January 3, 2013

  • Kayla’s Captain America Birthday Party

    Present for my niece

    It was a cheery Saturday which started off with a dim sum lunch with friends at Wah Lok followed by coffee at Toby’s Estate. A short walk away was The Polliwogs – welcome to kiddy bubblegum play land!

    In one of the two party rooms was where family, friends and hoardes of excited, shrieking kids gathered for Kayla’s 4th birthday party.

    You had better come dressed to the theme of *red blue and white* or Little Captain America will bash you far into the sky!


    The party was spared no expense. The superhero was everywhere – from balloons, to the table cloth, piñata for the kids to hit, and a life sized cardboard figurine – all specially flown in from the USA.

    You might think it strange that a little girl is into such a guy action hero. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean she will grow up butch or anything. When I was her age I was crazy about Superman and Robocop. Look how I turned out, haha.

    Captain America has a playful and feminine side too ;o)

    My cousin/bro & little 1 year old Davian, the birthday boy and also brother of the birthday girl.

    The Polliwogs party host did an incredible job of leading the children in a myriad of games & entertainment. It takes a lot of energy and enthusiasm! Like a giant perched on a tiny stool, I sat there watching them in enjoyment because they were all too adorable. I had flashbacks of my own birthday parties in Mcdonald’s, Magicland (at Marina Square, who remembers it?!) and other various places some 20+ years ago.



    At The Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk, children can literally climb the walls or jiggle on the water bed, aside from traversing the bigger play arena. Adults in the meantime can relax and enjoy a cuppa  in the spacious cafe while keeping an eye on the young ones.

    Gazillions of fun! It’d been a long time since I ran amok in a play gym like this one.

    Kids in Singapore are very blessed indeed. 

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