June 21, 2013

  • AsiaRooms.com Pop-Up Hotel Videos

    Following up on the previous blog post, here are some videos & interviews about my very unique stay in the AsiaRooms.com pop-up hotel at Raffles Place.

    Razor TV being Razor TV, of course sensationalised the second one ever so sneakily…

    Most popular video on their site this month. Well… thanks!

    ♥ Dawn

Comments (6)

  • Check out this blog of Malaysian girls before-after photos. your DY wannabes ha ha.


    Do you know any of them Dawn?

  • Beautiful girl! fun time, but did you sleep with the glass there?

  • Your eyes are soooooo huge and you have a baby face too. Lucky Dawn is lucky :(

    Celyx Lim

  • I’m not Christian but I love you more than you will know! My dream to meet you someday :)

  • What a joke dawn. hahaha You are so cheap. I bet they pay you 3 digits to get you sleep in that place.
    p.s. don’t smile with your teeth. you look ugly.

  • @haha - 

    Hi Xiaxue, Dawn’s smile is much better than your gummy smile. In fact your set of teeth looks like it has been chipped from too much blow jobs! Hahahaha…..

    - Dashole

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