July 7, 2013

July 3, 2013

  • Lexi Lyla x Passion for Fashion 2013

    Just a while back, my sister and I were in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for one of the city's most anticipated party nights of the year - PASSION FOR FASHION. 

    This glitzy annual event is organized by my friend Josiah Mizukami, and we were especially excited to work in conjunction with Belvedere Vodka to present a fashion show segment by our online boutique Lexi Lyla

    Some shots from the runway.

    A big thank you to Josiah and Belvedere Vodka for making the show and whole party a roaring success :)

    This special collection is now launched on the website.

    ... plus some of our new bags. If you're crazy about studs, you'll love these like I do!





    Here's more of what happened at Passion for Fashion.

    Rehearsing with the models in the afternoon, together with other designer of the night Huijean of Luve Luxe.

    Yup, the organizers just had to have the token hunky male model ^.^

    Like the naughty black sheep of the class, there were some trouble ones who simply weren't paying attention. Then were also a few who had "diva moments" wanting to change their outfits... unless it's indecent or doesn't fit, aren't good models supposed to just wear what they're asked to? 

    I was slightly anxiety-ridden doing the fittings and rehearsal mere hours before the party, not to mention the big rush of changing hair and makeup for the girls after their first show. But thank God everything went along quite smoothly without a hitch in the end.

    Backstage with the girls.

    It was a sauna in the changing room, but the models held up well!

    After everything, I could finally let my hair down and party with friends.

    Glad to see Charles & Fay again! 

    With Josiah Mizukami and Leng Yein

    I feel bad for photographers sometimes, they have to carry such huge heavy bags of equipment around!

    What's more gratifying than ending the night with a supper feast at Wong Ah Wah in Jalan Alor? :)

    My favourite dishes at the old school zhi char place: salted egg yolk squid and grilled chicken wings. Mmmm.

    Till next year's Passion for Fashion. And remember to check out Lexi Lyla's latest arrivals!

    ♥ Dawn 

June 21, 2013

  • AsiaRooms.com Pop-Up Hotel Videos

    Following up on the previous blog post, here are some videos & interviews about my very unique stay in the AsiaRooms.com pop-up hotel at Raffles Place.

    Razor TV being Razor TV, of course sensationalised the second one ever so sneakily...

    Most popular video on their site this month. Well... thanks!

    ♥ Dawn

June 18, 2013


    AsiaRooms.com Launches Singapore's First Pop-up Hotel

    I love staycations, so I definitely scored when I had the exciting opportunity to be the FIRST guest at a swanky little pop-up hotel room, courtesy of AsiaRooms.com!

    Of course, location is key in a hotel's attractiveness.... so where did they set up the mobile hotel at?

    Why, right smack in the middle of Raffles Place. You can't get any busier than that! 

    AsiaRooms.com is a leading online travel accommodation specialist in Asia. They unveiled Singapore's first ever mobile hotel, as part of a cool campaign for travellers and for the public to win $25,000 in prizes. The compact, luxury hotel room can simply be packed up, put on the back of a truck and moved to another location.

    It will be open to the public in the day, for three weekends from 6th June to 23rd June.

    Me and other special invited guest, travel blogger Darren Ng, at the opening launch. Clarence Lin, Brand Development at AsiaRooms.com said, "We appreciate that hotel rooms are essential to making a trip enjoyable and memorable. With this pop-up hotel, we aim to offer you the great experience of choosing the right room for your dream vacation. This is made easier with AsiaRooms.com's vast offerings of over 60,000 hotels which also feature a 'book now, pay later' policy".

    The hotel is fully functional and features a specially designed glass wall facade at its exterior. This would be another first for me,  I better not do anything embarrassing in front of the passing seas of people at Raffles Place!

    Mini bar provided as well as DVDs :)

    Thank you AsiaRooms.com for making sure the stay is as smooth and perfect as possible!

    This quirky slumber party with my sister (I got to bring her as my +1) was about to start.

    I changed into something more comfortable for the night.

    View from the outside. It felt a bit strange at first, like Nemo in a fish tank. But I soon warmed up to the many curious on-lookers observing me, giving them a wave and smile occasionally.

    Everything that could be done to make a temporary structure luxuriously modern has been, from the comfort of the bed and soft linens to pretty flowers, plush bedroom slippers, carpeted flooring and iPod/radio dock. robes and slippers. 

    Thanks to their sincerity and way of the samurai, two Japanese followers were let in to take photos. Honestly, I was quite surprised I had Japanese fans who live here. I couldn't muster up much of my rusty speaking skills to communicate with them, but we had one common language... bring out the kawaii!

    Since AsiaRooms.com always tries to find the right room for its customers, I was fully expecting some fun hotel activities lined up catered to my tastes. I wasn't disappointed :)

    Treated to a manicure & pedicure by Hands + Feet Studio

    Pampered with an amazing in-room massage.

    Cute private butler to see to our every need.

    The vacation must-do: Room Service

    Romantic dining with teddy...

    ... and my sister, while we watched Johnny Depp in "The Rum Diary" on the large flat screen tv.

    I was happy they provided magazines too for bed time browsing.

    Good night...

    The next morning, we woke up to a view of the crystal blue ocean.

    AsiaRooms.com thinks of everything huh ;)

    My sister takes a peek at the rush hour crowd outside before she heads to work. 

    As for myself, I had the luxury of sleeping in a little longer :)

    Yawn... stretching. Good morning world behind the curtains, I'm almost ready to face you.

    At 9am, I "checked out". First person to stay in the middle of Singapore's iconic Raffles Place, check.

    All in all, it was an incredibly fun and unique experience which is what all vacations should be like!

    With the room vacated, AsiaRooms.com could open the room up to members of the public during day hours.

    You can visit and stand to win up to $25,000 in prizes, including hotel stays, spa and dining vouchers at luxury hotels, Swatch watches and Apple iPods. I personally witnessed some lucky folks win stays at 5-star hotels like The Sentosa Resort and Swissotel!

    Step1: Admire the room. Snap some photos. Then line up for your turn.

    Step 2: Pick one out of ten door keys. If the right key fits.....

    Step 3: Voila! You get to step into Singapore's first mobile hotel and win a fantastic prize! Put on your best guessing hats and choose one of the boxes on the wall behind me. There's something awaiting you in every box!

    This weekend, the AsiaRooms.com Pop-up Hotel will be relocated to Singapore's most popular shopping district. Hint hint. Location is still a secret, but it'll be easy to spot. Say hi to blogger Darren Ng, it'll be his turn to stay overnight.

    This will be the last weekend and the hotel will say byebye on 23rd June, so don't miss your chance to win!

    For more information and live updates, connect with AsiaRooms.com through:




    In conjunction with the pop-up hotel launch, AsiaRooms.com has also put together a series of exclusive hotel deals around the region at up to 83% off. Visit www.asiarooms.com to book. 

    I hope you find the right room! 


    ♥ Dawn 


June 16, 2013

  • Retail Therapy

    It's that time of the year again.

    I'm wearing //Free Spirit Drawstring Sun Dress// now on sale at only S$15.99.


    In conjunction with the nationwide Great Singapore Sale, most of the fresh SALE items are under $20! Top that off with the wicked extra storewide promotion going on now... 

    You'd be crazy to miss these huge style steals. So I highly recommend you go crazy shopping instead :)



    instagram @lexilyla

June 12, 2013

  • Zardoze AFF2013

    It was a night of glitz and glamour as home-grown fashion label, Zardozë unveiled their Fall/Winter 2013 and Panthea 2013 collections at the annual Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore. This was the brand’s first time participating in the region’s premier fashion event and I was excited to attend, with the great honor to be dressed by Zardozë in one of their couture gowns no less!

    Everyone dressed to the nines that evening.

    Dripping in gold. From Zardoze Panthea 2012.
    Thank you to Ray, one of the founders of the label, who specially selected this stunning, intricately embellished backless gown for me.

    (top) With Agri, also dressed in a fluffy yellow Zardoze Panthea creation that only she could pull off.
    (Bottom) With my dear girlfriend Ava who flew down from Dubai.

    Held at the Tent @ Marina Promenade, this year was the first departure from AFF's usual venue outside Takashimaya in Orchard.

    I must say it was lovely to be by the sea and have a view of Singapore's stunning skyline.

    Close-up of the beading on my dress. With everything hand-sewn, I can't imagine how long it took to complete this piece!

    We all scream for ice-cream! While waiting for the show to start we couldn't resist some complimentary Magnum.

    Mediacorp actresses Fann Wong and Rui En added to the star-studded lineup in gorgeous bespoke Zardozë Panthea gowns.

    Fann Wong, Rui En and Dick Lee seated at the front row, just in front of us.

    Anticipation in the air as the show is about to begin.

    Let's take a peek backstage:

    The look was dark and emboldened, with emphasis on strong fierce eyes for a mysterious come-hither, other-worldly look.



    To the roaring beats of Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us", models strutted out in the F/W 13 ready-to-wear line; metallic snakeskins in electric teal, lots of leather, detailed ruching and wearable tailoring in the form of blazers, pants and shift dresses.

    Next came the highlight of the night - the awe-inspiring, couture Panthea collection.

    Imagine dramatic textures, beadwork, embellishments, fringes and tulle, in passionate shades of red and raven blacks... these shifting silhouettes swishing and swaying to the haunting melody of Lana Del Ray's "Young & Beautiful".

    Like secret creatures of the night coming out under a magical full moon, the beautiful dresses were queens of allure, all unique and modern, and each with special attention-grabbing twists. They clearly exuded luxury, elegance and full blown red-carpet glamour.

    Take a look at some of my favorite Zardoze pieces that came down the runway:

    And finally, there was the much-talked about half a million dollar Diamond Dress as the closing look.

    Indian celebrity Nethra Guha née Raghuraman graced the catwalk in the $500,000 dress. It was handmade in an atelier in Paris from the finest lace from haute couture fabric shop Janssens & Janssens and adorned with 130 carats worth of diamonds!

    Raveena Lal, co-founder of Zardoze and creative director John Paul Rangel and the rest of the design team.


    Where to after the show's end? Why, the after-party of course! :)

    Alien eyes! The UFOs have landed on the W Singapore Sentosa Cove.

    I decided we needed more accessories ;)

    The after party kicked off with a more intimate and exclusive fashion show featuring exclusive pieces from Zardozë’s Panthea collection that were not shown at the Audi Fashion Festival. 

    The night ended off with a performance by international hip-hop icon Azealia Banks, who had the crowd on their feet and dancing into the wee hours of the night.

    With Zardoze creative head John Paul Rangel (second from right), the talented Filipino with a diverse portfolio of brands such as Michael Kors, Narcisco Rodriguez and Max Mara under his belt.

    Went outside for some fresh air, hung out for a bit with super hottie Sabrina Randall Ault, wife and partner of Michael Ault, owner of Pangaea nightclub.


    She bid us au revoir and said she'll see us at Pangaea... which we did, miraculously, since I was about to collapse after hours of standing around in heels and a heavy dress.


    Not much of a drinker or party animal, I'm more of a voyeur. It's nice being tucked away in a private closed-off corner with some friends, yet being able to have a good view of the dancing clubbers in my little social observatory.

    By the next day, my arms were seriously aching from the extreme 12 hr long workout of walking around carrying a ton of bricks. Oops, I mean my lovely Zardoze Panthea gown. 

    Secret fact: Although the gown was altered to fit me, it was still a little loose and I had to use tons of double sided tape to hold the back down...I kept praying throughout the night it'd stay put!

    I also had help with my hair styling. I wanted a braided, wavy half up-do:

    Call +65 6333 0039 for an appointment


    What do you think of the AFF2013 show? 

    Btw, following up on my previous Zardoze post, I'm glad to present the winners of their model competition:

    The top 3 will appear in a professional advertorial for Her World, Female and 女友 NuYou magazine. They will get to keep a Zardoze outfit of their choice AND also received exclusive tickets to the Zardoze AFF Fashion Show and After-Party (which you just read about!)

    ZARDOZE is available at: 

    ROBINSONS SHOPPING CENTRE - Raffles City (Level 2) & Centrepoint Orchard Singapore 
    Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    MUSE and Galeries Lafayette, Jakarta Indonesia

    Website: http://zardoze.com/
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Zardoze?fref=ts 
    Twitter & Instagram: @zardozefashion



    ♥ Dawn

June 5, 2013

  • Popping Up Somewhere Unexpected

    I'm a bundle of excitement right now! I'll be packing my bags for a one night staycation tomorrow in....  oh, you'll never guess where :)

    One of Asia's leading online travel accommodation site has an amazingly cool project underway, and I'm very honored to have been invited by them to experience it!

    Stay tuned tomorrow from 4pm onwards for live updates and photos on my social media feeds! Come say hi too if you can. I promise you it'll be very interesting. If you love travel especially, you're not going to want to miss this and all the special prizes in store....


    Instagram: @dawnyang

    Twitter: @dawnyang1


    Get ready to pop ♥

  • Future Music Festival Asia: Day 2

    While FMFA Day 1 (see the blog post here) was characterized by euphoric trance lovers in an Armin van Buuren led night rave, Day 2 on the other hand, was decidedly one massive hipster party.  

    The indie fun started well in the sunny hours of the Saturday afternoon, as 25,000 colourful too-cool-for-school music revellers started streaming into Sepang International Circuit,  which on that day featured several arenas, over 40 awesome acts... plus a pool party deck! Now who can resist that?

    Music lovers had a lot to get excited about.

    The Flamingo stage boasted the likes of PSY, Rita Ora, Fun., Bloc Party, Temper Trap, RudimentalStafford Brothers, Timmy Trumpet, and Tenzin.  The  Warrior’s Dance Arena would see Feed Me, Kill The Noise, Zeds Dead, and Borgore share the stage with one of the best live acts in the world, The ProdigyGnome Stage was dominated by hip hop acts such as Naughty by Nature and De La Soul.

    Personally for me, sunset is the golden period of an outdoor music festival. I love the atmosphere of happy shiny people dancing and singing along to great performances as the sky busks in a warm glow.

    My friend & tv presenter Henry Golding made the trip down as well!

    I got a sneak of the backstage, plus spoke with some of the acts, up close and personal :)

    Two members of The Temper Trap. I couldn't wait to hear "Sweet Dispostion" , "Love Lost" and "Rabbit Hole"

    The guys from Fun. Love partying to their tracks in the club.

    Rita Ora in her outrageously cool cheese dress.

    Rita was fun and open to hang out with. Not only does she possess a bold and funky style (amidst Twitter wars with another certain artiste about who is copying who), she has an eclectic musical taste inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen, topped with Beyonce and Jay-Z as her mentors. As she said, she plans to be in the music industry for the long haul, and we don't think she'll be disappearing anytime soon! 

    Like a pro, Rita didn't let technical disruptions get her fiesty performance down.

    Bloc Party

    Gangnam Style.... have you gotten enough of Psy yet?

    The Prodigy


    DJ Bento

    Met Rita Ora again backstage after her performance and bid her bon voyage!

    Could not resist the Ferris Wheel once more. 

    Best view in the house, swinging atop going round & round.

    Music lovers, UNITE!

    Whereas in the past one usually had to travel across many seas to enjoy music festivals such as this, it's incredible that we now have one right here in our own backyard. I hope you're now inspired to go to next year's Future Music Festival Asia. Take your parents, friends, neighbours, significant other, hey ask your boss too!

    I'll knock down a glass of champagne and kick it with you ole' skool style with you when I see you :)
    ♥ Dawn

May 30, 2013


    Retail Therapy

    Remember rainbow Paddle Pop ice cream? I couldn't help but think of that favorite childhood treat when introducing the latest arrivals at Lexi Lyla! It's all about pops of colour as we head into summer!



    Wearing //Bregazzi Shirt// $27  + //Lanca Midi Skirt// $32  at Bar Canary in Grand Park Orchard Hotel



    And we recently just got on Instagram, follow @lexilyla! :)

May 7, 2013

  • “Moms Go Loco Local” This Mother's Day

    Wondering what to do this Mother's Day?

    Here's a fab idea to share with you! This is where I will be bringing my mom to check in for a staycation and enjoy a chic afternoon :)

    Open House at Grand Park Orchard goes “Loco Local” or mad for all things proudly Singaporean with an All-You-Can-Eat local high-tea extravaganza this Mother’s Day on 11 & 12 May 2013, accompanied by a pop-up local fashion showcase.

    Food and shopping -- what else does a woman need to be happy on the weekend?

    The stylish open-dining concept restaurant with designer curvilinear AMEBA lights, elegant Black Forest Marble and plush carpets in the restaurant’s signature cheerful radial colours boasts a magnificent view of the prime shopping and entertainment district of Orchard Road. The award-winning all-day restaurant will be showcasing a colourful fiesta of All-You-Can-Eat LOCAL High Tea fare at four ‘live’ cooking stations for mums and their family to indulge in.

    At Open House, watch chefs in action as they skilfully knead out freshly-made pizzas over a beech wood-fire oven; tend tirelessly over simmering claypot specialties; show off their finesse for timing and control at the noodles station; and dedicatedly watch over steaming baskets of dim sum, all prepared à la minute to a pinnacle of freshness for your dining pleasure.

    To further heighten the fun and excitement of an intimate family feast, diners will be given a special privileged access “keycard” after their meals entitling them exclusive entry (on the same day of dining) to the Presidential Suite, located on the 11th floor of the hotel, for a first-of-its-kind pop-up shopping experience in partnership with five uniquely made-in Singapore brands.

    The participating brands include
    hansel, In Good Company, Carrie K, Ling Wu and Saloni Rathor.

    In the privacy of the room, Moms will be pampered by a range of merchandise with exclusive discounts and offers for the day that includes apparels, bags and jewellery.While shopping, guests are also invited to luxuriate in the sheer elegance of the one bedroom suite setting swathed in rich shades of deep brown, natural wood and cream. As they enjoy the expansive space with a separate living room, study room, dining room, kitchenette and master bedroom, they will be treated to a magnificent vista of the vibrant Orchard Road from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

    To end the experience on a memorably sweet note, Moms are entitled for a lucky draw at the pop-up suite room boutique where they will stand a chance to win the grand prize of a weekend night’s stay at a Park Suite room worth S$1,500, followed by the second prize of a pair of Spa Park Asia’s 90-min Gold Lava Shell Massage vouchers worth $396+ and finally the third prize with three individual winners of a pair of Open House All-You-Can-Eat Dinner vouchers.

    If the shopaholic in you still rages on, there is Abercrombie & Fitch and Topshop waiting for you below ;)

    Book your instant reservation here or call 6603 8855 for enquiries.


    I'm certainly looking forward to some "localmotion" fun with my mom and family!

    ♥ Dawn