she’s a. fake – looks-wise, when it’s her own choice and b. fake, personality-wise, when she’s not even doing anything to bother anyone anymore. Why are people always quick to tag her as a liar and a fake when she’s not doing any mean shit when Xiaxue is hailed for being real and honest? She admits to her surgeries, but that’s all there is to it. Outside of it, she is a fake, a hypocrite, a bully and most of all, insecure and paranoid about Dawn. That’s that.

  • Haha deep down she wants to look like you and be considered pretty under that crazy makeup and photoshop. But too bad, most of us men still find her an effin big turn off!

  • I think Lifestyle magazine purposely published the error so that they will get double exposure in both XX’s and DY’s sites… Anyway I find the magazine too expensive for a load of crap. Worst, the one with XX as the cover girl makes it look like a PORN magazine!

  • @LOL -  XX still looked like a horsey midget Sun Ho. Make up damn thick look like clown with pink hair.

    Why a national government magazine would put such a disgrace and bad example to kids on their cover is beyond me. Why Tommy wee why?!?! What kind of society we will have if our SG teenagers emulate her behavior – vulgar rude narcissistic selfish and mean spirited?

  • Foul-mouth cock sucker on lifestyle magazine cover ???
    Well done, Tommy Wee!!! U must be as desperate as her for attention….

  • Oh grow up. that is the most trivial thing to be annoyed about — no one cares about the fight between you and her anymore. It happened years ago. The article isn’t even focused on you, it is merely a tiny timestamp. If it’s misprinted then so be it. I would be more concerned if the entire article focused on misrepresenting the fuede between you two, but it isn’t.

    Just get over it – it’s not even worth a blog post. Jesus, you’re not little girls anymore.

  • @LeeKymKween - 
    If no one cares then why does Xiaxue still continue to attack Dawn constantly? Why do so many of her kiddy followers still harp on the feud? Obviously it’s not over because xx is not over it.

    I think its good for Dawn to stand up for herself against misconceptions. Cause frankly most of the time she has been too meek and allow herself to be bullied.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • HOHO now we understand why the evil midget is addict to plastic surgery n photoshop. She wants to be as pretty as Dawn so people won’t compare n say she’s ugly anymore!

    But she still is! The REAL Xiaxue

  • HOHO now we understand why the evil midget is addict to plastic surgery n photoshop. She wants to be as pretty as Dawn so people won’t compare n say she’s ugly anymore!

    But she still is! The REAL Xiaxue

  • @LeeKymKween - 
    I beg to differ. It is definitely worth a blog post as many of us who are new fans of DY do not understand what the heck is going on. I have never liked DY before due to all the rumors XX spread about her. But my attitude has now changed and I visit this site more. It is good that DY stands up for herself and explains things. What you may assume as a small matter is not such a small matter to other people, even to casual readers like me. In fact, reading this blog post has given me a much better perspective of both DY and XX. Lifestyle magazine and Tommy Wee should count themselves lucky if they don’t find themself facing a lawsuit for twisting and misrepresenting facts and providing a biased story for the sake of fame and fortune. And the same goes for XX!

  • Very very well said, Dawn Yang !
    Great blog post that exposes the insecurities and jealousy of a perpetual sore loser.

    Well written in a firm, strong and clear language to set the records straight – and at the same time non-offensive and polite manner.

    Love your writing style!


  • So, Xiaxue stole her neighbour’s IP address to create a hate website for you… Hmmm, just when I thought she cannot get any worse !!!

    Is there anything else about her we didn’t know ???? And to think that you had actually protected her all this years…. sheeesh :( (

  • I feel bad for you that she set out to ruin your life and did so much harm to you :(

    Take care and continue to stay strong. Your fans are still here after all these years!

  • Her fans and friends are such losers ~~ but the biggest loser is MIKE SAYRE. I wonder if he knows that he’s married to a thief !


  • I am glad you wrote this entry, because I got the same impression when reading the article.
    You didn’t start anything, nor did engage in any immature back and forth bitching.

    That whole fiasco was completely ONE sided. Xiaxue was insulting you, and tryied to defame your character. She is really insecure and unhappy with herself. That is the only reason she goes on like she does… it all a means for pining for attention.

  • I have absolutely no idea why you bother to make such a big fuss over an ambiguous timestamp of an article which does not even focus on you. Firstly XX wasn’t even attacking you here, you’re the one who’s feeling the insecurity from Germaine’s simple words and thus lashing out at XX in this post. I find Germaine’s phrasing of words for this issue perfectly fine. Regarding point No.1, she did NOT mention that XX was the “Hottest Blogger”. Does stating in the article: “starts with an online poll for the “Hottest Blogger” ranking” in any way make her sound like she’s taking sides? Obviously, you’re the sensitive one here. Also in this post, you put up statistics of the various “competitions” between you and XX, with the figures in your favour. This action alone is enough to indicate how fragile your self esteem is. My bets are that you’re just too reluctant to admit your burning jealously towards XX ‘cuz Lifestyle thinks she’s a better representative of a “local icon” instead of you.

  • @Vincy - 
    Err hello, the article made it seem like Dawn was bitching about Xiaxue at the start. That’s not true and should of course be corrected.

    Dawn has been on many other magazine covers before, hardly any reason to be jealous. Isn’t it already evident who is jealous of who here? lol.

  • @Vincy - 
    “My bets are that you’re just too reluctant to admit your burning jealously towards XX ‘cuz Lifestyle thinks she’s a better representative of a “local icon” instead of you.”

    Don’t boast and flatter yourself too much, Xiaxue. You are a total embarrassment to S’pore and the only reason why you were cover girl is because they were desperate for readership and subscriptions and they knew people will be amused to see a low class despicable midget on the cover for a change. The only people who are jealous of you are cheap prostitutes from Geylang and dwarfs.

    I suggest you shut the hell up if you do not want people spitting at your face or your mother’s face the next time you step out of your house. Doris Yip Sau Ying is as fugly as you.

    You should thank Dawn Yang that she sued you only once when she had reasons to expose and shame you many times over long ago – you are the thief, liar, and filthy mouth hypocrite suffering from constant fear and insecurity. You even have recurring nightmares of Mike leaving you. How pathetic your “awesome” life is.. You know that if Mike leaves you, no other man will ever want to be with you and you will be a lonely rejected midget !!!

  • @Vincy - 
    Sounds to me like you are the jealous one here. What’s the matter? This is Dawn’s site and she can write whatever she wants just like XX wrote about Dawn and other people many times in her blog just to increase traffic. You cannot stand Dawn presenting cold hard statistics and even when XX has been exposed as a THIEF who stole and abused her neighbour’s wifi and IP address, you still want to come here and defend her like a moron. You are embarrassing yourself as a fan of XX when this is the time you should go into hiding. Are you really that lonely with no friends and nothing better to do and desperate to have a hated foul mouth bitch as your friend? You should really seek help from the Mental Health Institute… In fact all fans of XX should be admitted to IMH for serious brain damage!

  • @Vincy -  Do you have any idea how extremely unintelligent you sound? Which is no surprise for a XX fan actually ….

    Nowhere in this blog post did Dawn mention anything about XX being the cover girl… NOWHERE !
    What she wrote only served to confirm that all the nasty comments were one way coming solely from XX.

    In fact at the end of the post, Dawn clearly says it was a great article. I am also happy that XX finally got her break as a magazine cover girl and happy for Lifestyle magazine if she can help boost their revenue. And I’m not even XX’s fan!

    Tommy Wee chose her for her high blog traffic and not because she is a national icon. If he wanted a national icon, he would have chosen Lee Kuan Yew. To say that XX is a national icon is super ridiculous as no Singaporean would be proud of or resembles anywhere close to a foul-mouth bleached-blond self-praising blogger. XX is hardly a national icon no matter how much she’s proud to be a Singaporean and a PAP supporter. She’s a Chinese trying to look like a barbie doll for popularity and I have no idea how she can truly represent Singapore that way!

    So no need to jump on the bandwagon and get all defensive for nothing. We are happy for her that she made it this far but it’s unintelligent fans like you that ruin her reputation she tries so hard to build. In fact, you have nothing to say about her stealing her neighbour’s IP address, do you? At least Dawn Yang’s fans are able to acknowledge and forgive her for her past mistakes, but it seems that XX’s fans just want to ignore what XX did in the past and keep pretending that she’s a perfect angel that never makes mistakes!

    Very hypocritical indeed. I have yet to meet ONE fan of XX who will write intelligent and neutral comments taking into accounts all facts from both sides. Only childish, immatured, one-sided biased comments that leave readers wondering if you will ever graduate from primary school….

  • So Wendy’s own close friend who got fed-up with her high-handed attacks decided to betray her and expose her that time and even offered to pay for your lawsuit.? WOW!

    One by one, all her fans and friends who are wise enough see through her schemes and hypocrisy are going to start giving her the same cold treatment. She’s left with not many friends anyway. It’s called Retribution – and Xiaxue is not immune to it.

    Oh, how she took great pleasure taking revenge on Dawn Yang as though she did nothing wrong. May satan have mercy on her when she burns in hell !

  • More blog post & photo Dawn! Love reading it. Jia you!! Cheers!


  • @vincy.
    erm. so why are you kicking a big fuss? im not a supporter for either of the bloggers but i dont see whats wrong with dawn stating her point pertaining to this magazine thingy. im sure if its the other way round, wendy would also blog about it. and, naturally, people would wanna speak up for themselves when theres false accusations about them. of coz you can say things to make yourself sound noble but come on, nobody knows your identity. see if you say the same when half of singapore know you are.
    dont get me wrong, not tryna start anything but am just stating facts and if you realise, am not siding anyone.

  • anyways, its nice reading your posts coz its not so much of gossip kind but more on lifestyle. cant stand it when bloggers just cannot stop gossiping on whatever social media sites they are on. please continue to do what you do! dont bother about haters coz they’re definitely gonna keep coming.
    even ordinary people with boring lives get haters, let alone you. haha. ;)

  • It’s tragic that the one dream moment she has been waiting for so long – to achieve cover girl stardom – has been marred by ugly truths about her which she thought she could cover up forever – Turns out that the person who often boasts of an awesome and honest life has her life unexpectedly thrashed out and exposed of dishonest dirty dark secrets of her past by the very person whom she attempted over and over again to insult and humiliate. I wonder even if after so much has happened, she will have any courage to humble down and admit to her mistakes or remain unapologetic as usual. I wonder if she will ever live up to her “most influential” blogger name by being a good influence and setting a good example for a change instead of being a persistent coward hiding behind lies and deceptions. I wonder if there more ugly truths about her than meets the eye that are yet to be exposed …

  • Dawn you are NOT hot

  • It seems like you’re insecurity got the best of you when you saw XX on the cover. Now you have to turn it around based on one measly sentence Miss.Lim wrote so that all the attention is on you again. Shame you are getting old

  • Well if someone takes the low road, the best strategy is not to follow suit…

    Just wanna say your blog post makes you come across as pretty but insecure.

    Your identity is rooted in Jesus, Amen? Who cares about what people think or write about you.

  • I was actually beginning to feel happy and excited for Xiaxue that she finally got in the cover. But reading this blog post and comments totally shocks and disappoints me. Dawn Yang did the right thing by pointing out the error. If Xiaxue has been exposed and shamed, that’s too bad. Dawn cannot be blamed for doing the right thing. Shame on Xiaxue (who btw is OLDER than Dawn Yang) for putting herself in the vulnerable position, chasing after lofty dreams. If she’s greedy for the limelight, then she has to be brave enough to confront things. Nobody is jealous of her for being the cover girl. I am sure Dawn Yang is laughing when you say this :) :).. I am laughing too :) :) .. If anyone should be blamed, it should be Tommy Wee/Germaine Lee who failed to exercise professionalism in checking the accuracy of the facts of the article. And if errors are spotted, then the magazine and responsible parties (including XX) have to take responsibility for it.

    I salute Dawn Yang for putting up this blog post and not be seen as a weak Christian and victim like some hypocritical christians do. Yes her identity is rooted in Jesus, the same Jesus who also minced no words exposing hypocrites.

  • @tricia - 
    How old are you? Let me guess, about 16? Coz that’s about the age of XX’s retarded fans.

    Dawn Yang is only 27 going on 28. Calling her old, insecure and jealous just because she tried to correct some errors is childish and immatured and you’re behaving exactly the way Xiaxue behaves at times, like a spoilt brat throwing tantrums… Grow up kiddies! This is Dawn’s blog and she can write what she wants and she is not writing trashy topics with vulgar words like XX.

  • Dearest beloved fans of Xia Xuey,
    Do you have any idea how many blog posts and videos Xia Xuey made of DY to insult her? Did you object ?? Of course not! One blog post by DY about XX and you are making too much noise like empty barrels. You all too free, teachers didn’t give you enough homework, is it ?

  • I’m not too sure about your age, but I think you should be way too old for petty fights like this with Xiaxue. And obviously, you weren’t even the focus of that magazine article. Xiaxue was. So why write something about it? You “humbly” (sarcasm) said you were part of that “hottest blogger” poll, but frankly it doesn’t matter anymore. You may have been the hottest blogger years ago, but nowadays Xiaxue graces the cover of well known magazines.

  • @Jessica - 
    If Ris Low can become Miss Singapore, Xiaxue can also become a cover girl model :)
    And if DY is old, then XX must be ancient as she’s older :)

    Xiaxue graces the cover of magazine, and I just used that magazine cover to pick up my dog’s shit… Very useful !!!!

  • XX fans :
    XX has been proven to be a THIEF who stole her neighbour’s IP address to create hate sites. What do you have to say about that ? So far, none of you have addressed this… If you are so unhappy, ask XX to take a break from sucking cocks and do a fanciful blog post to retaliate like she always does. After all she has 2 hands, 2 eyes and 2 mouth (1 for cock-sucking and 1 for spewing vulgarities), and loves taking on haters. What is she waiting for? Is she feeling too guilty and embarrassed to do anything ?? Ugly truths about her have been exposed about her and she is free to defend herself if she did nothing wrong. When DY plagiarized, all of you made a big fuss, but now XX is exposed as a thief and liar and no one has anything to say about it ???

  • Yes, xiaxue is free to defend herself in her blog … if she wants to give dawnyang another opportunity to sue her again. I’m sure her good old friend who betrayed and exposed her , K _________ , will be happy offer to sponsor the lawsuit for dawnyang again.

  • Firstly, let me state here that I’m neither Xiaxue’s nor Dawn’s fan. But I do not understand how Dawn could be as narcissistic to “rightfully claim” that she was the “Hottest Blogger”. My point is, even though she may really be hotter than Xiaxue, why couldn’t she be more humble about it? It would have made her seem more gracious. I understand from fans that she wants to clarify herself, but what is there to clarify here? With regards to Dawn’s FIRST point, I feel that Miss Lim seem to be placing her words across rather matter-of-factly, or rather, listing them as FACTS. This particular phrase she stated in her sentence:

    “starts with an online poll for the “hottest blogger” ranking”

    There, she doesn’t sound like she’s biased towards Xiaxue or Dawn, does she? So why does DY need to claim that ” She was NOT in the “Hottest Blogger” poll. I was.”?

    Also, “poll” was the keyword mentioned here, not “winner”. So technically to speak, both bloggers CAN BE involved simultaneously in the same poll although there could only be a single winner, right? If so, then I’m afraid Dawn’s first point would be rendered invalid.

    The other points stated by her may have its truths and credits, but I feel just exceptionally so, for her FIRST point.

  • The writer wrote it just fine. There was no mentioning that XX was among the hottest blogger. It said your virtual catfight started during that time frame. Please read properly next time. The girl (XX) did not even mention anything offensive towards you in her blog entry so there’s no need to defend yourself. Lim’s short statement about your virtual catfight was even neutral. No saying who started, no saying who got more on their sides and so on.

    And although I enjoy XX’s blog, I read yours, too. No need to compare. You are two totally different people. I find XX’s blog more entertaining because the way she writes is very engaging. But yours is not that bad, too. Although I’m currently constantly updating myself with your blog because I’m interested with that room maker project than anything else.

    This post is totally irrelevant, IMO (just as how irrelevant my opinion is anyway). There was no reason to include all those stats (without links and references, which in my opinion, makes them invalid anyway) and whatnot aside from starting yet again another virtual catfight. Be the woman that you claim you are and take everything in stride.

  • @Darylene - 
    @Angela - 
    I disagree with you both. I remember once xiaxue saying dawn awarded hottest blogger award to herself. So I couldn’t help but wonder how dawn won the award. With this blog post and all the cold hard statistics, I now understand better. It seems to me that both of you just cannot accept the fact that xiaxue has been exposed of her dishonesty and thus trying to make up and manipulate weird stories to distract readers. Nice try, typical behaviour of xiaxue and her fans..

  • It’s just sad how XX’s fans always defend Xiaxue for being honest and real, when her lies are creeping up to her one by one, like stealing her neighbor’s ip address to create hate sites herself. How pathetic. You call that honest? Real? To me she’s worse than Dawn because, while Dawn has some mistakes, at least that’s in the past now but Xiaxue keeps doing some new shit every now and then as if she never grows up and mature. She and her fans keep calling her “real” and “honest” when she’s stabbing Dawn at the back just like what Dawn did before. But at least Dawn grew out of it and is not exactly the same person anymore. But Xiaxue’s fans will not acknowledge that, will they? They’ll always say Xiaxue is much better because she’s honest and real. Honest and real, eh? For what, for stealing someone’s IP address and faking a hate site? They can’t talk now! HA!

  • Gosh! To Xiaxue and her childish fans claiming to be “neutral”… why is it you applaud xx when she doesn’t hesitate to stand up for herself at every little insult? Then when Dawn does it (once in a blue moon), you say she’s being petty, irrelevant, narcissistic? You’re basically telling her to shaddup and suck it in because she’s supposed to be “nice” and shouldn’t talk back. What kind of shitty double standards is that?


    Btw, Dawn is clearly setting the record straight for GOOD REASON. She has been portrayed as a bitchy, nasty blogger who started a catfight voluntarily. After so many years of misconception, I think she has every right to clear the air as to what actually happened and the cause of xiaxue’s attacks. That’s the point of her blog post.

  • Hey XX fans, don’t bother trying to explain facts to these obviously beauty-struck fans of DY here. They won’t see beyond the surface to get your point anyway, why waste your time effort and breath?

  • @Pris - 
    Good idea Xiaxue and fans, it’s good when a loser knows their limit and give up!

    I have NO plastic surgeries and look just fine without makeup and guess what, I am a BIG fan of DY. If anyone is beauty-struck, it is none other than xiaxue with her excessive makeup that makes her look like she’s wearing halloween mask!

  • I am sorry for responding again (generally, one comment is sufficient, IMO). I do not enjoy arguing, but if it wasn’t that obvious in my comment, if I were defending anyone (which is not the case in the first place), it would be the writer of that article (I re-read my comment several times over). Having different opinion from the blogger doesn’t mean you are criticizing them and taking the side of their “enemy”. In my case, at least.

    Sorry now for being slightly off-topic the blog entry’s subject.

  • @Pris - What facts? If anything Dawn is just trying to correct an ERROR in an article and presenting the cold, hard facts. The fact of the matter is, you Xiaxue fans are mostly retarded in believing all the lies your hero tells you, when you don’t even know that Dawn has been quiet and civil all these years trying to keep herself from the wounds that mostly everyone has caused her online. She has been the bigger victim of cyberbullying by your hero because she kept making fun of her even when she already kept her hands off of her, and she kept spreading those lies when you easily believed her. So what facts are stating, eh? Look around on Youtube videos, forums and even her blog herself. Those anti-DY comments and trolls are everywhere, and they keep pining her down to her past when comparing her side by side with Xiaxue yet you are quick to point out she’s honest just because she shares her views when she has her own bouts of hypocrisy and childishness herself throughout the years.

    It is easy to pick on Dawn for all the lies you are led to believe, yet when you hail your hero, you think she is really that honest you think she is and most of you turn a blind eye to her behavior that’s going on for years, when Dawn has already grew out of her fakeness personality-wise and has wised up.

    I should say grow up and take a better perspective.

  • Dear moron fans of XX,

    If you hate this blog post so much, this is what you can do — ask Xiaxue to steal an IP address from someone and create a fake hate site. All of you can then go there and vent your frustrations. Nobody will bother you there, nobody will argue with you.

    Good luck with your xiaxue SCAM !

  • I would have respected you more should you not have posted that email from a purported close friend from Xiaxue. After all, that was over ages ago, and ‘exposing’ her only now makes you seem jealous and petty. XX is certainly no angel herself, but if you really want to take the high road, like you have claimed to so many times, then resorting to this is not cool.

  • Poor bitch must be shocked and angry that her close friend betrayed her and took sides with enemy. Now everyone knows her scam. Super MALU !! Now must wear extra thick makeup to cover up the shame…. LOL!

    Serves you right xiaxue. Who knows what other scams you have been up to or are capable of……

    DESPICABLE CUNT !!! Cuntie Doris failed to bring you up properly and you are a total disgrace to your family and Singapore … Nuffnang should give you Best Scammer Award !

    To Dawn Yang : Well Done !!
    I know this was difficult for you and you were reluctant to expose her but after being attacked and insulted by her so many times, you finally managed to muster the courage to do it. If she had just kept her mouth shut and left you alone, nothing like this would have happened. But she went too far and crossed her boundaries by insulting you over and over again, and now have to pay for it .. Ignore what immature critics say. I used to be XX’s fan but not anymore. Cannot be bothered with the foul-mouth maniac anymore. She needs help. She’s a PSYCHO !

  • Don’t know how many comments are you gonna reject today, but I do feel that you are in a serious state of delusion here. I used to be a huge fan of you, until when I started to realise that you are becoming more and more hypocritical. I started seeing increasing feigns, and you were no longer as genuine as before. Back then in 2008 even though I was your biggest fan, I was fully aware that you were not the top blogger in SG. It’s a very random blog post of yours here, and you never failed to make me realise that you are indeed still a juvenile. What made me feel most disheartened was that never mind that you had a plastic surgery- you refused to admit it even though the allegations, proofs etc were all against you and even take on a law suit with xiaxue despite knowing deep inside you that she was merely stating out the facts. It could have been so much better had you admitted that you had gone under the knives to achieve your looks today and apologised to the readers for lying about your pan-asian heritage. If you are now saying that I am biased towards xiaxue and against you here, I would like to clarify that I had chanced upon the photos online and seen the girl resemble so much like your sister (Even before xiaxue’s post, it was already an open book)In fact, it had puzzled me so much why was it that your sister bore so little parity to you in terms of looks, and that she did not look Eurasian at all. This had somehow undercovered the truth and that was when I totally stopped supporting you. You may not approve my comments, or those of the similar content written by others out of guilt, but you can never run away from the fact that you did lie blatantly to all your loyal readers, and your post which I have seen today has disappointed me again. It’s again a lie among all the other deceits you’ve got.

  • @lynne - 
    @Claire - 
    Hi “Lynne” and “Claire” aka Xiaxue,
    Maybe this is another SCAM of Xiaxue disguised in other usernames.

    Who does Xiaxue thinks she is? Is she the queen on Singapore that no one can name and shame her?

    Didn’t she exposed, named and shamed Peter Coffin, Dee Kosh and some PAP supporters? So she can name and shame other people but nobody can name and shame her?

    All you can ever do is keep on harping on events that happened YEARS AGO ! We already know that . YAWN!

    We don’t really care anymore if Dawn Yang is a Eurasian or Chinese, plastic or non-plastic, hottest blogger or coolest blogger. We just love her for whatever she is and love reading her blog. GET IT !!!!

    Have a good day and try to go out enjoy the weather instead of sitting down in your obiang pink room and cursing people which will only come back to you. All of you are possessed and need to go for mass exorcism.

  • Seems like Xiaxue is busy this few days writing comments in Dawn’s blog under many usernames. Did she steal IP address again ??

  • Xiaxue is 1000% Singaporean Chinese but she’s not proud of it. She prefers to look like a pink clown from outer space.

  • @Claire - 
    You are desperately trying to defend XX but it’s not working. As they said, maybe you are XX herself. OK, so both XX and DY lied. So? You mean you never lied in your life before? Guess what, my biological sister and I also look very different that no one believes we are sisters even though we are only one year apart ! Guess what, XX’s parents are both tall enough but XX is a midget! Guess what, XX passed PSLE mensa test and she boasts about it many times, DY has a university scholarship from NYU and she hardly talks about it….

  • @Claire - First of all, Dawn had already stated in a Razor TV interview that she had surgery but she did not want to talk about it. Is it her obligation to openly admit to her surgeries in great detail? Most celebrities don’t openly talk about their surgeries, why are you singling her out? If you think she’s fake because she faked her heritage before, well guess what, do you still hear her harping on the same lies over and over again? It’s enough to do those lies in the past as long as you don’t state them again, unlike your idol Xiaxue who had not clearly gone over her lawsuit by still making fun of Dawn by calling her plasticzilla and such when clearly the difference between them is Xiaxue’s ability to admit to her surgeries when Dawn is shy about it. Nobody is expecting Dawn to be just brave enough and admit it, if she’s fake in looks that’s her choice just as much as Xiaxue is fake too because she has silicon in her face. The faker one is your idol Xiaxue because she’s STILL setting up hate sites for Dawn under a fake username. Talk about hypocrisy.

  • Other popular bloggers and their biz :-

    Mr Brown — runs his own media biz
    Kay Kay — model and boutique owner at Bugis
    Peggy Heng — ex-owner of boutique in Bugis + 3rd runner-up in Miss S’pore pageant
    Qiu Qiu — going to be a movie star
    Cheesie — has own line of contact lens
    Dawn Yang — boutique owner

    Xiaxue —— cock sucker

    This is why Xiaxue is so desperate for attention, fame and fortune. She has no skills, ability or diligence to do anything else. She is just LAZY.

    Blegging, bitching and cock sucking on a daily basis is all she’s capable of. She even drags in her mother to go around begging sponsorships for her house renovations just like she begged for wedding sponsorships.

    This is also why she’s so desperate to cling on to her husband Mike Sayre and is terrified of losing him. Without him, she cannot call herself a “housewife” (aka cock sucker).. He gives her good reason to just stay at home and bitch online everyday.

    Maybe the directors of “Desperate housewives” should give her a chance and offer her a small role.

  • If you claim that you don’t seek a fight. why do you even post pic of xx old room pic?

  • XX made a video of Dawn last year engaging a fake face reader to mock her and blatantly insult her. The video garnered hundreds of nasty comments making fun of Dawn Yang. That was just one of the many revenge stunts pulled by XX against Dawn.

    One small pic of XX’s pink room followed by one blog post of XX’s past dark secret, and her fans are behaving as though Dawn has committed a serious crime. Do they think XX is a superior being that does not deserve to be insulted? She is not even the top blogger in Asia. Han Han, beautifulnara and Merry Riana are the top bloggers. And the most influential blogger in Singapore is Mr Brown who even has cabinet ministers looking up to him with a meeting room in CPIB even named after Mr Brown following his blog post.

    Nuffnang is a greedy money-making advertising gimmicky company that only wants to reward and recognise XX for doing many advertorials for them. She may have won by facebook voters voting for her every 2 hours, but most matured Singaporeans have no respect for XX. The moment her name is mentioned, XX is only remembered as a foul-mouth midget and cock sucker, a hypocritical liar who is a plain Ah Lian under those layers of thick makeup, and now we also know her as a scammer.

    Dawn did nothing wrong in this blog post. All she wanted to do was correct some errors and she has every right to do it. It is also the perfect time to expose some dark secrets of XX which Dawn has kept silent about for many years. It is the right time and the right space. Dawn did it out of necessity, unlike XX who makes videos of Dawn out of nowhere and no reason for selfish reasons just to increase her own popularity and hits.

    XX can always defend herself in her blog if she has been falsely exposed, maligned or misunderstood. But I would advise her to watch what she says and writes if she doesn’t want to find herself facing another lawsuit.

  • @min - 
    What’s wrong with showing XX’s room pic …
    Is a secret room where she performs blow jobs and scam jobs ?

  • This blog post has helped me understand why XX hates Dawn bitterly. XX had always given the impression that Dawn hated her and was jealous of her but now I know who is jealous of who. She would post comments like “no one in the whole blogosphere likes her” , “I doubt she has any fans” , “she calls herself hottest blogger” and many more childish comments, some of which are defamatory even. It is obvious that Tommy Wee and Germaine Lim do not know XX or DY well enough to write the article. They are just desperate to save a failing magazine. I know because I used to be a magazine editor of another publisher.

  • @LeeKymKween - 
    I don’t think it’s fair to say it that way. I mean, Dawn really never start or even trying to throw gasoline into the fire, if you know what I mean. Just because it’s an old crap, doesn’t meant it doesn’t hurt, especially if the wrong accused were like, spread in a mass magazine like Lifestyle.
    I’m not saying I really know how Dawn must really feel, but I don’t think you have any right to say such ignorance either…

    Nevertheless, fighting for you, Dawn! :D

  • When Xiaxue posted videos of Dawn to spite her, her fans enjoyed mocking and laughing. But now that Xiaxue has been exposed as a jealous and insecure scammer, they are pleading with Dawn not to expose her … What a bunch of pathetic Losers!

  • Unfortunately S’pore has no transvestite or porn magazines. But I’m happy for Xiaxue. Lifestyle magazine is wiling to lower their standards for her…

  • Xiaxooooo Xiaxooooo , we love yoooooo, u cho plitteeee …. come to our skool teach us how to do blow job

    FPuke !!!!

  • omg, you fucking plastic dawn yang, your beauty all fake. what hottest blogger all???!! you under went srugery and dont admit thats bloody annoying. Why cant you be like angelababy and embrace it…Youre so bloody thick skin, good also, you can survive.. all these comments probably wont hurt.

  • @Regina Tan - 
    Hi Xiaxue, you are hilarious.. whose IP address did you steal this time???

  • @Regina Tan - 
    The day that Xiaxue admits that she’s a sore loser, a thief and hypocrite, Dawn Yang will also admit that she underwent plastic surgeries… Deal ?

  • @Regina Tan - 
    Aww .. Boo hoo, u’re crying like a spoilt brat cry baby, throwing tantrum… Mommy dawnyang bully me…

  • @Regina Tan - 
    You sound like a paranoid lunatic .. Did you forget to take your brain meds today ?

    Why are you so annoyed just because Dawn doesn’t talk about her plastic surgery. She admitted to it in a video interview years ago, she has never denied it.

    What about Xiaxue? She stole neighbour’s IP and wifi, will she admit and apologize now ?? But even if she refuses to admit it, we are not going to pull our hair, grit our teeth and bang our head over it. Because we know Xiaxue has too much pride to admit to any of her mistakes. She’s always “awesome”, never makes mistakes … *roll eyes*

  • Poor XX, everywhere she turns, Dawn Yang seems to keep haunting her… Boo!
    It’s called retribution. The God that Dawn Yang worships will not sit back and do nothing while she is being insulted and hurt over and over again. The Bible says that God will make Himself an enemy of those who are our enemies. Don’t think you can keep insulting a Christian and get away with it. The God of Love is also a God of wrath against wicked people.

  • Been supporting you for many, many years Dawn… I can almost feel your all your hurt caused by xiaxue’s nasty doings to you over time. You’re beautiful inside out, you’ve stayed strong and still come out on top. Please know that there are many of us silent fans are still supporting and loving you in the background!

    (Guess we are not noisy bitchy keyboard warriors like xx’s followers LOL)

  • LMAO I knew xiaxue was jealous of you… but I didn’t know she was SO JEALOUS!

    I suspect she went psycho after all that, secretly desiring to be more like you…

  • Funny fact about this lifestyle mag is XX stats.
    XX is lie on her blog, that she has 40000 unique visitors each day. That’s a lie, if you follow her counter. For today it says: Average Per Day 31,311
    That’s far away from 40000 visitors each day! Even her Page views are: Average Per Day 39,681
    This whole magazin article is a bunch of lies.

  • Maybe xiaxue doesnt even read this post.. cause i think she is so much busier to do her ads. And yea i am big fan of xX , im only 16, so what, i wonder why mature people have to leave comment aggressively to protect dawn its funny though. XDDDD

  • @Sazelus@twitter - 
    The only thing powerful about Xiaxue is her mouth which can both suck cocks and spew vulgarities at the same time.

  • @baby - 
    Oh So cute, XX’s 16 yr old fan is here … Koochi Koochi Koooo!!

  • @Sazelus@twitter - 

    6k views and only 80 comments, that’s because she deletes all the comments that are against her. I’m guessing that’s 100′s of comments.

  • @as - 
    Dawn’s comments are not moderated, which means once you post comments they are visible to all, they don’t await moderator approval. No comments were deleted.

    If allegations about XX are false, the burden is on XX to disprove them. She can always defend herself in her blog and this has been mentioned many times in the comments.

  • That’s right. Try posting comments in XX’s blog. you will only see your comments 1 or 2 days later. She approves nice comments and deletes bad ones. But in Dawn’s blog, once I hit submit button, the comment immediately shows up for all to see. Of course if the comments are nasty and slanderous, Dawn will delete them later but only after many have already seen them. I follow Dawn’s blog every day for the past 1-2 years and know of only 2 or 3 comments she deleted so far.

  • @Sazelus@twitter - 
    You are clearly missing the point of this blog entry? Dawn isnt’ trying to be more powerful or entertaining than xiaxue. If anything, it’s been shown xiaxue is the one who has been feeling insecure about dawn. Dawn, unlike xiaxue, doesn’t feel the need to do stupid, nasty things and court controversy every few months just to boost her fame.

    Like attracts like you say… No wonder she has dumb troll followers like yourself.

  • @Sazelus@twitter -  FYI, 6000 views means the post was clicked open to view comments 6000 times. Doesn’t indicate total readers. Dawn probably has tens of thousands of visitors everyday since she’s the 2nd most famous female blogger here after xx

  • @Sazelus@twitter - 

    “She may not be as beautiful as you, but she is definitely more powerful … and more entertaining”

    1. At least we agree that XX is not as beautiful as Dawn.
    2. She is definitely more powerful – Yes, her 15, 16 year old fans will tell you how powerful she is !!!
    3. XX is more entertaining – Yes, it’s always entertaining to see a cross-eyed midget trying out different facial masks and products every other week :) If not, she takes pride talking about her haters. Very entertaining indeed !

  • i feel like many of the losers from Temasek Review that were previously scorned by xiaxue are commenting here. nothing against dawn really, but the commenters can be downright disgusting and juvenile. it’s one thing to call xiaxue a bitch if she has done something bitchy. that’s fine. but to call her a “cock sucker” repeatedly? it’s like you’re retarded and have too limited a vocabulary. and oh yes, absolutely no respect for women.

    i quote: Without him, she cannot call herself a “housewife” (aka cock sucker).. He gives her good reason to just stay at home and bitch online everyday.

    are you saying that housewives are also known as cock suckers? is your wife or mother one? if she does stop working or retire, are you going to call her a cock sucker? perhaps your daughter will be a cock sucker? or are you just plain bitter that you can’t afford to have an “aka cock sucker” at home?

    that’s the thing i can’t stand about Singaporean men. not all, but a vast majority. if you would like to attack women, attack with good reason and base it on facts. stop being so weak, childish and petty.

    just because you masturbate doesn’t mean you should be called a WANKER. grow up and stop behaving like apes who have just been introduced to free speech on the internet. perhaps you should spend your time taking some English classes instead. from what i see, every commenter that called xiaxue a cock sucker is in desperate need of a dictionary stuffed down his throat. go suck on a dictionary please.

  • walau, to steal someone’s internet is bad enough but to use it with ill intentions to defame and hide one’s identity is worst!  i believe these could be charged under criminal offences if your abovementioned allegations are true.

  • just out of curiosity, who was the friend of xx’s who’s now on dawn’s side? sorry apparently i live under a rock.

  • Dawn, why just expose that that midget has created a fake site under a fake username just for you after all these years? Actually by exposing her now and ONLY on this blog only a few thousand individuals will know about it. But if you take it to court I’m sure it will be big news, especially if it’s proven that that midget has been defaming you after all these years. She is not as honest and real as people think she is.

    If I were you I would have sued her to bits in a heartbeat ages ago. There’s just no point keeping quiet about it if you know who the culprit was, because not only it has caused you so much stress and anger over the years, you are always portrayed as a lying fake bitch when in fact the bigger fake here is that midget. I mean, clear up your name once and for all and just give her a taste of her own medicine. Better late than never.

  • @M - 

    Google “placate him with a blowjob” and see where it will lead to…. It will lead to Xiaxue’s blog post.

    I posted a comment in that blog post. I asked Xiaxue “What makes you so sure that Mike will not leave you just because you give him blow Jobs”. You know what was her reply? She replied “Are you fucking kidding me? I am awesome at it !”

    Yes, Xiaxue is a cock sucker and she’s proud of it. Don’t forget the other penis blog post or others talking about bj. That is the reputation she has created for herself. You can’t really blame netizens for calling her names she’s built for herself.

    Peggy Heng also did a video about bj but why is it that no one calls her cock sucker? Because her message was the reverse. She discouraged people from solving their relationship problems through bj. Xiaxue on the other hand, shared that she solves her relationship problems with bjs. Ironically, Xiaxue was to quick to point finger at Peggy and called her a “slut” in twitter. But Peggy remained matured and civil and ignored her. And she was only 22. At the age of 28, Xiaxue is still shooting her mouth off as and when she’s in a bad mood. Still has a long way to grow up… Or maybe she just has too many haters to heck care!

  • @baby - You can say the same thing about that midget’s fans, though. In fact they are more aggressive when insulting and trolling Dawn on Youtube or even on that midget’s blog over things she did in the past, and Xiaxue likes to exploit it to make herself look good.

    Fair enough?

  • @blank - @blank - That midget does blow jobs because that’s the only thing she’s good at! Looks-wise she’s not even that pretty, in fact she’s below average, she’s damn short and her face makes me puke. Man, what a nightmare.

  • oh my god what are you talking about ? At least when I read XX’s posts, defamatory or not, she explains it so well so any new reader can understand. I’ve been following both your blogs and get the gist of your rivalry but lol this post. Poor. Poor!

  • Peter Coffin, where are you? You can come out of hiding now, Xiaxue has been exposed as a SCAMMER just like you …

  • @May -  You don’t understand the blog post? Even a 16 year old fan of XX can understand it. You must be 10 then..

  • This is like the Vernetta Lopez scandal. She knew all along that her ex-husband (Mark RIchmond) cheated on her and years later suddenly comes up with a book detailing all the juicy secrets and exposing the other woman “B”. And now Mr & Mrs Richmond (“B”) are cursing her. LOL! When ironically the party hurting the most is Vernetta …….. Oh well!

  • @Sazelus@twitter -  You like xiaxue’s blogging style, other people like dawn’s blogging style. Shrug. I’m sorry that you’re a lonely person, though I must say you really needn’t lower your standards to xiaxue for company.

    I respect Dawn for NOT resorting to being Machiavellian. You see this as chessboard to manipulate, fight and kill to the death even if through under handed means, very much like xiaxue’s attitude. Have you ever thought that maybe Dawn does not care to join in the mud slinging and she doesn’t care about this game? Hah. She’s rich, beautiful, smart and owns a business, she already has a damn high score as it is. I don’t think she needs to join whatever stupid blog war game.

    Reading this blog post and if you followed xiaxue’s blatant attacks on Dawn over the years, WHO is reacting to WHO you say?

  • @Sazelus@twitter - 
    Oh dear, you still don’t get it. Not caring to be in a bitchfest, hence no reaction for years. The need to clarify publicly printed wrong facts about oneself, hence this non-bitchy blog entry.

    Mr Lonely heart, if you enjoy wit so much, I’ll buy you the joke book that was from so you can learn to cultivate some of your own. Heard that one one too many times. But you do seem to find jokes such as calling others plasticzilla funnier don’t you?

  • @Sazelus@twitter -  Since you’re familiar with Machiavelli, you ought to know he ruled by being feared, not loved :) And guess what I’ve heard numerous people around… they are nice to xiaxue only because they fear stepping on her toes.

  • @Sazelus@twitter - 
    Not my grammar, but your comprehension is pretty atrocious. I said – I heard that one (the two line joke about offended women) one too many times.

    Looks like you have better skill trying to fingerpoint kiddy things rather than replying all the valid points I have rebutted you on. :)

  • I support sazelus@twitter ^^ love xiaxue… yeaaaa

  • Dawn wrote this to get more attention nia.

  • @Sazelus@twitter - 

    You seem to have a maniacal obssession over both Dawn Yang and Xiaxue.

  • @Sazelus@twitter - 
    “Dawn had better be more Machiavellian in her dealings with XX. She is in tactical hell. She is reacting to XX. XX is not reacting to Dawn. Because XX doesn’t have to.”

    Ooooh, we’re so scared…. Is the hungry ghost month over yet, is it halloween already?

    It is obvious you do not know either Dawn or XX. We have been following them for years, how long have you known them?

    XX is not reacting to Dawn because cat’s got her tongue, she’s probably having suicidal thoughts. Super MALU (embarrassed). Why don’t you try provoking XX and see if she’ll not react. But she’s more cautious with Dawn because she had been slammed with a lawsuit by Dawn before. XX and her mother have begged hard for house renovations sponsorships and XX doesn’t want to risk having her sponsorships going down the drain if she retaliates now. And there’s nothing to retaliate to begin with. It’s best that sore losers know their limits and keep their mouth shut! You sound no different than XX’s 16-year-old fans…..

  • @Sazelus@twitter - 
    If you’re desperate for Twitter followers, here’s an idea — go over to Xiaxue’s Twitter and embarrass yourself. When she embarrasses herself in return, you might just end up getting a sudden surge of amused followers.

    Good Luck !

  • People can call Dawn Yang fake or whatever, and I am not saying that is it good to lie or even accuse one of lying but if anything I think it’s a good thing that Dawn kept silent and did not lash out a full war. This might be the reason why XX feels so gutsy about bullying her. Would she wage a meaningless war with an equally bitchy but more popular superstar? I don’t think so. She does this because she thinks she can. She may be honest, and the fact that her family and friends love her despite of all these makes me think that she must be a good person deep inside. No use saying she’s dumb too, because in fairness to her I don’t think she is. However, not being gracious enough to keep mum and the sheer desire of putting Dawn Yang down is where XX loses. Values, people! Hopefully, this fight is put to rest because honestly, it looks pretty tiring.

  • You should protect yourself more. That crazy woman keeps on talking about you and we can’t help but believe it because she constantly keeps on talking crap about you to the public. As an ex friend of xiaxue, i can tell you she is very convincing.So next time, don’t sue her. Instead you should fight back the same way she does, through talking and your blog.And you better start doing it before she brain washes everyone with her big mouth.Peace and love wins in the endbut sometimes you got to fight girlfriend.x

  • OMG, Is that how Xiaxue looked like before? That looks like Miss Piggy in green T-shirt… Cool *Oink* !

  • @herman - 

    “And guess what I’ve heard numerous people around… they are nice to xiaxue only because they fear stepping on her toes.”

    VERY TRUE. Most bloggers are scared of offending her, and other people want to use her for benefits only…

  • XX always claims that she’s proud of her chinese heritage and criticizes others for not embracing their true identity, but contrary to her own belief has altered and re-altered her hair and face to such an enormous degree that people easily mistake her for a dumb caucasian. Congratulations to her and Lifestyle magazine. They have managed to make her look like a supermodel from Thailand !

  • XiaXue is a cyberbully /cyber-terrorist on the outside, but inside she’s a scaredy cat coward who will run at the sight of Dawn Yang …. Booooo!!!!

  • @jesuslovesu - 
    How ironical! You attend NCC too and yet here you are passing sweeping judgements such as ” basically, all the “dy fans” defending dawn in this post and blog is dawn herself. no one really cares to defend dawn.”

    You are an embarrassment to NCC … Repent! Pastor Joseph Prince must be so proud of you!

  • If anyone wants a before and after of Xiaxue, the girl who runs around calling Dawn plasticzilla, then click this link!!!!!


  • @Sazelus@twitter - 

    I find it unsettling a man of your age and persuasion *Judging from your twitter pic* should have so much to say on this matter; you are either Xiaxue or a misguided fan hiding behind a tragic persona.

    To save yourself from future self-loathing click the [x] button at the top right hand corner of your cyber rant machine, and NEVER come back to this post.

  • Please, let’s just drop this matter and bring this plasticzilla & pinktianakzilla issues to a close. I had enough!

    Xiaxue was actually quite cute and attractive before her drastic changes but if she wanted to change her looks for fame and fortune, let her do what she wants. Same goes to Dawn.

    Ugliness & attractiveness are more of matters of the heart. I don’t think Dawn should sue XX anymore. Show her grace – be gracious to her and forgive her. Never mind if she doesn’t appreciate it.

    However, that being said, let me add that if she continues to pick on you, insult you and post derogatory comments about you, what you can do is write a blog post linking to what she said and send her a strong warning and even asking for apology. Warn her that if she keep doing it, you will be left with no choice but to pursue the matter through a lawsuit.

    Fair enough? I think it is. About 15-20,000 readers would be your witnesses. By then, you have already given her ample chances to reflect on her actions. She cannot complain if you sue her again.

    MANY many times Xiaxue has persisted in insulting you. Don’t just keep quiet and do nothing anymore. Showing grace doesn’t mean you have to be a foolish victim. Take action only if she rejects the grace you show her.

    Take care, Dawn… Love you to bits !

  • @John316 - The problem with Dawn is that she’s too quiet. She has been insulted many times in the past, with that midget spreading rumors about her (like her boobs being fake, etc). She can’t back out now, she should at least show to her damn ugly face who’s the real boss here by not letting her be pushed around anymore and be portrayed anymore as a person whose past is always used to make the other person look good. Someone ought to teach her a lesson and shut her hole up for good.

    BTW, I never thought of that midget as cute, without the surgeries. She’s just below average. ;)

  • sonia, i agree w you. how true…without surgeries even dawn is below average :)

  • I agree that Dawn should not sue XX again. XX is a terrible loser who commits one crime to cover up another (Stealing IP address to cover defamatory posts). But the Bible says we are to “Warn those who are unruly” (1 Thessalonians 5:14). Do WARN her either with a blog post or by private email before you consider your next move such as lawsuit. You might also want to consider police report for online harassment instead of lawsuit.

    I hate to see any of this happening. I know Xiaxue is reading this and hope that this will be the end of her cyberbullying Dawn Yang and calling her names. Try to take control of your temper and save yourself a lot of trouble. Would you like it if your love ones get treated the way you treat Dawn Yang? If you want to be respected, learn to give it first!

  • I knew it! I knew it! all those rumours are spreaded by her alone! NO ONE HATES YOU OR DISLIKES YOU DAWN! EVERYONE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!! AND IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME YOU EXPOSE ALL HER EVIL-DOINGS!

    Dawn Yang, no matter who you are, what you did, I still love you as you are who YOU ARE! You are absolutely amazing.

    Xiaxue on the other hand is nobody, a whore, a bitch, a beggar and she is dawn-yang-wannabe.

  • Xiaxue is “awesome”.. She talks about everything in her life – her mother, father, brother, hubber, bunner, plastic surgeries, height, weight, haters and blow jobs ……….

    …… but she forgot to talk about the scam jobs she orchestrated to bring down Dawn Yang!

    Well done Xiaxue! Your fans and family must be so “proud” of you. Nuffnang must be even prouder of you!

  • I just can’t believe it. Is Dawn some kind of saint??? I’ve seen xiaxue insulting(more like bullying) her MANY MANY times for YEARS and Dawn never retaliated and it turned out that Dawn even PROTECTED her when xx almost ruined dy’s fame in Singapore. I have so much respect for you Dawn. No, you’re not perfect, and may be you’ve made mistakes in the past but what you did in this situation is definition of showing the lowlife who’s the better person. xx gained more popularity and fans by defaming you, she simply can’t stand not getting enough attention. Never seen someone so horrible and despicable not to mention disgusting and ugly :( and XX, I know you’re reading this, acting all tough and thinking you’re the hot shit, when in fact you’re just shit! ^_^ kisses

  • Lifestyle magazine should replace Tommy Wee with Stevie Wonder.

  • So Xiaxue, in the fake hate site you fraudulently created, this is what you said :-

    “How many more secrets do you have Dawn?
    I am going to be digging for them, one-by-one, until the the day you apologize, and DISAPPEAR FOREVER from the limelight you never deserved.”

    So how many secrets do YOU have, when are YOU going to apologize Xiaxue? Your secrets are also dug out. Care to walk the talk? Or are you going to spin some manipulative excuses again ?

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to disappear from the limelight you never deserved too… You will probably commit suicide! That site you created is a jumbled-up mumbo jumbo mish mash of pure ladies gossips obviously recorded by you out of revenge and jealousy to instigate hatred of Dawn Yang right after you were slammed with her lawsuit, using a stolen IP and wifi from your neighbour which you attempted to cover up.

    I do find it rather humorous that you tried so hard to blow some ladies gossip out of proportion. Ok so Dawn said some childish things about others, you mean you haven’t ?? Don’t even make me go into the number of times you praise yourself and curse and insult other people. You even feel threatened by an 18-year-old who innocently jokes with you. I know because I saw the comments and you deleted my comment when I told you off. I do feel sorry for your teen fans who get bashed by you for no apparent reason. You should go for a head check or exorcism.

    You not only created hate sites for Dawn Yang but also for yourself for attention. You are a skillful scam artist no different from Peter Coffin…

  • If Dawn was such a fantastic nice person, she would have deleted all the rude lewd dirty nasty comments like “*ock sucking” from the list of comments, classic case of pot calling the kettle black.

  • @cop - 
    Hi Xiaxue/Shuying/QiuQiu,

    Did Xiaxue delete nasty comments about Dawn? Not only does she takes pleasure in soliciting nasty comments but takes the lead in getting the ball rolling like she did in the face reader video. Please don’t act innocent. If Xiaxue doesn’t want to be called cock sucker, then she shouldn’t proudly talk about it in her blog. She asked for it and has to live with the name. If Xiaxue is not happy, please ask her to write a blog post to defend herself and come up with intelligent reasons why she doesn’t deserve the name calling. Can’t wait to see her embarrassing herself again!

  • Cocks have pink head just like Xiaxue :>

  • …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.•´

    Give it up Xiaxuey!

  • Please lah Xiaxue, your “Everyone’s reading it” blog has everyone thinking that you’re a good cock sucker. If you don’t want everyone who reads your “Everyone’s reading it” blog to read everything, then cut down on your nonsense and expletives, so that everyone will not think you are a cock sucker. Guess it’s too late now, everyone already read it. Obviously you want everyone to know that you’re a great cock sucker, that’s why you clearly wrote about it for everyone to read, right? including even your kiddie and teen fans who must learnt something about blow jobs and cock sucking from your “Everyone’s reading it” blog. If you want everyone to read your blog, then you have to accept the fact that everyone will read what you wrote, and form opinions or conclusions of you based on that. Just like you formed your personal opinions of Dawn Yang which landed you in the traumatizing lawsuit which everyone knows turned you into a sore loser.

  • Dear Xiaxue,
    I have already washed and cut my hair. Can you give me a good blow job ?

  • Y’all are so gullible. You know screen shots can be faked right??? And if Dawn really did receive an email, it can also be a person pretending to be a friend of XX starting rumors. I’m sorry, but Dawn has proven herself time and again to be a person who is capable of lying through her teeth and I wouldn’t be surprised if she faked the screenshot. I bet you are going to delete this comment Dawn. But nice try in bringing XX down. Even if XX did create that vile site about you, look at yourself. You’re just as fake and as big of a liar as she is.

  • @zz - 
    Nobody tried to bring XX down. She brought herself down through her own malicious deeds and dishonest scams. It’s no use now arguing who is the lesser of 2 evils. You claim that “Dawn has proven herself time and again to be a person who is capable of lying through her teeth”. Care to show proof to back up your claims? Please do not reproduce old hate sites created by XX. We already know about them. If you have something new to show us, please do.

  • And in all of this, I don’t see XX defending herself one bit … She seems to have fallen exceptionally flat and tight-lipped !

  • @zz - 
    If you want to keep accusing Dawn of lying, there will be no end to it. The rest of the 7 billion human beings in the planet are also guilty as charged. Let me help you, lah. Dawn said she will blog about this and blog about that, but I am still waiting for those blog posts after so long.. LIAR!

    You happy now?

    You have also insulted XX by claiming that Dawn used a fake screenshot. If it was a fake screenshot, don’t you think XX would have tried to impress everyone with a blog post by now to expose it?

    Even when she had to fly off to US the next day, XX wasted no time writing a long post about some Australians who were unhappy with her winning Nuffnang awards. XX is always keen and ready to write about her haters and expose dishonest people no matter how busy she is. She has failed to do so this time because there is nothing to defend and no one to expose.

    Just accept it and move on with your life…

  • @zz - 
    If the screenshot was fake, XX would have SURELY defended herself by now and come up with a long blog post / twitter rant to insult and attack Dawn for this. Even when people left comments on her blog asking her about this, XX has not responded.

    Conclusion: The screenshot is REAL and XX is a liar and immature nasty jealous bitch.

    Now coming to my second point… you say Dawn could have faked the screenshots. It’s already proven they are real, but did it occur to anyone that XX FAKED THE SCREENSHOTS ON THE HATE SITES SHE CREATED FOR DAWN?

    It’s totally in XX’s evil character to do so.

    All I can say is.. poor Dawn to suffer like that.

    I never really had a good impression of her because of all the hate and rumors XX stirred up against her, but I was starting to like her more recently as I followed her more, now I realize how she’s more beautiful than XX inside & outside.

  • @fendi - 

    Good Point! Never thought of that.. In this world and age, many things can be faked in the internet. Whoever gets exposed is the loser! Actually these are quite serious charges and allegations that Dawn has brought against XX. If XX is not guilty and has been falsely accused, she may even sue Dawn for it. Which I don’t think XX will do unless she gets a lawyer sponsorship.. LOL!!

    I am glad that Dawn has FINALLY decided to speak up. The timing was perfect.

  • LOL…You know magazines always twist the truth…You should just be friends already…drama since 2008 so silly people! RoRos World

  • Poor Xiaxue, each time she looks at herself in Lifestyle magazine, she will always be reminded that this magazine is responsible for her being exposed and humiliated. All this ugly manifesto could have been avoided if only facts had been stated correctly. Unfortunate and strange twist to what was supposed to have been a joyful celebration for Xiaxue. It’s always interesting to read alternative views and comments in Dawn Yang’s blog as most readers here sound more matured, better educated and less judgemental.

  • “We’re not advocating Xiaxue’s beliefs, or dress sense, or language, or fondness of bleaching her hair …. All I’m saying is, we can do with more people who say what they mean and mean what they say.”

    What the heck are you blabbering about, Tommy Wee? Don’t just write stuff for the sake of writing, Moron!

    Just yesterday, the witch cursed smokers to die of cancer. Apparently that’s her unfunny way of discouraging smoking. I’m sure she said what she meant and meant what she said.

    Btw, don’t get offended that I called you moron. After all, that’s exactly what Xiaxue calls a lot of people too! I’m sure she meant it too…. It takes one to know one!

    I love you, man. You’re easy to dismantle and critique. I can do with more people like you and XIaxue :)

  • Dawn…. can you PLEASE PLEASE just get over it and just continue on with your life? I dont see why you are being so bitter when you have your work and business to deal with.

    I see you bringing up XX alot lately just because she is so successful and happy and that she stop bugging you yet you wanna start bugging her because your life is now so bored.

    What happened to you? You got A lot going for yourself as well. The stuff you posted can easily be one-sided biased voters. You cannot say you were the hottest blogger because hottest blogger means

    1) popularity who has the most views, followers, (That would be XX)

    2) who won the most awards? (XX)

    You’re a very smart person, you should know deep down yourself hottest blogger doesnt mean winning on a measly website poll…. (i seen that website too, it’s really nothing)

  • @YourReader - 
    You must be Shuying or QiuQiu if you’re not Xiaxue herself. Loves to brag and boast about herself over and over again and put down other people. How many times exactly did Dawn bring up XX lately? TWO times, yes 2 times. To you, it seems like “a lot of times”. Exaggeration. LOL, you flatter yourself too much. You just cannot accept the fact that Dawn Yang is Singapore’s hottest blogger so trying to find lame excuses to push XX to the forefront and Dawn to the back. Keep trying and keep wasting your time. No matter how much you defend Xiaxue, it’s a known fact that Xiaxue is a foul-mouth cock sucker and even she will not deny that and I’m sure her future kid will be proud her mother who is the famous SG bitch who looks like Miss Piggy and walks like a duck!

  • @YourReader - 
    Xiaxue also won awards not only based on measly facebook polls where SAME voters voted every two hours, but also because the corrupt Nuffnang run by corrupted Malaysian Timothy Tiah seems to have a perverted fetish for midgets like Xiaxue and Audrey Ooi…

    Xiaxue brought up Dawn not 2 or 20 times but many times more in her blog, facebook, videos and twitter. I’m sure you already know that but pretending to know nothing. You sound like a moron that thinks that XX has special privilege rights to anyhow bring up Dawn but Dawn has no right to bring up XX….

    Xiaxue should watch her behavior and attitude if she doesn’t want her unborn child getting cursed and insulted because of her. She only herself to blame if it happens and I already see some sites beginning to insult her unborn child.

  • @YourReader -  If anyone is bitter, it is only Xiaxue. She pulled so many revenge stunts on DY that she looks both comical and pathetic. I wonder how Xiaxue will take it if her future baby is treated the exact same way. Somebody make a video of her baby and get a fake face reader to ridicule the face and invite many nasty comments. Funny not? Why do you people even bother defending the pathetic bitter CUNT ?

  • Xiaxue does not have my sympathy at all. She should have got what she deserved. Police complaint or lawsuit should have been lodged against her. To think that her fans and friends would dare defend the despicable hypocrite completely ignoring the point of the matter is a disgrace to themselves, but what makes it more disgraceful is Xiaxue’s inability to stand up for herself, though I must admit that she has acted wise by deciding to go silent to conceit defeat and conceal shame.

  • Xiaxue and her self-righteous fans and friends seem to think that Xiaxue is always right and everyone else is wrong. What a bunch of hypocrites!

    If I had nothing better to do like Xiaxue, I can also EASILY post pages and pages of all the things that Xiaxue said to boast about herself and put down other people. And I don’t even have to steal another’s IP and wifi to do that because I know Xiaxue will never sue me. She is just a COWARD !!!

  • Xiaxue is Not the top blogger in Singapore.

  • By her own admission, Xiaxue is an attention-seeking whore, always desperate for attention, so why are her friends getting mad that her name is mentioned by Singapore’s hottest blogger ??

    Xiaxue loves poking Dawn every now and then for attention, but all Dawn did was correct some magazine errors. Let me guess, is Xiaxue losing her desperation for fame as her life is getting too embarrassing for her to handle ? Even as she recovers from her mild cardiac arrest after being succinctly exposed and shamed by Dawn, she should really sit down and reflect on the shame she has brought on her husband, mother and future kid…. REFLECT !!!

  • Rattling work man, ready your heads last you did it.
    Tagza Bookmarking

  • XX is lucky that she is pregnant. She is using her unwanted pregnancy to hide the embarrassing scam exposure. Poor son of a bitch!

  • She also has several fan twitter accounts created by herself…

  • Recent times when net has so often gossip mongering and clog; your proportion really refreshes me.can-c

  • I love to read and appreciate your work.
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