March 10, 2013

  • Meeting David Choi

    An intimate affair that was music to my ears.

    A couple of friends and I were really blessed to enjoy a small, private get-together with YouTube star sensation David Choi, where he treated us to a heartfelt acoustic performance of his songs!

    David’s music set me adrift on big fluffy clouds; reminds me of a cozy cuppa hot chocolate, the soft touch of lover’s fingertips trailing golden sunsets.

    Unlike so many of the other so-called “YouTube stars”, he writes and composes his own songs, this guy has huge talent that’s for sure.

    Listen to and watch his videos at

    With David and So-Young, my friend who first met him whilst on a plane to Korea.

    Moral of the story? Strike up a conversation with the person next to you on your flight, you never know who you might meet ;)

    We headed to a Mexican restaurant for dinner afterwards where we all had a good time chatting over tacos and burritos. Fact: David loves the taco trucks in L.A! 

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  • Waah… this guy got close to 1 million youtube subscribers! Looks like nerdy ah beng but so popular… never heard of him till now.

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  • David really has a nice romantic voice that would make every girl fall in love.By the way, this is Caren from CaraMabes

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