January 9, 2013

  • Everyday Photo Diary

    In the hotel, before my radio interview at Red.FM in Kuala Lumpur


    Tea party at my place :)

    Kooky night tea party

    Princess forever x love Audrey

    Vintage! Say cheese!

    Fave reads over coffee


    Hot Mama Burger @ Road House

    Carry my thoughts by light of the moonbeams. x


    What’s my mood…?

    My living room. Wishing ^.^ ..W Singapore Sentosa Cove..

    My dad’s favorite fruit is banana. So we got him this card.

    He went bananas over his present (an iPhone5) 

    Shadow play

    My arm candy

    Sunset from our villa in Phuket

    After a vavavoluminous blow dry @ Essensuals Bugis

    Happy birthday to my dear grandma who brought me up! ♥
    Big dinner at Tung Lok
    Nice touch with the cool Chinese poem of blessings written in squid ink :)

    My ultimate favourite cake from P.S Cafe

    Creamcheese cupcake screaming “eat me!”

     On board the coach in the morning. No make up sleepy face~ zzz

    ♥, Dawn

Comments (16)

  • You’re so pretty! I love yoU!

    That chocolate marshmallow cake looks GOOOOODDD

  • Are you single?
    I ask because you seem lonely. People your age are getting married, and having their own family. Not that it means that’s what you should be doing, but what I find is that even with the parties you go to, your entries don’t make me think you’re enjoying life, they make me think you’re lonely and alone.

  • @xoy -  I’ve been following Dawn for a long time, I honestly doubt she is lonely and alone! In fact i dunno why u say that! She seems to have a vibrant life w friends n her family. Maybe cos she hasnt been blogging as much as before? But u can follow her FB and twitter n instagram to know more updates.. I heard from the grapevine she has a long-time bf but it is obvious she keeps her love life private so we never see him lol. IIRC she also once tweeted something about disagreeing with couples who flaunt their relationships…

  • You look cute and awesome without make-up! :)

    Some bloggers I know only look good with make-up…. not just make-up but excessive make-up (Qiu, XX). Feel sorry for them and others who assume you must be sad and lonely just because you are single.

  • xoy: Dawn is not even 30 yet. There are many people over 30 who are not married and it’s very normal nowadays. A husband is not the key to happiness. It’s stupid to think she is lonely just because she isn’t married.

    Randa: Have you seen Qiuqiu in the movie Ah boys to Men? All my friends and i thought she looked horrible!!! We were shocked! Not pretty at all with little makeup and HD camera. Big difference from her online pics! She confirm puts very heavy makeup and photoshops herself. As for Xiaxue, we all know her makeup is even more wayang and her photoshop more drastic.

  • Ah Boys To Men had a ton of CGI effects… but they couldn’t even CGI that blogger’s cui face a bit. Sibei jialat.

  • psst psst, I think I know who her “boyfriend” is huhuhuhuhu…


  • @starktony

    why do you say jeric is her bf? :O

  • Wow, I love the interior design of the Singapore Sentosa Cove that you visited. Gorgeous.
    And also find that banana card hilarious :)

  • Great photos! Please post more look of the day shots! You’re so beautiful with and without makeup!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Where did you get those leather looking shorts? Love it!

  • Love your leggings and the b’day card.


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