December 20, 2012

  • X’mas Retail Therapy

    I ♥ this series of shots because it was quite impromptu at the resort over Zoukout weekend (I hurriedly jumbled up my hair in a few seconds, and tada!) but thank God, everything came together so effortlessly for a really nice result. Really quick too! No photoshop was needed except for a bit of exposure adjustment :)

    I’m wearing / LUXE Angel Origami Satin Diamante Dress /



    Here’s another dress. 

    / LUXE Snow White Sheer Lace Maxi Dress /


    It’s a long or short dress, depending how you look at it! Part of the long lace skirt is sheer with a slit to show off those legs. Perfect when you want something a little formal and elegant but not still fashion-forward and chic.

    Want more style ideas for the festive season?

    Here are my recommendations:

    Count down in dazzling style. Shine under the party disco lights in glamorous embellishments and shiny stones.

    Attending a dinner soiree? You can play up your girly, feminine side with luxurious, soft textures and flowing silhouettes.

    Or of course, send some yuletide cheer to your Christmas gatherings in bright and bold festive colours!

    SHOP at

    Merry Christmas all, I can’t wait to celebrate with my loved ones! Bless you & your family too x

    ♥ Dawn

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  • So beautiful, you are really like an angel from heaven!

  • omg you are amazing…

  • I’m sorry, but I really hope to God that the 6th picture is just badly photoshopped. If not it’s just downright freaky.

  • why do your eyes always look so red and irritated?

  • I am just getting back to your site after a long absence and notice your pink fonts are too light. Not sure if it’s my screen or if it’s like that but hope you do something about it.

    -Fan from UK

  • more like “wearing / LUXE Angel Origami Slutin DEMENTED Dress.”

  • You mentioned that none of the photos were photoshopped pls lah you think people stupid meh. Your face looked more fucked up than it already is in the last photo of the lot. Wanna lie than do a proper photoshop job lah, don’t lie than post such photos lor…

  • Dawn looks stunning in these photos, don’t hate.

    Look at her instagram comments, hundreds of comments agreeing with me! Sour grapes people..

    She doesn’t need photoshop, I seen her before. And how can she say that when her photographer who took these pictures will know? use ur brains…

  • @nightmare - 
    @honestly - 
    @boooooo -  Call Dawn slut? freaky and fuck up face? U blind or jealous or both? Pls lah, take a look at yourself in the mirror first.

    as seen on twitter:

    @JJAEJ0ONG dawn yang patronised m&s just now during work and one of my male colleague got blown away by her beauty haha
    @JJAEJ0ONG really he was like omg should have took a picture with her. But really dawn yang very beautiful you can feel her grace

    Stand next to her den see whether u still can say k!! LOL LOL.

  • Yup your eyes are a little red. Contacts? Don’t wear them for too long hun! But still very very pretty nonetheless. Love the dress!

  • Youre gorgeous, love how you manage to look sultry and elegant.. Should have joined Asia’s Next Top Model :)

    Think you need to pay more attention to your foot care though, your feet looks quite dry in your mail profile pic :)

    Pls blog a new entry about your life soon!

  • wtf man, i just found out that you are as disgusting as ZOE RAYMOND! I used to like you very much and hated xiaxue. Now I hated you as much as I used to hate xiaxue and I found xiaxue is a better person! FUCKING WHORE GO FUCK WITH ZOE RAYMOND LA BITCH

  • @fucking - 

    Hi Xiaxue, No cocks to sucks today? You sound way too cranky!

  • @fucking - 
    It’s obvious you’re trying to introduce/promote this Zoe Raymond person. I just googled her and found out she’s as fugly, fake and tranny-looking as xiaxue, but at least not as hideous than Doris Yip… This will be my first and last time I will visit her site.

    Dawn Yang remains my favorite.

  • @Twent - 

    OMG ROFL, you made me laughed out loud lol. fuck off please, xiaxue is a better person, Dawn Yang is ok but Zoe is the worst for destroying others’ relationship and marriage. and i am not promoting Zoe raymond. She is not worth the promotion, she deserves to be slapped publicly whenever people see her.

  • How come you can that piece of shit singaporean turn taiwanese singer not together anymore arh? you both are so suitable for each other, both attention seeking talentless junk.

  • Hi Dawn,

    I love your clothes they’re all pretty. I have a quick skincare question to ask you. I’ll really appreciate it if you can help me out :)
    I’ve noticed in your past pictures, your skin was quite dark. What product did you use to lighten your skin? as my face is fair, but since I’ve played a lot of sports in high school, my legs and arms has tanned.. and I want to get my arms and legs to match my skin colour on my face.

    What whitening product would you recommend for the body?

    Thanks xx

  • @Claudia - 

    I doubt Miss Yang will reply you, so here are my 2 cents.If you are a rich high class socialite like miss yang, I suggest you visit a plastic surgeon, there are many ways to lighten skin permanently. However if you are not that affluent and can’t wait until you have saved up enough or exhausted all other options to get fast cash, you might want to scour the world wide web for d-i-y De-pigmentation of skin. For one you might want to pump up your vitamin A and C intake.Lemons might just work out for you for now.

  • Merry Christmas Dawn & her family and fans. And happy belated birthday to you as well !!

  • Malaysia actress cathryn lee who signed to mediacock had extensive plastic surgery

  • Malaysia actress cathryn lee who signed to mediacock had extensive plastic surgery

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