June 18, 2013


    AsiaRooms.com Launches Singapore’s First Pop-up Hotel

    I love staycations, so I definitely scored when I had the exciting opportunity to be the FIRST guest at a swanky little pop-up hotel room, courtesy of AsiaRooms.com!

    Of course, location is key in a hotel’s attractiveness…. so where did they set up the mobile hotel at?

    Why, right smack in the middle of Raffles Place. You can’t get any busier than that! 

    AsiaRooms.com is a leading online travel accommodation specialist in Asia. They unveiled Singapore’s first ever mobile hotel, as part of a cool campaign for travellers and for the public to win $25,000 in prizes. The compact, luxury hotel room can simply be packed up, put on the back of a truck and moved to another location.

    It will be open to the public in the day, for three weekends from 6th June to 23rd June.

    Me and other special invited guest, travel blogger Darren Ng, at the opening launch. Clarence Lin, Brand Development at AsiaRooms.com said, “We appreciate that hotel rooms are essential to making a trip enjoyable and memorable. With this pop-up hotel, we aim to offer you the great experience of choosing the right room for your dream vacation. This is made easier with AsiaRooms.com’s vast offerings of over 60,000 hotels which also feature a ‘book now, pay later‘ policy”.

    The hotel is fully functional and features a specially designed glass wall facade at its exterior. This would be another first for me,  I better not do anything embarrassing in front of the passing seas of people at Raffles Place!

    Mini bar provided as well as DVDs :)

    Thank you AsiaRooms.com for making sure the stay is as smooth and perfect as possible!

    This quirky slumber party with my sister (I got to bring her as my +1) was about to start.

    I changed into something more comfortable for the night.

    View from the outside. It felt a bit strange at first, like Nemo in a fish tank. But I soon warmed up to the many curious on-lookers observing me, giving them a wave and smile occasionally.

    Everything that could be done to make a temporary structure luxuriously modern has been, from the comfort of the bed and soft linens to pretty flowers, plush bedroom slippers, carpeted flooring and iPod/radio dock. robes and slippers. 

    Thanks to their sincerity and way of the samurai, two Japanese followers were let in to take photos. Honestly, I was quite surprised I had Japanese fans who live here. I couldn’t muster up much of my rusty speaking skills to communicate with them, but we had one common language… bring out the kawaii!

    Since AsiaRooms.com always tries to find the right room for its customers, I was fully expecting some fun hotel activities lined up catered to my tastes. I wasn’t disappointed :)

    Treated to a manicure & pedicure by Hands + Feet Studio

    Pampered with an amazing in-room massage.

    Cute private butler to see to our every need.

    The vacation must-do: Room Service

    Romantic dining with teddy…

    … and my sister, while we watched Johnny Depp in “The Rum Diary” on the large flat screen tv.

    I was happy they provided magazines too for bed time browsing.

    Good night…

    The next morning, we woke up to a view of the crystal blue ocean.

    AsiaRooms.com thinks of everything huh ;)

    My sister takes a peek at the rush hour crowd outside before she heads to work. 

    As for myself, I had the luxury of sleeping in a little longer :)

    Yawn… stretching. Good morning world behind the curtains, I’m almost ready to face you.

    At 9am, I “checked out”. First person to stay in the middle of Singapore’s iconic Raffles Place, check.

    All in all, it was an incredibly fun and unique experience which is what all vacations should be like!

    With the room vacated, AsiaRooms.com could open the room up to members of the public during day hours.

    You can visit and stand to win up to $25,000 in prizes, including hotel stays, spa and dining vouchers at luxury hotels, Swatch watches and Apple iPods. I personally witnessed some lucky folks win stays at 5-star hotels like The Sentosa Resort and Swissotel!

    Step1: Admire the room. Snap some photos. Then line up for your turn.

    Step 2: Pick one out of ten door keys. If the right key fits…..

    Step 3: Voila! You get to step into Singapore’s first mobile hotel and win a fantastic prize! Put on your best guessing hats and choose one of the boxes on the wall behind me. There’s something awaiting you in every box!

    This weekend, the AsiaRooms.com Pop-up Hotel will be relocated to Singapore’s most popular shopping district. Hint hint. Location is still a secret, but it’ll be easy to spot. Say hi to blogger Darren Ng, it’ll be his turn to stay overnight.

    This will be the last weekend and the hotel will say byebye on 23rd June, so don’t miss your chance to win!

    For more information and live updates, connect with AsiaRooms.com through:




    In conjunction with the pop-up hotel launch, AsiaRooms.com has also put together a series of exclusive hotel deals around the region at up to 83% off. Visit www.asiarooms.com to book. 

    I hope you find the right room! 


    ♥ Dawn 


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