April 22, 2013

  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

    I was quite pleased with the smokey eye make-up I did on myself for Lexi Lyla’s latest 13.5 lookbook shot (seen in the previous post before this)

    Sharing some selfies I took that day after I changed out at home as I think they turned out pretty nice.

    This style of smokey-eye make-up is very dark and dramatic, yet soft and ethereal.

    Not to mention, it makes eyes look larger :)

    Wanna know how I achieved the look? I regularly get requests from followers to share my make-up tips, so I hope you find the following useful!


    1. Line upper and lower lash line with black liquid eyeliner.

    2. Soften the black eyeliner a little by smudging it with a thick brown-black eyeliner pencil, in soft strokes and blend.

    3. Apply a shimmery dark brown/gunmetal eyeshadow all over the upper eyelid, reaching above the crease and extending out further from the ends of your eye. More emphasis on the outer corners. Blend well.

    4. Darken the crease line to add depth. Blend well.

    5. Apply the same eyeshadow along the lower lid, over and beyond the eyeliner. Don’t do it in a straight line, imagine a crescent moon shape under your eye and fill it in, with more emphasis downwards on the outer corners of your eyes. This will create a wider, doe-eyed effect. Blend well.

    6. The overall effect should be like a round halo around your eyes, with no obvious harsh lines. 

    7. Add a touch of bright eyeshadow (white or pearly cream) at the inner corners of your eyes.
    8. End with generous coats of mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

    To be honest, in my decade of modelling I have never met any local makeup artist who can do a great smokey eye, in my humble opinion. (Or perhaps I haven’t had the good fortune of working with one of the top MUAs in sg yet haha). They usually seem to follow some outdated, cookie-cutter textbook for white people, without studying/adapting to each individual’s Asian features. The smokey eye they give Asian girls almost always ends up looking like a Cleopatra cat-eye. 

    I think this is also evidenced by the fact that I’ve heard countless of girls lament and complain about how MUAs for their makeover/bridal/whatever shoots make them look uglier rather than prettier? One of my girlfriends getting married soon was so horrified she has decided to just do it herself on her big day!

    Anyway, I digress.

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    ♥ Dawn


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