November 26, 2012

  • Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore

    Ever since 2011, I’m no longer content with just a dress up costume party during Halloween… I gotta get my fix of freaky at Universal Studios.

    For 5 hours, you get to run amok with all the scary creatures of the night.

    My first encounter with halloween “theme park style”, was in California’s Knott’s Berry Farm back in 2005. I thought it was a super cool concept, so there was reason to rejoice when Universal Studios Singapore started their own too!

    For their second run this year, I almost didn’t make it, but fortunately managed to go with a friend on the last night of 28th (even though my energy was rather sapped from the night before, running around Gotham City as my alter ego Catwoman)

     ”Hello? You don’t belong here. You need to get, at least 10 times fairer first”

    Entering the park, the first scare zone was House of Dolls. We’re not talking about Barbie here btw, more like Chucky.

    “No madam, no I’m not about to steal your baby. Your baby’s very cute but… he’s not exactly my type…”

    My friend exclaimed, ” This one really reminds me of that blogger!”

    Photo op: Be a dead doll with the evil Puppet Master

    Turning right after that, I entered into the next scare zone, Total Lockdown. This is apocalyptic New York City, ravaged by an unknown biohazard killer disease. It’s all doomsday blood, chaos and anarchy. The military fiercely order you around; crash and burn vehicles all around; disfigured, infected, injured creeps are everywhere ready to pounce on you. It was also here whereby I encountered what was probably the most terrifying thing that night – a bunch of young girls shrieking and screaming piercingly every five seconds along the way. Seriously, they were more shocking than the actors, Universal Studios would do good to hire them next year.

    The virus is somehow turning me into the Incredible Hulk

    The final scare zone was Bizarre Bazaar. Here I found myself in a nightmarish ancient civilization of macabre tribal rituals, torture, strange evil animals and *gasp* cannibalism?

    Entrance to “Revenge of the Mummy” ride  in the Bizarre Bazaar zone.

    One of the additional perks of Halloween Horror Nights is all frightees get to go on the rides!

    Battle Star Galatica. The best rollercoaster in the park.
    A different kind of hair-raising experience at night.

    Recognize the sign behind me…?

    Transformers – the most incredible 3D experience.

    It’s very realistic, and super exciting. Plus how awesome is it to see Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee before your eyes! You feel like you’re Shia / Megan in the action-packed movie :) Most definitely a must-try at Universal Studios Singapore.

    These few rides are my favorites. The rest are more mellow, kiddy types, which the faint-hearted might prefer.

    The major attractions at Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios are the haunted houses. This year, there were 3, each with a different theme – Death Alley, Dungeon of Damnation, and Insanitarium.


    If you’re tired and your bones are rattled from all the scares and shocks, take a break and catch a musical.

    Sort of like the Rocky Horror show!

    This ghoulish store assistant stood at the glass entrance the whole time, just creepily waving… and smiling, and waving.. and smiling… reminds me of those Japanese fortune cats don’t you think? Hilarious :)

    Vengeful female Chinese ghosts often appear in red… :)


    Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore is a frightfully fun time! The production value, props and actors are first-rate; the amount of effort put into it is applaudable. I highly recommend you to go  especially if you haven’t yet already!

    1) Wear flats. There’s going to be a lot of walking around and there’s a high chance you’ll trip over yourself when that zombie comes up from behind and goes “boo!”

    2) Spend the extra money to get an express pass, so you can skip the long lines. Unless you have strong legs and tons of time to kill standing around, it will be worth it.

    3) Bring cash for the F&B carts, and a small umbrella in case it rains.

    That leads me to the question…. why do we pay to scare ourselves?

    I suppose experiencing horror, yet knowing you will make it out safe in the end, is a form of catharsis, a release. Fear, thrill, repulsion, fascination… all these are the intense emotions during such encounters, and when you get through it all, there is a sense of gratification, of mastery over a challenge… and the heart-pumping feeling that you are more alive than ever.

    Be ready to face your demons next year! x


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  • “My friend exclaimed, ” This one really reminds me of that blogger!” “

    Haha, so true ….. Xiaxue the evil retarded midget!

    Btw Dawn, most of your blog posts are filled with comments about XX. Maybe you can discuss with your web host about putting in a separate section for other comments like that. I’m sure it will cause your blog hits to shoot up. Just a suggestion….

  • That’s my wife. I am so proud of her. Her photos can be found in public toilet in Singapore. She has many haters. I am so proud of her. She is also a great cock sucker. Hope our son of the bitch follows her footsteps.

  • Thanks for sharing Dawn! Looks really fun, I’m totally sold on going next year!

  • i have no idea why the both of you continue to “flame” each other.
    why lower yourself to make tacky comments like that?

    you have a great online business and i think by constantly putting pathetic comments like that really lowers your professionalism.
    of course there are people who we all don’t like, as not everyone can get along.
    but it all seems very high school, unladylike and unprofessional.

    you have so many nice posts and this was a great post and review of what seemed to be a fun event.
    i am sure that it gets you more “hits” but really let your blog do that on it’s own, not making bitchy comments about someone.

    i’m putting this comment up on her blog too. not playing favorites.

  • @just_saying123 -  Who is the other “her” you are referring to? Who did Dawn flame? Dawn didn’t name anyone or say anything “flaming”. It’s actually really up to your imagination isn’t it? lol.

  • Actually, any fat and ugly midget with blonde or pink hair tends to remind many of Xiaxue. She was really fat before….

    But even if Dawn says nothing about XX, looks like her die-hard fans are not prepared to spare XX the insults. And now her family is being dragged in…..

    Comparing the number of times XX has brought up Dawn’s name and insulted her over and over again, I would say Dawn has been relatively forgiving.

    The big difference between Dawn and XX is that, Dawn has been humble enough to admit to her past mistakes and change. XX, on the other hand, continues to cowardly hide behind grandmother story blog posts, constantly pointing fingers at everyone else except herself, hoping that people will not see through her hypocrisy and weaknesses. She is always eager and desperate to kowtow to Mike and suck his dick whenever they quarrel so that he will not leave her, she admitted it herself in a blog post. But when she gets blatantly exposed for her own crimes like cyer-theft, she feigns ignorance and makes up manipulative excuses and irrelevant arguments in order to distract readers from her mistakes so that she may never have to apologize.

    Intelligence cannot be proven just by sitting for a mensa test, as XX has so aptly proven that it doesn’t work for her. Intelligence is also demonstrated through courage to be able to face up to mistakes if she wants readers to find her credible enough. Cowardly behavior hardly translates to any intelligence and wisdom.

    I cannot fathom how Nuffnang would find it worthy for this terrible role model of a coward to receive any influential award. There is either something wrong with the voting system or the results were rigged for their own corporate benefit.

  • You’re so gorgeous and slim! Look like a Vivi magazine model! I like your writing and sense of humour =)

  • @just_saying123 - 
    1. Do a check and tell me how often Dawn flames people on her blog. Practically NEVER. Do you even know what flaming is? How on earth did you come up with “constantly putting pathetic comments like that really lowers your professionalism”? Either you need to do a check on the definition of constant, or the comment was really meant for another blogger. Whom we all know is notorious for constantly writing tacky, nasty, crude things about Dawn and other people for publicity or to divert attention.

    2. The beauty of it is Dawn did not make any bitchy comment about anyone here. YOU YOURSELF assumed that the picture looks like a certain blogger (lets name her X for example) and you seem damn sure of it. Since it is so obvious to you and other readers that the picture resembles X, it means the picture must be a rather accurate reflection of X….. Then what so bitchy about it since it is a true and reasonable fact?

    One thing I agree with you though – it’s a great post!

  • Who are you kidding, Xiaxue? You pretend to put up a strong and happy front who love your haters but reading the tone of your blog post makes me sense nothing but resentment towards your haters. You pat yourself in the back that your name and photos have made their way into the toilet hall of shame in Choa Chu Kang, hoping that next time it could be Orchard Road.

    Bitch, a toilet is a toilet whether it’s located in CCK or Orchard Rd. It’s the same place where people pee and poop unwanted toxin and waste from body. Do you think Orchard Rd toilets serve sumptuous shits for you? Do you think if your mother, father, brother or hubber walk into a public toilet and see your photos splashed with shit, they will be proud of you?

    Your unfunny, tasteless, shitty blog post is appreciated only by your retarded fans…. Only notorious loan sharks have the habit of vandalizing walls to expose debtors – you could easily be mistaken for a cheap debtor in pink wig for all you know! When you don’t even have any self-respect for yourself, it’s no wonder many people have no respect for you and your family !!!

    Have an “awesome” life!

  • @krazylovely - 
    Yap, this is the fake hate site Xiaxue created using a stolen IP & Wifi of her neighbour to take revenge on Dawn for the defamation lawsuit which she lost to Dawn. The Coward used a stolen IP & Wifi coz she was afraid Dawn would track down the IP and sue her again. Such a hypocrite whore and a sore loser…

  • It’s just another usual sarcastic blog post where the compulsive liar keeps lying that she loves her haters while raging a fury inside. Since she loves the idea of toilet publicity, why not get flyer distributors to paste her pics in toilets all over the island. She could actually help kill toilet germs when they die of shock at seeing her face!

  • Great post n info! Pictures look quite scary I must say!

  • I used to think you were.. okay.. just another pretty face with some fame but too boring to ever be amazingly famous. Nothing special about you really. Your life seems sad and the total opposite of wonderful, full of vanity and pointless crap. Its no wonder your blog hits remain low and you’re only famous because xiaxue made you to be. Of course you’d like to be more popular.. sadly you will never surpass this current stage of fame if you continue to be your boring self.

    But i guess if you’re happy, good for you.

  • @Lost respect for you. - 
    Hi Xiaxue, you flatter yourself too much! Dawn Yang has been famous way before Xiaxue happened. I know because I have been following DY’s blog since 2004. Which is why XX has suffered anxiety attacks every now and then, constantly threatened by Dawn Yang’s fame and success, even writing defamatory blog posts about Dawn which she was forced to delete after the lawsuit which turned her a sore loser till today after 4 years. Dawn’s life may be boring to you but it’s better to be boring than stoop to achieving infamy by becoming a foul-mouth cock-sucking toilet-face like Xiaxue with plenty of haters that bring shame and disgrace to her family and embarrassment to Singapore …

  • @Lost respect for you. - 

    What’s so sad about Dawn’s life? You’re full of sadness – you sound like you just escaped from a suicide attempt after reading xiaxue’s blog. Take care and seek counsel!

  • @Lost respect for you. - 
    Dawn can easily cause her blog hits to shoot up to 100K or more if she wanted to….. She could easily become the top blogger if she wanted to.

    All she had to do is slap Xiaxue with another lawsuit and/or lodge police complaints against her for all the times she insulted Dawn.

    Dawn is too forgiving and non-greedy to achieve fame that way. I don’t find that boring or sad at all… She’s still Singapore’s hottest blogger, not just in title but in her fashion sense and active lifestyle.

  • If Dawn had reported XX for cyber-bullying and cyber-theft years ago, XX’s blogging career would have been cut short. Dawn does not owe XX for her fame and success, it’s the other way around actually. XX literally put herself at the mercy of Dawn for all this years she taunted her which could have made her a convicted criminal !!!

    And there’s nothing special about XX’s blog either. After a while, reading about haters, looking at her self-shot faces full of botox, makeup and photoshop and the usual Japan posts makes one wonder if her life can get any more boring and pathetic – so routine and predictable !

  • Lol, do people come to Dawn’s blog to praise her and bash XX?

    I like reading Dawn’s blog just because she’s interesting. Can’t be bothered to make comparisons.

  • Can anyone see that Dawn’s so-called bashing of Xiaxue is just a joke?! Dawn called herself a “vengeful female ghost” in that post too, but that doesn’t mean that she is really a vengeful female ghost right??

    Sigh, people…

  • Even if I don’t like dawnyang, I love coming to her site just to read the comments :)

    To the genius that made xiaxue a proud toilet-face, do her the favor and advertise her face in Geylang and Desker Roads…. with the headline “COCK SUCKER”…. and make sure you include photos of her family.

    It will be hilarious to see her response this time :)


  • What’s the intention of making fun of people?

  • Haha cool. The hard cold truth is, everyone can tell that picture looks like xiaxue, without having to name her. She’s the scariest out of all the scary photos!

  • Halloween n Hungry Ghost are not complete without Pinktianakzilla… :O

  • i’m thankful i bought the express ticket..

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