April 25, 2013

  • Future Music Festival Asia: Day 1

    Bigger and badder this time round, the second edition of Future Music Festival Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was one crazy rockin’ party you should not have missed. Wait, make it two crazy rockin’ parties!

    The king of trance and ranked no.1 in the world , Dutch DJ
    Armin van Buuren was the headlining act on Day 1. 

    35,000 party-goers made their way to Sepang International Circuit on 15th March to be part of a little electronic dance music history — Armin’s A State Of Trance 600: The Expedition tour, which marks 600 episodes of the Internet radio show he launched in 2001.

    Peace & smiles, as we wait in the massive car pile-up leading to the festival grounds.

    Our other 2 friends were probably not so happy though – they let us off first and ended up having to park reallyyyyy far. Then they had to navigate an obstacle course of forests and ditches to get there, poor guys! It sounded like a refugee/war story.

    Check out all the excited party people, all pumped and raring to go.

    YEA YEA! I love it when people dress up funny at music festivals :) But being in the tropics, boy must it be hot!

    Sunset falls.

    Lots of fun tents and colorful lighting, electric atmosphere.

    To be honest, I’m not a big fan of being elbowed and stepped all over in giant, sticky, sweaty crowds. I guess I’ve done it too many times before and I’ve had enough, lol!

    Thankfully I had the Media and VIP tents to hang out in as well. Air conditioning, sofas, water, and food :D

    Sophia and Deva, the super nice PR folks who took care of me really well

    Photographer Mike.

    Malaysian babes.

    Expected expats.

    Had a lot of fun playing electronic darts, courtesy of iDarts Malaysia.

    I sucked at first, but after a bit of instruction, I managed to hit a couple of bull’s eye ;P

    But my favorite spot hands down, has got to be the giant ferris wheel.

    Unlike the crawling Singapore Flyer, this one goes round at a decently fun speed, and we got to enjoy a surreal aerial view while jumping and rocking around the swinging carriage. 


    “Argghhh, we’re better off up here!”

    Before Armin played his anticipated set, there were several cool opening acts as well — Super 8 & Tab from Finland, UK’s Ben Gold, Dutch duo W&W, and Germany’s Cosmic Gate. All hand-picked by the superstar DJ himself.

    When he went on, the crowd went berserk into a prolonged one hour high, a state of euphoric trance ecstasy.



    The entire show was broadcast live on his two-hour internet radio series, which has a reported 20 million listeners from over 40 digital stations across 26 countries.

    …..Party pics ahead. It was super great hanging out with the peeps from Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Australia, and well, everywhere else. Let the good times roll.

    Though my legs ached and my sandals were nasty by the end, there was this one moment. One of pure emotional, stirring melody lifting me up into a universe of lights… and it was worth it.

    But the 3 hr coach journey back to the hotel? Hmm… that I have to consider again ;)

    Took photos with lots of people, thank you to those who IGed me!

    And make sure I see the rest of you there at next year’s Future Music Festival Asia too! 

    Day 2 blog post coming up next, stay tuned.

    ♥ Dawn

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