March 23, 2013

  • Art in Film Festival at Dusk 2013

    On my way to Tanjong Beach Club….


    When was the last time you caught a film, with toes in the sand, head in the clouds?

    Welcome to the Art in Film Festival at Dusk, where art buffs and curious cats enjoy the freedom to lounge, watch and gorge on film, food and festivity! All on the sandy beaches of Sentosa!


    This year’s inaugural event showcased an array of interesting, award-winning art films and documentaries:


    Had a delish fish & chips dinner at the TBC restaurant before heading over to the beckoning twinkling lights, where the rows of deck chairs awaited movie-goers.

    AFFD is a cinematic experience that fuses film with improvised performances, art and food.

    These girls were a human “popcorn vending machine”, give them your ticket and enjoy the little performance as they churn out your packet of popcorn!


    The film playing that night:

    I’m a huge fan of his fascinating & complex work! Powerful, neoexpressionism in a distinctive graffiti style. 


    Who needs a mega cineplex when you can do the same thing.. but with the ocean breeze under the stars? 

     The Radiant Child was a very engaging documentary about the brilliant Jean-Michel, the pulsating art world of New York City in the 90s, his struggles as a black artist…and his ultimately tragic death. I highly recommend you find it and watch it!

    If I could, I would have gone down for more screenings of the other docu-films AFFD had selected. All top-notch, critically-acclaimed. And, the beach experience was truly memorable and wonderful. Gold Class in nature ;)  I can only wait till next year’s festival! x

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  • Hello Dawn!

    Looking gorgeous as always, just curious what design of the cos lens your wearing in the photos?
    Just a pretty blue! *u*
    Wish I have to chance to attend the events you gone to! Seems so fun! x

  • Hi!

    Thanks for blogging about How Drama’s popcorn vending machine.
    Do let us know if you’d like to pop by for our production, Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap: 3D, in May.


  • It seems that nowadays blurry pictures are the trend like some fashion billboards I saw in ION Orchard.

  • @Blur%20Sotong - Ehhh, scary thing, I notice so many “Dawn Yang copycats” recently. All these young ah lian girls obviously modeling themselves after you with plastic surgery and aspire to be a “superstar blogger” too.

    It’s really the phenomenon that I think YOU started.

    Yea you are 10 years older than them but strangely you still look as young as them LOL

    Butttt…. gotta say you are the first and the original DAWN YANG! The prettiest, smartest and most classy! Followed you since you first appeared on the scene and will support u always! =D

    A word of advice from a sincere fan – can tell you’ve been neglecting your blog, you need to update more regularly like you did before. Maybe you’re busy with your fashion business and all the other stuff you do, but don’t forget your roots. And time to leave xanga, use wordpress.

  • @supre - 

    “And time to leave xanga, use wordpress.”

    Why ???

  • If you’re looking to hire an Assistant blogger, I would love to work for Singapore’s hottest blogger :)

    I think you will make a good boss that I can bully …. :D

  • @supre - 
    “And time to leave xanga, use wordpress.”
    The scenario that is supposed to play out:
    1)DY stays at Xanga and doesn’t “imitate” XX who said she’s moving to WordPress.
    2) This negates XX’s title,”most influential blogger” so all the bad things XX said in the past is reversed because XX didn’t influence DY to move to another site.

    Dirty trick, Supre!

  • @Catch - 

    XX only announced recently (after her blog got deleted) that she is moving to WordPress.
    DY already made plans to move to WordPress long before that…

  • @xoxo - 
    XX announced somewhere in January, DY “made plans long before” but where is that information coming from ? Link ?

  • You know, I was really trying to be fair and gave benefit of doubt to other well-known bloggers and celebrities but still kinda tend to agree that DAWN still remains the prettiest, hottest and most original. She looks great without makeup and her facial features are near perfect. Xiaxue’s nose still looks bad after 2 surgeries, not bad, but still those rhinostrils leave much to be desired, and she has to rely on heavy makeup most of the time. Peggy Heng looks not much different before and after her plastic surgeries, but I really hate her eyebrows now. As for Qiu, her eyes are turning out horribly droopy. It’s due to XX, Peggy and Qiu that I really hesitate to go for any plastic surgeries, although Dawn does give me some hope at times, but she’s only 1 out of like 4 who has turned out awesome. I have nothing against plastic surgeries and I believe God does not too, but I think I will just stick with my natural looks for now rather than risk looking like XX, Peggy or Qiu.

    Sorry…. but ultimately it’s the heart attitude that counts, and I’m sure XX and Qiu are not such bad people too.

  • Looking at XX’s house tour video, the balcony area should have been integrated with the living area. Lounging at the balcony area is not practical, the space is simply too small for that. The entrance to her pink bathroom is blocked by the island. Her dining table should have been at the same level as the island top for a better visual. The chairs there look like mass production. Heck, I’d not include a sink nor that chunk of an island in limited spaces. Why of all the things, did she choose a floral toilet with a floral granny cover? I haven’t mentioned the flowery tiles. Trashy trailer park taste to say the least. The blue chandelier looks like plastic actually. The rug and 2 pillows on the sofa look stiff and symmetrical. Cheap things can look good if the other elements are right, vice versa for expensive things. Too bad she got it wrong on so many levels, there is no artistic inclination. It’s a shame she didn’t hire an interior designer or get someone with an eye for interior design to do it. The house could have been nicer with little to no restriction on the sponsored stuff, I am sure she had lots to choose from. I am amazed by the compliments she got on that video site. Or do they delete comments that aren’t full of praise?

  • Oops, she did have an interior designer. Embarrassing, the ID did not do justice to the house. The swing cannot be swung properly, it will hit the wall.

  • I think her interior designer is just some Ah Beng contractor that she’s too embarrassed to introduce.

    She only likes introducing Ang Mo boyfriends.

  • I can understand why so often irrelevant Xiaxue topics are brought up here…. Dawn’s blog is so boring that there is nothing else to comment ?? !

    But then again…. that’s exactly what Xiaxue did to Dawn Yang didn’t she? – when she simply enjoyed picking on Dawn every now and then reminding and badly influencing her followers to join her in hating and insulting Dawn.

    Most influential blogger ??? NO thanks to Nuffnang which is proof that corruption does exist in Singapore….

  • The junk on the mantelpiece like “LOVE”, “MAIL” ect. are typically things child collects.(Not mentioning “DREAM” on her tv console) Again, they make the house look cheap. Her ID does not advise her on these?

    That string of vegetation on the sliding rail is so 70′s. Or 60′s. Not vintage but eeuw.

    Her chandelier is plastic after all! I thought it looked cheap at first sight. She recommends it because of the price. Cringe! I understand that there can be a budget constraint but with or without that constraint some people do make wrong choices like the design of an engagement toy-ring. *cough, XX*

    Lol, the pillows on the sofa are now placed on the side, no more symmetry. The dirty rug is out of sight.

    The company that uses the mechanics of her kitchen cabinets is not exactly innovative, such mechanism has been around for a while.

    Yes, some of the gadgets are nice. It’s the composition of the whole interior that is wrong plus the cheap looking stuff. The feeling I get is someone struck a lottery and tried to make her interior look good but due to the lack of artistic inclination she fails miserably.

  • Previously XX mentioned that her mother went around looking for sponsors for her house renovations and she even stated that some contractors refused to sponsor as they are uneducated, do not use internet and have never heard of the great XX. Now it seems that she has edited some contents in her blog and turns around and claims that sponsors approached her instead. Sounds nice but here is someone who has already read what she wrote before.

    I do find her claims of $80-90K (excluding sponsorships) renovation expenses too high for what looks like cheap furniture and fittings. My friend did a complete renovation of his large 5-room HDB flat for less than $50K total and his house looks much more chic, stylish and glamorous than XX’s. He changed everything from ceiling to the floor, partition, cabinets, walls, toilets and furniture… and his total bill only came up to less than $50K after the ID gave him a good discount even though he’s not even a celebrity or anything !!!

    I think the ID company is Darwin Interior or something. A smart and diligent consumer like my friend did his research and got quotes from at least 3 ID companies before he negotiated the price and got the great discount, and they did an excellent job for his house which they took less than 3 months to finish.

    Don’t be fooled by a lazy and greedy blogger who brags about all the sponsorships she claims to have received (which XX’s mother actually begged for some). Diligently compare and contrast prices and check out who is the real loser !

    An executive HDB flat or maisonette is not much bigger than a large 5-room flat, just one bedroom extra and some have balcony. In fact, the living room of a 5-room flat can be much bigger if there’s no balcony. I know because I have been actively looking at houses myself. I’d gladly choose Darwin Interior over Icon Interior anytime if I needed renovations, now that I know the price difference. At least XX has helped me decide on which ID to eliminate !

  • Eeewww, the starfish lamp! The backdrop of her tv is like converted cheap flooring. A buoy here, a steering wheel there, an oar in the corner are indeed objects that belong to a beach theme but what’s so vintage about the interior? She got the “shabby chic theme” in the bathroom all wrong. That’s not shabby chic ! It’s trashy trailer park theme.

    She is delusional if she thinks interior design is her thing.

  • It is sad that 80% of the comments here are about XX when it is supposed to be about dawn. And it’s sad that people get a kick out of bashing others, at the end of the day live and let live. Dawn has her right to live her life the way she wants and so for xx and everyone else.

  • “Dawn has her right to live her life the way she wants and so for xx and everyone else.”

    Yeah, but for XX, she lives her life pretty much harassing Dawn when Dawn did nothing to her except sued her ages ago for her own stupidity. Even today, XX continues to troll and insult Dawn each time she’s possessed by the devil. The unrepentent fool XX is pathetic and she can’t do anything to defend herself….. Isn’t it funny that the “Most Influential” blogger gets agitated when her facebook haters never repented and she had to write lengthy blog posts to lament about it, when she herself is guilty of being totally unapologetic and unrepentant about anything? She thinks as the “most influential” blog “queen” of Singapore, she has the right to do what she wants but others can’t say anything bad about her. I do admire Dawn for publishing all comments without moderation or deletion including even nasty comments about her own Boss Ming. Guess he deserves it too…. Anyway XX only publishes comments that mostly praise her, even if it’s 500 comments saying the same old thing ! LOL… haha.. boring! But it’s nice to come to Dawn’s blog and read different views and more matured comments, though some comments are also hilarious and mean. Guess there’s no better place to expose XX than in Dawn’s site, and XX deserves it.

  • @whatonly - 
    “It is sad that 80% of the comments here are about XX when it is supposed to be about dawn.”
    Even if Dawn disallows the comments about XX, these comments will spring up elsewhere, at another site. You think Dawn really is the reason people comment the way they do about XX? XX made too many enemies!

  • Looks like Dawn has handed over her blog to fans.

    Where are you? Missing Dawny…

  • @Lol - 
    Dawn has handed over blog to fans to XX? No, XX made enemies who will expose her, here or somewhere else.

  • Are there any famous female bloggers at all in Singapore who don’t bitch, lie, exaggerate, brag and embarrass themselves? Did MP-wannabe Cheo Ming Shen trained them to do those things so that HE can make more money out of their disgrace? Aiyoooh…. shame shame. No, I’m not just singling out Xiaxue, but also Dawn Yang, Peggy Heng and Qiu Qiu, lah!

    Seriously, I’d have more respect and admiration for a blogger who can claim that she spent only, say, $10-$20k for house renovations but still able to make her house look like a million bucks, then a blogger who boasts that she received sponsorships of $100k and spent another $80k of her own money to make her house looking like a low-class hospital.

    OK, I’m also exaggerating lah, but hey, I’m not a blogger working for Nuffnang who wants to get away with lying and exaggerating to mislead and deceive advertisers and sponsors like you guys. But I sure hope you are at least smart enough to get my point.

    No Xiaxue, don’t worry Ok, your house doesn’t look like a low-class hospital. Actually, it looks like a high-class hospital.

  • Xiaxue’s fans handed over by Dawn? Then these fans have been kind to XX with all their mild comments.

  • “It’s the little details that count… “
    WC has got that right in words! In execution, she’s got it wrongggggggggggg. Interior designer my ass. She forgot to make the laminate flooring a little bigger. Half assed work is if you let half the legs stand on the carpet and the other half on laminate. It is visually nicer if all legs stand on one type of flooring.

    WC…..nice initials. Also stands for washing closet.

  • By legs I meant the legs of the dining chairs and bar stools.

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