Month: February 2013

  • Advertorial Feature

    Not your typical wedding slideshow.

    I watched it and felt all fuzzy inside. How sweet and beautiful! From

    Using just sand, a lightbox and a simple projector, these fluid illustrations are fascinating to watch and they make your personal stories come alive right before your eyes. Perhaps part of what makes the art form so appealing, is its fragility and ephemeral nature.

    Anyone getting married soon? Something like this would be a great idea to include at a wedding! This unique art performance will leave guests mesmerized. 
  • Retail Therapy

    It sold out the night it was launched, I’m very happy that shoppers love our dress!

    Not to fret if you missed out, we are having a backorder so hop on over to

    to purchase yours… we are only manufacturing limited quantities so it might be a good idea to get them before they’re gone again. Also available in red :)  

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    ♥ Dawn


  • Morning Show on RED RM Malaysia

    Sometime not too long ago, did you turn on your car radio while driving to work and happened hear me joking around with 2 funny men? If so, a big pat on your back for tuning in to the awesome RED FM!

    I had a riot of a time with comedian Papi Zak and the long-standing king of Malaysian airwaves.. Lil’ Kev! They are absolutely hilarious!…. but such huge sweethearts as well :) Big thanks to them for having me on the show and ♥ to Malaysian listeners!


    Getting psyched in my KL hotel room before heading off to the station


    Papi Zak acting cute, Jeremy being a quack, Lil’ Kev… umm, honestly no idea what he’s doing….

    Before I knew how to spell his name, I thought he was called “Puppy Zak”. Ha ha.

    What a bright way to start the day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with them.

    Radio is so much fun and interactive, it made me wistfully wish I could turn back time and accept the previous 987fm dj job offer years back ^.^ 

    Singaporeans, you can tune in to RED at 92.8FM.
    Malaysian peeps… oh c’mon you should know by now yes? 

    ♥ Dawn

  • Oscars 2013 Red Carpet Fashion

    The biggest event in Hollywood, did you catch it this year? I thought many of the nominees were very strong, I honestly had a hard time deciding who I’d pick to win for each category. A little disappointing though, that “Beasts of the Southern Wild” went home empty-handed. This seriously underrated film unfortunately seems to be overshadowed by the blockbusters… it is truly original, a wonderfully imaginative work of ingenuity and incredibly moving. 

    Not quite as typical as the other Best Picture films. Please go watch it if you haven’t already.

    In any case, the Oscars undoubtedly gives me a good fill of my two loves – movies and fashion. The stunning looks on the red carpet are part of what makes the awards show so enticing.

    Here are my winners of the night ;)

    1. Norah Jones in Tadashi Shoji 2. Naomi Watts in Armani 3. Stacy Keibler in Naeem Khan
    4. Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward 5. Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab 6. Kristin Chenoweth in Tony Ward

    Clearly a hot trend of black with silver trimmings, shimmery gunmetals… all spell cool sophistication.

    7. Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta 8. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior 9. Amanda Seyfried in Alexander Mcqueen
    10. Charlize Theron in Dior 11. Jessica Chastain in Armani 12. Olivia Munn in Marchesa

    Feminine, old school hollywood gowns with and gorgeous long trains…. classic and beautiful.

    Beside the awards ceremony, the stars also come out in full force to rock the myriad of other Oscar parties that night. The tone is a bit more playful and I spotted many interesting looks.

    1. Elizabeth Banks in Alexander McQueen 2. Paz Vega in Stephane Rolland 3. Karolina Kurkova in Atelier Versace 4. Emma Roberts in Oscar de la Renta

    Do you concur with my winners? Which ones are your favorites? 

    ♥ Dawn

  • Advertorial Feature

    As a regular patron of
    Tokyo Bust Express, I was recently invited down for more treatments at their new and latest branch – in City Square Mall!


    It is conveniently located next to Farrer Park MRT and you can easily walk over to the famous 24 hr Mustafa next door for some late night shopping.

    The place was very clean, incredibly warm and cozy, done up in soothing colors, florals and soft woods. Plus, they took the effort to add a touch of festive cheer by putting up Chinese New Year decorations :) After all the gluttonous feasting on bak kwa and pineapple tarts., it was certainly time to whip myself back into shape.

    I shall start from the top – a fuller looking bust helps make your waist look smaller!

    But forget pills, injections or painful surgery.  At Tokyo Bust Express, they believe in harnessing the very best of Japan’s most advanced techniques and equipment to help you achieve your ideal bustline, NATURALLY.


    The secret?

    An extraordinary therapy utilizing organic soybeans extract naturally brimmed with phyto nutrients, coupled with traditional special massages and cutting-edge technology from the land of the rising sun.

    One key ingredient used is Pueraria Mirifica – a herb they say is scientifically proven to help in growing larger and firmer breasts!


    Pueraria Mirifica or also known as “White Kwao Krua”

    After enjoying a hot cup of tea while browsing magazines, I was led to a cute little consultation room.

    Like a princess going to a spa. Threw off my heels and got into the comfy pink bedroom slippers provided :)


     Appreciated the adorable Valentine’s Day welcome gift, with chocolates to boot. One more baby to add to my collection!


    I met with my super friendly and sweet therapist Isabelle, who took the time to examine my breasts carefully and take measurements.



    We chatted and joked with each other, I felt completely at ease.

    Isabelle asked me if I had any concerns about my bust line. “Hmm… I think they could be closer and perkier,” I said, laughingly pushing my twin assets together to show her what I meant. She agreed with me, and told me that from her analysis my breasts were a bit far apart and could be definitely do with a bit of push up.

    She began to customize a personalized treatment plan to address my needs, and even went as far as to advise me about how to wear my bras correctly to ensure my breasts have the right support to keep a full shape.

    Such helpful service!

    My treatments for the day:

    1.     Collagen Scrub  - exfoliation

    2.     Bust-up Therapy – stimulate mammory glands, lymphatic drainage, blood circulation

    3.     Phyto Nutrient Therapy

    4.     Suction Therapy – repositioning and reshaping

    5.     Firming Gel

    6.     Taka Meru Mask – double warm modelling mask infused with phytoestrogen


    It was time to start the “bust spa experience”!

    I took one look at the pretty room with rose petals and I couldn’t wait to close my eyes and sink in.



    The initial massaging was a little bit uncomfortable, although I guess that’s probably because I’m rather sensitive to force. I’m sort who usually likes my massages to the soft side, but in this case no pain no gain! For the rest of treatments, I lay there in complete, pure relaxation bliss. It was sooo nice.


    Once everything was over, I got checked for measurements again….

    …… take a look at the before/after results.

    The triangle between the middle of my collarbone and two breasts has become narrower, overall size has grown slightly, and there is a push-up effect! Amazing!

    My bust felt incredibly pampered and refreshed!


    I’m one happy customer. With continuous treatments, my curves will just keep getting better, with more long-lasting results. And I will always be 100% safe.

    Tokyo Bust Express is a chic sanctuary where you can enjoy your therapies in lovely comfort and privacy, with experienced consultants on hand to attend to your every need.

    Impressive top-notch service, thank you for the great experience ladies! xoxo




    Q: Where did Dawn Yang receive her pampering bust maximizing treatments at?

    a)    City Square Mall

    b)   Park Mall

    c)    Nex

    d)   Square 2


    All entries will receive:

    • 3 x Bust 3D Volumizer Treatments
    • Daizu Wonder-MAX Essence worth $480
    • Stand to win $5000 worth of prizes: shopping vouchers from Takashimaya, Golden Village, La Senza, Treatment Packages and more!
    • Opening Special: Receive an extra Kirei Pink Nipple Treatment @ City Square Mall’s outlet

    How to enter (choose one):

    1.    Leave details at 

    2.    SMS “DYT_FullName_NRIC_Answer” to 85330226

    3.    Call 6262 616


    Terms and Conditions:

    -      Females above 18 years old and above only

    -      Strictly by appointment only

    -      Promotion valid for 2 months

    -      While stocks last for Daizu Wonder-MAX Essence and prizes


    Tokyo Bust Express locations:

    • City Square Mall

           180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539

    • Park Mall

           9 Penang Road #11-06 Spore 238459

    • Nex Mall

           23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 556083

    • Novena Square 2

           10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 307506


  • STUFF Magazine Singapore Cover

    Big thank you to STUFF for having me on the cover of their 3rd Anniversary issue!

    No doubt the best tech & gadget magazine hands down, even as a female I always enjoy pouring through their addictive pages, chock full of information on the latest and coolest

    This issue comes with a FREE 48 page stand-alone supplement containing their BEST OF 2012.

    Out on newsstands now, you’ll also find more photos and my interview with them inside :)


    The sun came out in all its power at one point, I was burning under the glaring heat and could barely keep my squinting eyes open as I smiled for the shots. All part of the job, just gotta grin and do your best!

    Camming with the MUA and hair stylist from Essensuals Bugis 

    Keppel Bay

    The luxurious yacht we shot on.

    Apparently, the owner and his family spends $20k on petrol just to sail to to Phuket.
    Ridiculously expensive toys boats are…

    ♥ Dawn

  • Grace & Nigel’s Wedding

    Since that loving feeling is kind of still in the air after Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share with you one of the most beautiful weddings that I’ve attended :)

    The bride is one of my closest friends and the groom I’ve also known for more than a decade; together we have all shared some crazy fun times whilst in the cusp of our youth. I was there when they first met, at Zouk, the perennial home ground of that era… I was there as they went through the whole roller coaster of game playing and emotions many of us experience in the initial stages – “Does he like me, does she not? *Wails* “ 

    Like most sweet love stories though, theirs has a happy ending. After 10 years of steady dating, they finally tied the knot in a joyous and gorgeous ceremony at Capella Hotel in Sentosa last year. I was honored and elated to be a bridesmaid… for the first time.

    p.s moral of the story – I do not recommend it, but yes, it is possible to find your husband in a club!

    Jacob, the cutest little page boy!


    Fussing over the queen and her absolutely stunning Vera Wang mermaid gown.

    Our bridesmaids dresses were the creation of maid-of-honor Emily, who I dub the “Martha Stewart” of our group ;)

    The story goes: After countless visits to bridal shops and pouring over online stores, we found nothing suitable. The wedding date was drawing near! Emily scoured the small gown boutiques Far East Plaza and in her amazing foresight, found this designer piece. But wait, trust me, it looked nothing like what you see in the pictures here before the transformation. Some felt it made them look shorter and fatter, many had doubts about whether it was the best choice. Nonetheless, we trusted Em and had our sizes air flown in. Subsequently, we were ordered to send the dress to the tailors to remove the gaudy crystal beading adornments plus do some nip and tucks, particularly around the bust area where the ruffles and pleats were overwhelming and made us look poofy. Add to that a round of steaming to get the pleats to fall nicely, it was a huge difference after. The finishing touch? A sheer cream organza ribbon was used to tie around the waist as a sash. Genius!

    The bride was definitely happy we all ended up matching her beautifully and she had pretty photos to take home :)

    My hair was styled by Wayne from Essensuals Bugis  Tel: +65 6333 0039 

    Guess which one’s me!

    Adorable photography by Bespoke Brides.


    I cried tears of joy seeing my good friend tie the knot to the love of her life. I am so happy for them, I wish them every blessing… and a baby I can play with soon! ;P

    I wonder which one of us will be next… since we all scrambled NOT to catch the bouquet of flowers from her. Lol.

    True love is worth waiting for. x

     ♥ Dawn

  • Missions Trip to Cebu, Phillippines

    Human existence is about love. We seek love in all it’s forms, it is embedded deep in our psyche and nature… because He first created us to be loved by Him, to love Him, and then to love others.

    In all my ugliness, darkness & sin, God still loved this girl with a furious love. Through people, prophecies and other miraculous means, He steadfastedly wooed me back to His side. How incomprehensible, the thought that a perfect almighty God, maker of heavens and earth, could ever want a close relationship with a fallen soul like me. I am wholly undeserving! But when love and blessings are lavished upon you freely by grace, how could you possibly not feel the joyful compulsion to pass some love on?


      I made my way to Cebu Island with a group of 13 friends from my Christian community :)

    We worked together with a local church and missions group.

    They were lovely people with a heart for God! We brought the fire of revival to them as there was great outpouring of the holy spirit during our worship sessions and as we prayed and ministered to the workers.

    For the first time, I was thrown into the deep waters of a third world country. Although the “chalet” we stayed at was considered quite liveable and relatively clean, it was still a drastic change from what I’m normally used to. Cockroaches and a host of other assorted creepy crawlies ran amok all over the room; hot water was a luxury we did not have :X

    Yet, when we walked around the villages and towns daily to interact with locals, we encountered much worse. Faced with abject poverty and impoverished living conditions, it was a wake-up call that hey, how insignificant in comparison are our complaints that we don’t have the latest Chanel bag, that our public transport sucks, that our homes are too small?

    I was truly shamed and humbled. I felt immensely blessed. I felt even more driven to help them.

    Because after all, I believe we are blessed to be a blessing to others!

    One thing that struck me – the kids don’t need expensive homes, nice clothes, cars, or iPads to live with smiles on their faces. In fact, they seem happier, friendlier and more spirited than our city kids!

    THE BAIT: The guys in our team were adept at attracting the children with their balloon twisting, haha.
    After which, we would share with them about Jesus, acting out skits and pray for them.

    Our regular meals consisted of fried chicken (omg! my arteries!) and quick meals at the Philippine’s own rampant fast food chain Jollibee.

    The adventurous (and in my opinion, insane) amongst us plucked up the courage to try Philippine’s delicacy (in my opinion, something best eaten in the 10th level of hell) called Balut.

    The “17″ indicates how many days old the fertilized duck egg is. 17 is apparently the most ideal at which point it’s known as  balut sa puti (“wrapped in white”).

    I literally screamed and immediately dashed away from our table when I saw it. I practically closed my eyes while taking the pictures. That’s how terrifying and disgusting it was to me. Would YOU dare try it?

    Alright, let me soothe your traumatized nerves…. Here’s an adorable little girl I fell in love with :)

    Isn’t she lovely? What a smile of sunshine!

     Let’s talk about transport. Thailand has their tuk tuks, and Philippines has a curious thing called the… Jeepney.

    Filipinos clearly have a penchant for loud colors and crazy designs, perhaps to cheer up the dreariness of their everyday lives. These buses or vans that make up the backbone of the country’s chaotic mass transport system. They’re locally assembled using second-hand truck engines and transmission systems imported from Japan. We rode in them all the time! I found them peculiar and rather funny, yet pretty fun to travel around in.

    Melancholic cool shot of our leader Jeff and his guitar.
    He is probably having an intimate conversation with God here, lol.

    We also got around by boat. Cebu, with it’s white sandy beaches, is a popular resort destination. What a pleasure sailing into the gorgeous blue ocean, breathing in the salty sea breeze and singing songs of worship together! 

     We visited a few different high schools to reach out to the youths, many got saved and healed!

    I shared my testimony publicly for the first time, all glory to Him.



    Before we left, the students all clamoured to take photos with us and asked for our Facebook pages; they were so sweet! 

    A cell phone photo one of the girls took and tagged on Facebook. x

    We would hold evangelistic night rallies in public basketball courts. In the day, we’d spend some time giving out flyers telling the villagers to come join us.

    Love the little children :)

     Praise God that turnout to the rallies were always great, rain or shine.

    Praying for both young & old to receive Jesus, for healings and restoration :)

    Cebu City by night

    This elderly lady lives in a wooden shack in the forest.

    Through a translator we heard snippets of her life story and ministered to her. God is so good, He healed her legs, she could walk much better after!

    Helping to reconcile families

    According to nurses and mothers at the local health centers we spoke to, there is a lack of funding, facilities, medicines and resources. Hospitals are scarce and health care is often too expensive for them to afford. With resigned despair and a tinge of anger, they tell us that their government is corrupt.

     While we brought donations of money, clothes and books to them, that’s just looking at the trees. To bring about real long-lasting, positive change in the lives of these people, we have to also aim for the forest. In the bigger scheme of things, the welfare of a nation is largely dependent on good governance, good public policies and leaders with integrity. It is my wish that I could one day help impact these poor countries in a more powerful way by starting at the top.

    Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14


    Starting the day with some crazy fellowship over breakfast :)

    Sightseeing! Bagacay Point Lighthouse

    This lighthouse stands at a towering height of 72 feet in an uphill area overlooking the splendid Mactan Channel. The landmark was built in 1904 by virtue of an executive order issued on July 28, 1903 by William Howard Taft, who came to the country in 1900 as president of the Philippine Commission and later appointed US governor general.


     Going on this missions trip was not only incredibly eye-opening, it was an adventure of a lifetime and allowed God to prune me as I stepped out of my comfort zone. It was an opportunity to grow and let Him use me to make His love known. I further discovered my identity in Christ, got equipped, and became empowered to advance God’s kingdom by sharing and living out the gospel to the poor and under privileged.
    What other missions veterans told me is true – you go to bless others but you end up being more blessed as well.

    I look forward to my next missions someday soon!

    ♥ Dawn