Month: August 2013

  • Dermacare Clinic 1st Anniversary Party

    From birth to first year, is always a milestone to celebrate. And there was one more reason celebrate this time round- I’ve enjoyed one year of fabulous, luxurious pampering and facials that have been so good for my skin! 

    Headed down to ION Art for Dermacare’s first birthday party :)  

    Dermacare ( is an aesthetic & laser clinic that offers the most current medical expertise with high standards of quality in an unparalled luxury setting.

    For example, their urban retreat in ION Orchard has a sleek entrance that can be assessed directly from the carpark, allowing clients to be dropped off directly for convenience and privacy. Guests can enjoy juices, organic teas and bird’s nest beverages while relaxing in a stylish private lounge. Service by attendants and doctors are impeccable. 

    Speaking from first hand experience :)

    With an enthusiastic turnout of over 150 guests, well-known personalities and socialites, we were treated to a snazzy evening of art, performances, and personal demonstrations of Dermacare’s state-of-the art machines.

    Tracy Phillips and actress Huang Biren were among guests

    With Dr. Dennis Kwan, Mr and Mrs Gerald Teo, founders of Dermacare 

    ION Art, is a dedicated art space/gallery within ION Orchard shopping mall.

    The choice of event venue could not be more befitting. After all, art and aesthetic medicine are, at it’s core, much similar to each other. Both seek to create beauty, balance and harmony; both artist and doctor must skilfully manipulate interactions of lines, colour, texture, shape and size that are evoke emotion and appreciation. 

    The British art critic Herbert Read said, “All artists have … the desire to please; and art is … defined as an attempt to create pleasing forms.

    Above: DermaC HydraFacial is a highly effective facial that utilizes advanced technology for better results. It exfoliates dead skin cells and extracts impurities with a vacuum-based skin abrasion tip, whilst simultaneously bathing the healthy underlying skin with active serums containing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It’s feels very luxuriant, and leaves your skin is absolutely hydrated and supple. 

    My “after” photo at the end! 

    Congrats Dermacare!

    Here’s a handphone snapshot after their RevLite laser and HydraFacial. 

    No foundation or powder on. Loved how dewy and glowing my skin was :)

    DERMACARE Aesthetics & Laser Clinic

    2 Orchard Turn #05-05 ION Orchard
    Singapore 238801
    Tel: 66346328/ 27/ 29

    1 Harbourfront Walk VivoCity #02-158
    Singapore 098585
    Tel: 63769648/ 47 


  • Retail Therapy

    Regal shades are reserved for nobles, queens and of course, reigning fashionistas.
    Give your wardrobe the royal treatment with girly hues in a deeper, hotter twist.

    And, inspiration from one of my favorite actresses / movies…

    Have fun shopping!!! :)

  • SAVOUR 2013

    Food, is one the my favourite pleasures to enjoy in life.

    Call it gluttony, or part of my national heritage (Happy belated birthday Singapore!!!), but I’m always hunting for the best and most delicious dishes to whet my appetite. There’s no point wasting calorie intake on lousy food don’t you agree? :)

    I was eagerly anticipating this year’s Savour 2013, having missed last year’s. Savour 2013 is a huge gastronomical event that lets food enthusiasts experience a unique gourmet festival with the world’s top restaurants, Michelin-starred dishes, expert master classes, live demonstrations, fun workshops and culinary shopping.

    That fateful Saturday evening that I went, it started pouring. Or more like, STORMING. What a downer for an outdoor festival. Thank goodness for the fabulous Nespresso folks especially Dixie, who provided a giant umbrella and warm shelter and a pippin’ hot cuppa coffee in the Nespresso stop :) Even then, the umbrella kept threatening to fly away with the relentless winds!


    Fashion style of the night – raincoats.

    ….. and the wet weather finally came to an end! Everyone was free to come out to play eat once more.
    One cool thing about Savour, is that you get to meet & greet the top chefs in a relaxed and close setting. 

    Chef Gunther of French restaurant Gunther’s in Singapore

    Some of the dishes I tried:
    Quinoa Risotto, Wild Mushrooms and Jerusalem Artichoke Textures
    Gunther’s famed Cold Angel Hair Pasta & Caviar
    Sakura Pork Belly slow cooked for 1 hour in Salt
    Truffle Kampachi, Yellowtail with Black Truffle Soya
    55′ Smoked Organic Egg, Smoked Ratte Puree, Chorizo Iberico, Buckwheat, Cep oil

    White Chocolate and Coconut Panna Cotta, with Lime Compressed Pineapple, Pistachios & Alfonso Mango Puree

    And more that I was so busy wolfing down I forgot to note the names ^.^

    With Chef Jason Atherton of Pollen Street Social.

    My favorite dish of the night came from him!

    Presenting the absolutely amazing….

    Slow Cooked Angus Ox Cheek braised in Burgundy, Horseradish & Potato Puree, Roasted Carrots & Bone Marrow Crumb

    Apparently, I was not the only fan.


    I bet Tricia will be back next year, and definitely so will I.

    See you at Savour 2014 for the very best in food and drinks! :)

    ♥ Dawn

  • Stand-Up Comedy

    For Shandon’s birthday yesterday, I thought we’d do something different and so I suggested checking out Comedy Masala at Home Club.
    Everyone loves some laughs right? :)

    Comedy Masala is a weekly “Standup Comedy Open Mic” night and gives anyone a chance to learn and perform standup comedy to a live audience, for three to five minutes every Tuesday.

    It’s held in a small, pared down venue; dark, old and a little grimy, apparently a weekend hipster hangout, but I liked it because of it’s authenticity that reminded me of my NYC adventures, and it being wholly different from the slicked-up poseur clubs that have come to dot Singapore’s nightscape.

    Anyhow. I went with full knowledge that the brave men putting themselves up for potential ridicule were amateurs, hence one’s standards must not be too lofty. That’s the fun of it too, I suppose — the “it’s so bad that it’s good” entertainment. The question of the night for us was – what to expect from Singaporean comedians?

    Firstly, they’re not all Singaporean. A good majority of the performers were foreigners and expats. Secondly, I was none too impressed. At many points I would have walked out or put in some ear plugs if I could.


    You see, in my opinion, this is the litmus test of a truly gifted comic:

    1. He has no need to resort to using the word “f***” or other vulgarities repeatedly to be funny.

    2. He has no need to resort to crude sexual jokes or use sexual innuendos to be funny.

    3. He has no need to persistently keep shrieking and screaming loudly like a hyena on drugs to be funny. (the mic is working, you have our attention, and thank you very much for the splitting headache)

    Unfortunately, besides one or two exceptions, such talent was SORELY LACKING at Comedy Masala, and some might say in the stand-up comedy world today. Cheap comedy is using cheap low brow tactics to garner cheap laughs. And worse when it falls flat on a silent audience, as it did ever so often during the show. If you were one of the performers and you plead guilty to the above charges, repent redraft & improve. Keep trying!

    I leave you with an example of one very unique stand-up legend and also my personal favourite: Mitch Hedberg.

    Brilliant understated wit. ROFL :)

  • FTV Beach Festival

    The weekend that will be.

    Sand between your toes.
    Bubbles of bubbly bursting on your tongue.
    6 luxury fashion shows
    Music and dancing from sunset to moonlight.
    It’s the FTV Beach Festival at the Tanjong Beach Club!
    Held for the first time ever in Singapore, this is one spectacular event that will be broadcast to 350million FTV viewers worldwide. Come be part of the fun action!
    How do I know its going to be that good? Well it’s being hosted by little old me and I know just how much planning, effort and attention to detail has gone into this  - its going to be an amazing time and I’d love to see you there :)

    As a fashion label owner myself,  I’m so excited about the FTV beach festival  - local and international  and a party that’s definitely going to get a little wild.  Who else is up for a midnight swim?  


    Tickets at

    Looking forward to the weekend!

    ♥ Dawn