Month: July 2013

  • Anna Sui 15th Anniversary Party

    I’ve always admired Anna Sui’s gorgeous designs that I personally like to call “gothic boho-glam“. With her inspirations ranging from Belle Époque, Pre-Raphaelite paintings, Uzbekistan, to the American West, they’re always exciting and culturally interesting.

    The famed designer visited Singapore recently to celebrate her label’s 15th Anniversary! 

    Held at Royal Room in Pan Pacific Hotel, we were treated to Anna Sui’s latest 2013 Autumn Collection as well as a meet-and-greet with the lady herself.

    Photobooth time with Valerie! Wearing a dress sponsored by Zardoze.


    With Anna Sui and her models.

    Anna Sui is so cute in person. Like a china doll mama :) From her outfit it is clear she remains true to her style and aesthetic.

    Anna Sui said, “ It is so thrilling to be celebrating 15 years of Anna Sui Cosmetics!”

    “Starting Anna Sui Cosmetics was absolutely a dream come true…I am so proud of every item because they are a combination of the things I love and the things I dream about.”

    The most stand-out item for me has got to be the new Ring Rouge. This giant gothic style of ring is Anna Sui’s favorite and she wears them all the time. The first debut of Ring Rouge was in 2001, the design was Anna Sui’s signature rose blossom ring; it has since been launched in different designs and colors in different seasons after that.

    Ring Rouge is a classic iconic product of Anna Sui Cosmetics and it strongly represents Anna Sui’s unique style, the new design emphasizes the classic gothic style of her brand elements. The new Ring Rouge offers Clear Gloss Oil that provides a superior fit and forms a thick, even cosmetic film, which ensures glamorous lips that stay glossy for a long time.

    On a side note, I was struck by how this Anna Sui assistant (wearing the Ring Rouge on her hand) looks like old Michelle Phan before ! And they both are makeup artists… it felt like deja vu!

    ♥ Dawn

  • Guest Appearance on “Football Overload

    Astro SuperSport Malaysia’s TV show “Football Overload” invited us Passion for Fashion folks as guests on their show the day after the event

    So founder/organizer Josiah, fellow designer Huijean and I were in the studio kicking it with the four entertaining hosts Michelle, Adam, Roshan and Reem on the right :)

    The ticking time-bomb (ball) that is called DEAD BALL! 

    We had a super fun time playing lots of hilarious games. I won the one where we had to guess which direction various penalty kicks were going to go hehe *fist pump*

    Wow I somehow made it through the episode. Even though I know nuts about football, except that Beckham can bend it, Messi is the new hand of God, and Ronaldo is very good-looking. ;)

    Football Overload is on Thursdays 9:00pm – Astro SuperSport (Ch 811) & SuperSport HD (Ch 831)

    ♥ Dawn

  • Retail Therapy



  • Everyday Photo Diary

    Hello, happy Saturday afternoon

    Let’s do the loco Lomo

    Hello sweet little thing!

    Trigger happy hoarding. Who else doesn’t like deleting photos?

    Can you see our halos..? ;) We are your friendly angel ushers in church 


    Sis and I both in Lexi Lyla



    Mirror mirror on the wall…


    Love the high ceilings, art deco interiors and abundance of sunlight at Clifford :)

    Chocoholics unite!


    Stack ‘em up! Yum

    Getting prepped for a studio shoot

    Fun table topics for guests to chat over their meal at Ben’s in KL

    My kinda dessert

    Leather panel blazer look #1

    Leather panel blazer look #2!

    Just one of the things I train in…. bull’s eye every time.

    Chilling at home on the weekend

    Happy with my giant candy floss at Sesame Street! :)

    Accosted by Beetle Juice

    One year older :: Thousand layer cake


    Carrying my vintage leather briefcase bag that I got from a NYC flea market

    Look ma, I gotch whiskers! ;)

    Looking out my bedroom window, the morning sky took my breath away.

    Red & Gold. I should head to the casino.


    This is why I’m fat… Me & my cupcake supper!


    ♥, Dawn

  • Interview with CLEO Malaysia

    Visit the fab magazine’s website!

    ♥ Dawn

  • Lexi Lyla x Passion for Fashion 2013

    Just a while back, my sister and I were in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for one of the city’s most anticipated party nights of the year – PASSION FOR FASHION. 

    This glitzy annual event is organized by my friend Josiah Mizukami, and we were especially excited to work in conjunction with Belvedere Vodka to present a fashion show segment by our online boutique Lexi Lyla

    Some shots from the runway.

    A big thank you to Josiah and Belvedere Vodka for making the show and whole party a roaring success :)

    This special collection is now launched on the website.

    … plus some of our new bags. If you’re crazy about studs, you’ll love these like I do!



    Here’s more of what happened at Passion for Fashion.

    Rehearsing with the models in the afternoon, together with other designer of the night Huijean of Luve Luxe.

    Yup, the organizers just had to have the token hunky male model ^.^

    Like the naughty black sheep of the class, there were some trouble ones who simply weren’t paying attention. Then were also a few who had “diva moments” wanting to change their outfits… unless it’s indecent or doesn’t fit, aren’t good models supposed to just wear what they’re asked to? 

    I was slightly anxiety-ridden doing the fittings and rehearsal mere hours before the party, not to mention the big rush of changing hair and makeup for the girls after their first show. But thank God everything went along quite smoothly without a hitch in the end.

    Backstage with the girls.

    It was a sauna in the changing room, but the models held up well!

    After everything, I could finally let my hair down and party with friends.

    Glad to see Charles & Fay again! 

    With Josiah Mizukami and Leng Yein

    I feel bad for photographers sometimes, they have to carry such huge heavy bags of equipment around!

    What’s more gratifying than ending the night with a supper feast at Wong Ah Wah in Jalan Alor? :)

    My favourite dishes at the old school zhi char place: salted egg yolk squid and grilled chicken wings. Mmmm.

    Till next year’s Passion for Fashion. And remember to check out Lexi Lyla’s latest arrivals!

    ♥ Dawn