December 11, 2012

  • Retail Therapy

    All the chic and beautiful clothes a girl needs to look her best during December celebrations.

    And, some of you were asking about this dress in an earlier post about my Citizen L watch….

    It’s now launched and available in store!



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  • My favourite local online store! xoxo

  • XX’s blog post on Palmer has no published comments ? That’s odd. I’m sure a tacky political blog post like that generates readership, hence more comments. She better know what she is doing if she dabbles in politics.

  • Your instagram is doing really well. I think you can restore your blog and popularity to it’s former glory.Here is some feedback based on my observations as a fan: – Your layout is really messy and, to be honest, ugly. Your blog is your business, just like Lexi Lyla, you should have it designed professionally. – Xanga itself is messy and riddled with bugs. It’s an outdated blogging platform. – Your photos are really boring. I don’t even look at them unless there is someone interesting in them. People are here to see what “you’re” doing. Not what the places you’ve been to look like. – Speaking of 50 photos that take forever to load…your blog takes forever to load. Please use a jump tag. – Your photoshop editing skills are really bad. :( some of your photos are actually scary. has some really good photoshop tutorials. Or just google. – Your room renovation updates were very interesting and had substance but there is no end result? It probably sounds very harsh but please take this as constructive criticism of a fan who refuses to believe that trash like XX’s blog can beat an *actual* lifestyle blog that promotes class and good taste.

  • If XX were to get sued for libel by the government for that blog post on Palmer, which part do you think she will say she is accountable for ? It is far too convenient to say she went on the web to search why so many politicians have affairs, shifting away her accountability. “This affair has been going on for a while now. It is not like Oh Mr Palmer was not wearing pants one day and his penis accidentally went into Miss Ong’s vagina when she was bending over to pick up a pen, oops.”That’s just tacky. Starting a sentence with, “It’s not like…” doesn’t vindicate the writer in the event of a lawsuit. She is willing to cause more harm a fallen politician for readership. I thought she was trying to keep her moods pleasant for her pregnancy. Ah yes, as long as the harm is done unto others.She’s not going to publish all/any the comments on that blog post. Not due to the lack of time.

  • @A real fan - Why are you being so critical? I know you don’t mean harm but most of your opinions/comments are really unnecessary. Saying her photos are boring is a statement which I believe a lot will disagree. I’m not just here to see what she’s doing, I’m here to see her fashion sense, the places she’s been to because after all, her blog content is quite informative.
    As for the loading speed, maybe you can opt for a better internet connection. I have no issues loading her photos all these while, really. Don’t just blame because you can. Photoshop editing skills…really? does it even matter much? Geez.
    But all in all, I’m still curious about her room end result. Can’t you just be patient? I’m sure she’ll blog about it since she was sponsored cos I don’t think the sponsor would just ignore it?
    And I actually like that I can always read her posts with more ease and calmness rather than being emotionally involved (eg: anger, dissatisfaction, etc.). 

  • If there is a lawsuit against XX, she will push away the accountability of writing that blog post on Palmer. She will respond, “I just went on the internet to search why politicians have affairs. Those aren’t really MY thoughts. Everyone else is doing it, it’s a phenomenon.” She wants to be known for being controversial, then don’t hide behind sources or phenomenons. On the other hand, if she publishes something good, she will pretend it was her own prose. Take all the credit. If that becomes too obvious, get others to do the same thing. Instead publishing comments on Palmer, she publishes a new blog post. Let’s see how smart she really is, waving her Mensa cert from neons ago.

  • @A real fan - If Dawn publishes her renovation pictures, XX will immediately publish hers too ? Wouldn’t that be great timing ? In whose interest it is to make a side by side comparison other than the sponsors’ ? Which layperson can tell how bad someone’s photoshop editing skills are ? I think someone with more expertise in photoshop can judge AND COMMENT.

  • XX, you want to dabble in politics then, know what you’re getting yourself into. This is one thing you shouldn’t have gotten yourself into.

  • I’m fairly certain B is actually Dawn.Either way, it was just my own opinion and I’m just saying what I see.Arguing with another persons opinion is laughable. You can improve or continue to slide into washed-up blogger/has-been territory.Not sure why Eli is just posting monologues about XX on your blog. Which leads me to think it is again just Dawn and also completely voids this comment “In whose interest it is to make a side by side comparison other than the sponsors’ ?”Further, do you actually know what I do for a living before making the assumption that I am not an expert in graphics? Think logically before you comment. (Or just “think” would do I guess…)

  • @A real fan -  It isn’t quite a monologue when you responded to my comment. Since critical comments on XX’s blog hardly get published, I will post monologues here. Critical comments get swept under the carpet at her blog.Oh my, who might you be to be so interested in the identities ? You are the first to point out B’s and my identitiy are Dawn’s. You questioned if it is known what you do for a living when you thought I made the assumption you are not an expert in graphics. Wrong interpretation. I think you do know a thing or two about graphics. I myself am a lay person in Photoshop, I wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance if a photo is badly photoshopped….but you can. Are there many who can tell ? I think not, just a select few maybe. Yes, I agree we should think logically !As for the question which you think is void because I am posting monologues. I was responding to the comment you made about Dawn’s reno pics. You posed the question when Dawn’s reno photos have no end result and it struck me that it is inevitable to make a side by side comparison of XX’s and Dawn’s reno pictures IF Dawn posts them first and XX post hers immediately thereafter. XX has a fully renovated house that she can rub it in Dawn’s face. I am aware that it is not just in the sponsor’s interest to show them. The right timing will magnify the comparison. With XX’s ongoing mention of Dawn, whose interest is it to show who has more sponsored stuff ?

  • Monologues. There are mainly monolouges at XX’s comment section at her blog, she doesn’t allow immediate publishing. The comments are published only after she moderates them, if she publishes them that is. Readers can’t reply to each other. Did you know that, A Real Fan ?
    What’s with advertising deviantart here, A Real Fan ? Oh, I forgot, you know so a thing or two about graphics to say which site has some really good tutorials. You can tell if something is badly photoshopped. A lay person wouldn’t be able to see unless it is very obvious, like a missing arm or leg.

  • XX on Twitter: “I’m all for fair political discussion”-What a hypocrite ! All for fair political discussion ? In her mind, this is fair discussion:’unlike accidentally sticking Palmer’s penis in Laura Ong’s vagina.’XX on Twitter: “It’s time to take responsibility for what you write.”-Quoting some online phrases to avoid accountability is in her mind the same as taking responsibility for the things she writes.XX on Twitter: “So glad to see the govt is taking action against baseless libel” -Now she is pro-government, got to suck up a bit to avoid a lawsuit against her earlier defamation against Palmer. She’s as ‘controversial’ as she says she is.

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